Chainsaw Man: New Pochita Character Designs Look Super Cute

Pochita anime character designs revealed for upcoming Chainsaw Man adaptation.

Chainsaw Man is a new-age shonen manga illustrated and written by gore enthusiast Tatsuki Fujimoto. It started serializing in 2018, and the second part kicked off this year after the conclusion of the first. October 12th is the chosen date when the anime is set to be released around the world. If you want to check out the manga, do read it from official sources like Jump +.

The story chronicles the sad lives of Denji, Aki, Power, and Kobeni as they challenge fate and try to overcome obstacles, come what may. Denji and his pal Pochita (an embodiment of the fear of chainsaws) were working hard to pay off the debt that Denji’s father had passed.

Denji was ambushed and mortally wounded by the Zombie Devil and his minions. Pochita then willingly offers to become Denji’s heart in exchange for being able to see his dreams. A fearsome Devil with a unique ability to vanquish others like him, the Chainsaw Devil began to care for Denji after the latter once saved his life.

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At a private Crunchyroll event, a French fan took a video of Pochita and posted it on the Internet. This garnered many reactions primarily because of the heavy usage of CGI. If it’s not known to you, when MAPPA animated the final arc of Attack on Titan, they were hit with a slew of criticism from Wit Studio fans who hated the CGI titans. MAPPA is also the studio behind Chainsaw Man, so it can be expected that the usage of special effects may cause some fans to grimace and curse.

The video was later removed due to copyright issues, but not before it got reactions. A person stated that the CGI reminded them of Berserk (the memorial edition currently being released). At the same time, some covered the animators by saying that the original video taken at the special event had garbage quality to begin with. Nevertheless, one must accept that those who work behind the scenes will always have to deal with hate alongside love in the realm of anime.

In response, several character designs of Pochita were unleashed via Twitter. Take a look at a few of these leaks:

These images might cause the rabid critics to rest and stay at bay. The anticipated series set to air this October hasn’t even begun, and people are already finding faults. Pochita looks adorable and well-drawn in all the images, and we must have faith in the experience and the dedicated spirit of animators in Japan.

What is your view on this controversy and Pochita’s design? Is MAPPA about to deliver a masterpiece that may well be on its way to becoming the “Anime of the Year”? Be sincere, and hit us up with your opinions in the comments section.