Best Encanto Characters With Age, Height, Weight & Powers (Ranked)

Encanto is one of the more recent Disney movies that has quickly risen in popularity. This animated musical is hard to look away from. Disney never seems to miss any more when it comes to crisp animation, but the wonderful, warm story-telling made this movie even better.

The movie follows the members of the Madrigal family and all their members, who seem to have magical powers given to them by a “Miracle” candle. However, there is one character who does receive powers from the candle. She just so happens to be our gleeful protagonist. We travel with her through her journey to prove herself to her family and to maybe finally get her powers.

Several other characters are written delicately, and this is arguably the film’s best part. There is so much character richness. Let’s take a look at the best Encanto characters.

#15 Mariano Guzman

#15 Mariano Guzman - Best Encanto Characters

Personality: Mariano is a mama’s boy who just wants to find someone to love

We’ll kick this list off with a minor character in the Encanto movie. Mariano Guzman is the prospective husband of Isabela Madrigal. We don’t get much from Mariano throughout the entire more, but we do get the idea that Mariano is a bit of a Mama’s boy. However, it isn’t to the extent that it is a bad thing. Given that Señora Guzman also seems like a good person, this is a case where being a Mama’s boy is a good thing.

Mariano never tries to cross boundaries with Isabela and respects her and her family. Even when Isabela confesses that she doesn’t love him, he takes that rejection gracefully. That’s a good man.

We were all happy for him when he realized how much Dolores liked him. A better match.

What Power Does Mariano Have:

  • Mariano does not have any powers but is an incredibly respectful young man who is as gentlemanly as can be

#14 Casa Madrigal

#14 Casa Madrigal - Best Encanto Characters

Personality: Casa Madrigal has a very caring and protective personality

Technically, Casa Madrigal is not a person but is the house itself. However, Casa has as much personality as anyone on this list. Casa Madrigal can be seen as a manifestation of the Miracle itself. We can even say that the reason Casa tries to protect all members of the family is that that’s what Miracle wants as well.

From the very start of the movie, we see a proactive living house trying to do everything little for everyone all at once, from reminding the Madrigal family to be on time to catching falling children and landing them safely. Casa Madrigal seems to be doing it all. So it is especially sweet when we see Casa Madrigal trying to protect Mirabel from its falling structure.

It does not take long to become fond of this living house and all its wonderful little features. Since Mirabel has no powers, Casa even takes extra care of her. That bond is seemingly strong.

What Power Does Casa Madrigal Have:

  • Ability to rearrange itself
  • Create barriers to protection
  • Ability to communicate as a conscious entity

#13 Félix Madrigal

#13 Félix Madrigal - Best Encanto Characters

Personality: Félix is a fun-loving uncle that’s simply hard not to like.

Just a few minutes into the movie, we are introduced to Félix, Mirabel’s uncle. Félix is Pepa’s husband, one of Abuela Alma’s triplets. Pepa was the first generation to receive powers from the Miracle, and she could control her weather.

Of course, if she is out of control, then so is the weather. However, this is when we truly realize how good of a character Félix is.

The storms that follow Pepa around give the impression that she needs everything to be perfect, as stated by her at her wedding. It is a bit extreme, but Félix comes in and balances the whole dynamic. His fun-loving demeanor and laid-back attitude are the perfect antidotes to Pepa’s power.

Throughout the movie, we see Félix run to console his wife when she panics; this is a true testament to how pure he is. Some people talk about how they will walk through any storm for their partner. Félix, he does that quite literally.

What Power Does Félix Have:

  • Félix has no powers except the ability to calm his wife down. His carefree energy is the perfect match for Pepa’s constant worry.

#12 Pedro Madrigal

#12 Pedro Madrigal - Best Encanto Characters

Personality: Pedro Madrigal was a deeply caring individual who wanted the best for his family

There isn’t information on the character. Except for the fact that we know Pedro sacrificed himself so that his family and other community members could pass the river peacefully. It was heartbreaking when the conquerors chose violence, and Pedro had to die. The pain in young Alma’s eyes was unbearable.

In shortcuts, we are shown the love the two shared, and it becomes obvious that Pedro was an Incredibly considerate man who loved his wife dearly. He led his family and people across many lands to find a place they could finally call home.

Ultimately, he was killed in that pursuit, and his sacrifice gave rise to the Miracle and, in turn, gave the Madrigals and their people a place to settle peacefully.

