25 Popular Anime Symbols With The Most Influence (Ranked)

We live on this giant planet, and in this world, we have one of the most fabulous creations by mankind, which is anime. Everyone loves anime, and if you don’t love it, there is something wrong with you.

Every anime is different because it has unique characters, stories, and symbols. In each anime, one symbol, or logo, has some influence over the viewers. There is always a meaning or story behind a symbol, and today we’ll discuss 25 popular anime symbols with the most influence.

You’ll be able to find some interesting meanings about the symbols from different anime, and some of them might even shock you, so be prepared. Let’s get into it.

#25 Nazarick

#25 Nazarick - Popular Anime Symbols With The Most Influence

Anime: Overlord
Influence Meter: 57/100

Nazarick is the dungeon whose master is none other than Ainz Ooal Gown. This is an unbeatable guild with several powerful generals and Ainz as the guild master. The symbol of the Nazrick represents power and the loyalty of all the generals toward Ainz.

#24 UA Logo - Popular Anime Symbols With The Most Influence

Anime: My Hero Academia
Influence Meter: 59/100

You might not know, but the UA logo from My Hero Academia was not supposed to have an English name. It was actually Yuuei High School, and the word “Yuuei” means hero in Japanese. However, this sounds more like UA, so they changed it. This logo also represents peace and all the hard work the younger generation does to become the best heroes.

#23 The Crescent Moon

#23 The Crescent Moon - Popular Anime Symbols With The Most Influence

Anime: Sailor Moon
Influence Meter: 60/100

Ask any person from the 90s, and they will tell you that Sailor Moon was once at the top of everything. The Crescent Moon symbol from the anime represents women’s empowerment and intuitiveness. This anime was also based on many female characters who played the leading roles, and this anime always supported women’s empowerment while entertaining people worldwide.

#22 Hime’s Mask

#22 Hime's Mask - Popular Anime Symbols With The Most Influence

Anime: Princess Mononoke
Influence Meter: 62/100

Princess Mononoke is one of the most iconic anime movies ever, and you might remember that people always thought Mononoke represented God. The mask she used to wear represented the god of forests and spirits. This tribal-looking mask became a global hit because, in many events, it is displayed, and people are used to purchasing it. In Japan, it is a traditional mask that can be seen in cultural festivals.


#21 SEELE - Popular Anime Symbols With The Most Influence

Anime: Neon Genesis Evangelion
Influence Meter: 64/100

If you’ve watched Neon Genesis, then you must’ve wondered about this mysterious organization, SEELE. The symbol has seven eyes drawn over a triangle, and these seven eyes represent the seven eyes of God. Yahweh, one of the supreme gods mentioned in the Bible, had this symbol, and SEELE is also inspired by it. Even though it is the central antagonist organization of the series, people can’t help but love the concept behind it.

#20 Kamina’s Great Flaming Skull

#20 Kamina's Great Flaming Skull - Popular Anime Symbols With The Most Influence

Anime: Gurren Lagann
Influence Meter: 65/100

Kamina is one of the main characters of the popular anime series Gurren Lagann. His great flaming skull logo eventually became the series’s main logo and an attractive symbol for the audience. This symbol represents the victory and strength of those who fought in a war. Many people like to get this symbol as a tattoo so it can keep reminding them that they have to fight till the end and have to secure victory.

#19 Saitama Oppai

#19 Saitama Oppai - Popular Anime Symbols With The Most Influence

Anime: One Punch Man
Influence Meter: 67/100

I know many of you might think this is an influencing symbol, right? Well, this is a funny symbol that all the weebs worldwide have shown love to. Saitama is used to wearing a hoodie with the oppai symbol; it’s actually quite funny looking, and it also suits Saitama. Even though it has no meaning, one of the strongest anime characters still wears it.

#18 Geass

#18 Geass - Popular Anime Symbols With The Most Influence

Anime: Code Geass
Influence Meter: 68/100

Geass is a supernatural ability that can make any person obey your orders. Lelouch got this power from C.C., and Geass got placed in his eye, and direct contact with another person’s eye can make them obey all the orders Lelouch gives. However, the symbol of Geass has been a mystery. Many believe this symbolized a great revolution because Geass had the power to change everything.

