6 Things You Should Know From Black Adam Trailer 2

The new trailer of Black Adam has just made it to every social media feed of comic and cinema fans alike, and they cannot hold their excitement! Rock sure cooked us a perfect trailer.

Before jumping into the trailer, let us know a little about Black Adam. Originally, Theo-Adam, known by his alter-ego, Black Adam, was initially depicted as the predecessor of Shazam. However, the character has undergone several alterations to make him a corrupted anti-hero trying to repair his reputation.

Now, enough introductions, let us get down to the topic of interest you are here to read. Here is a list of all the breakdowns and easter eggs from Black Adam trailer 2.

#6 A Starry Debut

#6 A Starry Debut - Black Adam Trailer 2

Black Adam set the debut of starry heroes; Hawkman, Dr. Fate, Atom Smasher, and Cyclone are all set to make their first DC Cinematic Universe debut. Till now, they either appear on TV series or in the DC branch of animated movies.

#5 Black Adam’s Resurrection

#5 Black Adam's Resurrection - Black Adam Trailer 2

The trailer opens with Black Adam floating unconsciously in an icy, freezing ocean. The frame follows the execution of his son and the slashing and apparent killing of Black Adam. The scene is followed by what appears to be Black Adam’s body thrown off a peak into the same ocean as seen in the opening, which could have led to his body freezing, something very similar to Captain America. The origin of his power is still unknown from the trailer.

#4 The Amanda Waller Cinematic Universe

#4 The Amanda Waller Cinematic Universe - Black Adam Trailer 2

Amanda Waller and JSA’s appearance is finally a treat for long-awaiting comic book fans! Since we have already got a sneak peek into the JSA, we might even see how the team got banded. The JSA must have fought with the Black Adam in Khandaq on the orders of Waller.

We get a glimpse in the trailer, where Wallers is on a video call with what appears to be the government of the USA, the Justice League, and even possibly the Suicide Squad! However, we still don’t know how Waller moved to JSA from JL; we have to wait till October to find out.

#3 A Two-Part Fight? And Sabbac’s Entry

#3 A Two-Part Fight And Sabbac's Entry - Black Adam Trailer 2

In the first minute of the trailer, we can see Black Adam and JSA taking on each other. This helps him stay true to his anti-hero element; however, it does not last long. As we reach the ending seconds of the trailer, the fight shifts toward the menacing villain, Sabbac, and the face-off between Sabbac and Hawkman. We can also notice how Hawkman’s Nth metal changed to an axe.

We finally get a glimpse of Sabbac! For those unaware, Sabbac was granted his powers by six demons, similarly to how Black Adam and Shazam got their powers from the gods.

#2 Unmatched Powers of The JSA

#2 Unmatched Powers of The JSA - Black Adam Trailer 2

From Hawkman wielding his Thanagarian Mace to Dr. Fate bound by the Helmet of Nabu, the powers of JSA are indeed spine-chilling. Almost at the end of the trailer, we can see Dr. Fate use what appears to be spellcasting and cast a sword-like spell to attack someone; could it be the Black Adam?

Also, we can see Cyclone use force-field generation to mend shockwave attacks caused by Atom.

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#1 A Hint Towards Superman’s Cameo?

#1 A Hint Towards Superman's Cameo - Black Adam Trailer 2

The team denied Henry Cavill’s Superman cameo rumors revolving around the movie, including Dwayne Johnson. During the initial seconds of the trailer, while facing off some external factors, he utters something along the lines of, “Your Magic is Weak.” And we all know that magic is quite effective against Superman.

Black Adam and Superman came face to face against each other countless times. So, all we can hope is that Black Adam does face off Superman.

Well, did you notice any other references from the trailer, and what do you think of Superman’s cameo in Black Adam?