Theories about that say that the Miracle candle is Pedro’s soul doing his best to look out for his family.

What Powers Does Pedro Have:

  • Pedro is a courageous young man who is not afraid to lay down his life for his family and people.

#11 Camilo Madrigal

#11 Camilo Madrigal - Best Encanto Characters

Personality: Camilo is a jumpy, quirky teenager with a flair for mischief

Camilo is the son of Pepa and Félix and is the middle one among his siblings. Right off the bat, we see that Camilo is a super energetic teenager who loves to mess around with people. His powers only allow this further. The Miracle gave him the gift of shape-shifting, meaning that he can transform into anyone he wants to in a matter of seconds.

Camilo also gets the attributes of the people he transforms into. We’re still determining if he could exhibit the powers of his siblings and cousins, but at least the physical attributes of other villagers he can emulate. This makes Camilo a very helpful member of the family and can change according to the family’s needs.

We also know that he loves playing pranks on people. We see this happening when he describes Bruno for the first time to Mirabel and how he tries to scare her. Overall, Camilo is a kind-hearted member of the Madrigal family who adjusts to get any job done.

What Powers Does Camilo Have:

  • Shapeshifting
  • Voice mimicking
  • Emulation of physical attributes

#10 Julieta Madrigal

#10 Julieta Madrigal - Best Encanto Characters

Personality: Julieta is a loving and caring mother who would do anything for her daughter

Julieta is the mother of our star, Mirabel. One of the triplets born to Alma and Pedro Madrigal, Julieta was blessed by the Miracle with the power to heal others. We quickly learn that Julieta can heal with her words and figuratively.

When Mirabel goes through her ordeal of not feeling enough for the family, Julieta steps up as a supportive voice and tries to ease her pain as much as possible.

While the power to heal others is incredibly useful, what makes us gravitate toward Julieta is her approach to motherhood. Throughout a good portion of the movie, Mirabel struggles with the fact that she does not have powers and the fear that she will not be able to help her family in the way everyone else does.

Julieta constantly reassures Mirabel otherwise and never refrains from telling her that she is wonderful the way she is. Mom-goals much?

What Powers Does Julieta Have:

  • The power to heal
  • Inherent knowledge of medicine
  • Ability to understand and talk others through their pain

#9 Agustin Madrigal

#9 Agustin Madrigal - Best Encanto Characters

Personality: Agustin is a fumbling yet loving father who seems to always have accidents happening to him

Agustin is the father of Mirabel and the husband of Julieta Madrigal. Agustin is a stark contrast to the “manly man” we are exposed to in mainstream television. Agustin is a soft-spoken man who is yet not afraid to run to his daughter’s aid when she needs him. He even rushes to hide the secret of his brother-in-law’s prophecy about Mirabel.

Agustin does not do this to coddle Mirabel but rather to protect her from her grandmother’s eventual misplaced belief that Mirabel was causing Miracle’s magic to die. We even see Agustin and Julieta confront their matriarch head-on when she accuses Mirabel of the same.

Julieta seems to have found the perfect match for her. A man who constantly has minor accidents, and a woman is there to heal him each time. We love a cute love story, don’t we?

What Powers Does Agustin Have:

  • While Agustin does not have inherent powers, his best quality is that he is a patient man who is not afraid to voice his opinion if the need arises.

#8 Dolores Madrigal

#8 Dolores Madrigal - Best Encanto Characters

Personality: Dolores is a quiet but incredibly attentive girl who knows everyone’s secrets

Dolores is the eldest daughter of Pepa and Félix and is blessed with the power of super hearing. She is the first to know everyone’s secrets since she can always hear anything and everything. Even whispering does not help.

The interesting part about this character is that even though she knows everyone’s secrets, she mostly keeps them to herself. It’s almost as if she knows everything but simply does not care. The only time this changed was when she heard of the prophecy involving Mirabel and the Miracle and told everyone about it. Although, you must admit that this one is a little too important to keep wrapped up.

Dolores hears Bruno whispering to himself while walking around through the walls of Casa Madrigal but chooses to pretend not to be aware of it. Reiterating the fact that she would like to keep to herself.

Oh, and also, she is in love with Mariano Guzman, who is seemingly unreachable, but they find each other at the end of the movie. Her innocence is hard not to pay attention to, and you simply start liking her for it.

What Powers Does Dolores Have:

  • Enhance hearing
  • Expert secret keeper

#7 Pepa Madrigal

#7 Pepa Madrigal - Best Encanto Characters

Personality: Pepa cannot hide her emotions and is very honest in her expressions. What you see is what you get.

Pepa is of the generation to receive powers from the Miracle and is the aunt of Mirabel. She was also given the power to summon the weather. However, her control over it is neither satisfactory nor extraordinary. Pepa has a hard time controlling her emotions.

If she is stressed out or is having a hard time with something, a storm appears over her head and follows her around until she calms down.

This does not imply that Pepa is a walking time bomb. On the contrary, Pepa might be one of the most genuine characters on the show. Whatever she feels is evident in her body language and the weather surrounding her. So, there is no pretending. This honesty of character is what makes Pepa so likable.

Pepa is a proud mother who cares for her babies with everything she has. When the storm gets a little too hard to handle, he wonderful husband, Félix, steps in her help her calm down.

What Powers Does Pepa Have:

  • Summoning storms and hurricanes
  • Weather control
  • Creating concentrated storms in a single spot

#6 Antonio Madrigal

#6 Antonio Madrigal - Best Encanto Characters

Personality: Antonia is a young child who is yet untainted by the world and sees it with innocence

Antonia is the youngest member of the Madrigal family and the last person to receive the magic from the Miracle. Encanto starts with the ceremony where-in Antonio gets his powers, and a special bond is established between Mirabel and her youngest cousin. So much so that she even walks him up to his magic door.

Antonio has the power to speak to animals and has a sort of animal telepathy. When he gets his powers, various animals rush to his side, and childlike playfulness is seen in each of them.

The connection that Antonio and Mirabel have is emphasized more as Antonio is the one who helps her in her quest to find out how to save the Miracle. He is one of the first people to lend a helping hand.

What Powers Does Antonio Have:

  • Animal Telepathy
  • Animal Control
  • Ability to converse with animals

#5 Luisa Madrigal

#5 Luisa Madrigal - Best Encanto Characters

Personality: Luisa is just a hard shell with a soft inside

The second sister to Mirabel, Luisa, was blessed with incredible strength and is seen lifting half a dozen donkeys all at once with absolute ease. She is a powerhouse and the first person everyone calls when something needs to be carried. Her physical strength immediately makes people assume that she is this way on the inside too. However, we learn that that is not through.

What makes Lusia such a lovable character is her eventual admission that she feels the pressure of people’s expectations of her. Everyone around her expects her to be the strong one, and she constantly struggles with being on such a pedestal.

Luisa fears that she would be useless if not for her strength and that her value would decrease if her power disappeared. As a result of expectations, she also sees her strength as her identity.

Luisa eventually opens up, and we finally see how vulnerable she truly is. Disney loves showing people many colors, and they nailed this one. The message is that no one has to be the strongest, that it’s okay to be vulnerable, and, more importantly, you don’t have to do anything alone.

What Powers Does Luisa Have:

  • Super strength
  • Invulnerable skin

#4 Isabela Madrigal

#4 Isabela Madrigal - Best Encanto Characters

Personality: Isabela is someone who tries to be perfect all the time while just wanting to let loose deep inside

The Eldest cousin and eldest sister of Mirabel, Isabela is portrayed as the perfect character, having everything all planned out. To Alma Madrigal, Isabela is flawless and could do no wrong.

Throughout most of the movie, the audience, too, has a small distaste towards her due to her treatment of Mirabel. However, we soon become aware that this is just a defense mechanism and that the poor thing believes that she has to be a certain way so that the family can be happy.

Once Mirabel enters Isabela’s room and tries to get her sister to hug her, we start seeing her real side. Isabela reveals that she hates being perfect all the time and simply wants to let loose and have fun. She even shares that she does not truly love Mariano and only agrees to marry him so the family can remain happy.

Luckily, Mirabel got to her quickly and helped her break out of her flowery shell.

What Powers Does Isabela Have:

  • Plant-telepathy
  • The ability to grow plants at will
  • Ability to create vibes

#3 Bruno Madrigal

#3 Bruno Madrigal - Best Encanto Characters

Personality: Bruno is a very sensitive, slightly eccentric man who simply wants to protect his family

Bruno is one of the central characters in the movie and the only son of Alma Madrigal. Born with the power to have visions, Bruno was misunderstood as one who could speak something into existence. His unusual powers made him subject to judgment and misrepresentation. The villagers believed that if Bruno said something, it would happen. This made him an outcast in his own family.

Bruno ran away, and everyone believed that he did so out of spite. However, there was another reason altogether. It was revealed that Bruno saw a vision of Mirabel that would have flown well with his mother, and so Bruno ran away to protect Mirabel. We’re shown that his weirdness does not make him a bad person, and he tries to help Mirabel save the Miracle.

The last scene, where Alma finally realizes how her son tries to help and the way Bruno holds his mother, is ever so touching. Bruno just wanted to be held, to be desired. Disney sure knows how to turn on the waterworks.

What Powers Does Bruno Have:

  • Ability to see into the future
  • Foresight

#2 Mirabel Madrigal

#2 Mirabel Madrigal - Best Encanto Characters

Personality: Mirabel is a bit of a weirdo who is out to prove her worth and would do anything to help the people around her

Our protagonist, Mirabel, is a star that is hard to look away from. After being born without any powers, Mirabel spends most of her time ensuring she is useful and can be a valuable family member. As the only family member, Mirabel goes out of her way to cater to everyone.

We often see her saddened by her powerlessness and how she tries to navigate all this. Mirabel just wants to impress Abuela and be proud of her. It is hard not to feel for this character as we watch her go above and beyond to help her family.

After discovering the prophecy, Bruno saw Mirabel set out on a quest to save the Miracle, hoping she would win her Abuela’s love. Even then, it doesn’t seem enough. However, Mirabel’s persistence makes Abuela see her worth and that you don’t have to have powers to be unique.

Good luck trying to watch without shedding a tear or two.

What Powers Does Mirabel Have:

  • Mirabel has no specific powers, but she is the only one who can save the Miracle. It is her persistence and hard work that saved Encanto.

#1 Alma Madrigal

#1 Alma Madrigal - Best Encanto Characters

Personality: Alma is the strong head of the house who believes that Encanto must be protected no matter the cost

Alma Madrigal, fondly called Abuela, is the Matriarch of the Madrigal family and the one to who the Miracle Candle appeared in the beginning. Throughout the movie, we understand why Alma tries to control everything everyone does. Yet, we also develop a slight resentment towards her because of how she treats Mirabel. Yes, We know most people think of her as the antagonist but hear me out.

Alma feels that Mirabel continues to be out of line and harder on her than anyone else. Towards the end of the movie, we’re finally shown the things that Alma had to go through for her family and how she had to become who she is so that Encanto could flourish.

The scenes of young Alma watching her husband being killed and then fleeing with infants are heartbreaking. You can’t help but feel empathy for her.

Eventually, Mirabel also notices this, and Abuela sees Mirabel for the special girl she is.

What Powers Does Alma Have:

  • Abuela Alma has no specific powers but is the keeper of the Miracle and the family’s Matriarch. Alma only wants to ensure her family’s protection and safety.

For those who are looking to get an understanding of all the characters in Encanto, Here is a table that consists of their age, height, weight, and powers to make things clear.

All Encanto Characters Age, Height, Weight & Powers

CharacterAgeHeight (ft. inches)Weight (approx.)Power
Mirabel Madrigal15 Years5’2”120 lbsNil
Alma Madrigal75 Years5’5”125 lbsNil
Pedro Madrigal26 at the time of death5’8”150 lbsNil
Bruno Madrigal50 Years5’5”120 lbsVisions of the future
Isabel Madrigal21 Years5’3”125 lbsControl over plants
Luisa Madrigal19 Years6’5”210 lbsSuper strength
Antonio Madrigal5 Years3’10”45 lbsAnimal Telepathy/Control
Pepa Madrigal50 Years5’7”135 lbsWeather control
Dolores Madrigal20 Years5’5”130 lbsSuper hearing
Agustin Madrigal~50 Years5’10”160 lbsNil
Julieta Madrigal50 Years5’5”130 lbsHealing
Camilo Madrigal15 Years5’4”120 lbsShapeshifting
Félix Madrigal52 Years5’5”150 lbsNil
Mariano Guzman22 Years5’8”165 lbsNil

With this, we end the list of the best characters in the movie Encanto. It is one of the best Disney movies to come out in a while. If you have watched it, who is your favorite character?

If not, It is available for streaming on Disney+. Don’t miss out!

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