#17 Soul Eater Logo - Popular Anime Symbols With The Most Influence

Anime: Soul Eater
Influence Meter: 70/100

Soul Eater is an underrated anime, and its name is more interesting than its logo because the name “Soul Eater” represents Asura and his desire to eat the souls of innocent people. But its symbol represents Soul Evans, the protagonist of the series. The symbol influences people because Evans is a strong individual and looks cool enough to grab people’s attention.

#16 L

#16 L - Popular Anime Symbols With The Most Influence

Anime: Death Note
Influence Meter: 71/100

You might think that “L” was actually the short form for Lawliet, but you might not know that L, which has “El” well pronounced, actually means God in Hebrew. Initially, L hid his face and name behind this logo when he had to talk at conferences or important meetings.

We all know that L was a genius with a high intelligence level. People admired him for his work, and his letter “L” symbolized intelligence and brilliance. Even after his death, his legacy continued through Near.

#15 Night Raid Logo - Popular Anime Symbols With The Most Influence

Anime: Akame ga Kill
Influence Meter: 73/100

This one symbol has a lot of meaning behind it. The Night Raid was formed to fight against the Imperial Army and bring peace and quality to the capital. The Night Raid Logo symbol represents that they are part of the revolutionary army and will get rid of those making life hard for common people. Night Raid was considered an enemy by the capital government. Still, for the people, it was a heroic organization helping those in need by standing against the prime minister and the whole capital.

#14 Koro Sensei’s Face

#14 Koro Sensei Face - Popular Anime Symbols With The Most Influence

Anime: Assassination Classroom
Influence Meter: 75/100

Even though this was a funny anime, we all have to agree that it made everyone cry. Koro Sensei is one of the best anime teachers, and his character became an influential symbol. His smiling face represents hard work and love. We know that he always wanted the best for his students and did his best to make them all outstanding individuals. Kuro Sensei’s face itself is an iconic and influential symbol that can cheer anyone up.

#13 Pokeball

#13 Pokeball - Popular Anime Symbols With The Most Influence

Anime: Pokemon
Influence Meter: 77/100

Those who have watched anime and those who have never can identify this symbol anywhere. The Pokeball symbol is the most recognizable symbol around the world. People know this symbol, and it represents the hard work that the trainers have done in catching and training their Pokemon. This is more of a recalling symbol than an influencing one.

#12 Fairy Tail Guild

#12 Fairy Tail Guild - Popular Anime Symbols With The Most Influence

Anime: Fairy Tail
Influence Meter: 79/100

The Fairy Tail guild logo is the symbol that was placed on each guild member in the form of a tattoo, and this was actually a fairy with a tail. This emblem represents the adventure and mystery that each member of the guild was going to get through after joining the guild. Many people worldwide love this symbol and see it as the supreme symbol of adventure.

#11 Ouroboros

#11 Ouroboros - Popular Anime Symbols With The Most Influence

Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist
Influence Meter: 80/100

When we talk about Fullmetal Alchemist, a number of symbols come to mind, but the one that is the most common and probably has the deepest meaning is the symbol of Ouroboros.

This symbol has a dragon who is biting his own tail and represents the cycle of life and death. The face of the dragon is life, while the tail is death. All the Homunculi have the Ouroboros mark somewhere on their bodies; this symbol identifies them as not normal humans. People loved the concept behind this tattoo, and it became an iconic symbol in no time.

#10 Clover

#10 Clover - Popular Anime Symbols With The Most Influence

Anime: Black Clover
Influence Meter: 82/100

One of the best new-generation anime series with a lot of amazing characters and plot lines is Black Clover. We already know that “Clover” is the main symbol with the most influence over the watchers.

Clover has been divided into three categories. A three-leaf clover represents faith, hope, and love. A four-leaf clover represents good luck, but a five-leaf clover represents the devil. Asta, our main protagonist, got hold of a five-leaf clover, and people loved it so much that they ended up getting a tattoo of it.

#9 Hunter Association License

#9 Hunter Association License - Popular Anime Symbols With The Most Influence

Anime: Hunter x Hunter
Influence Meter: 85/100

If you’ve watched Hunter x Hunter, then I’m sure you must have loved it. It’s a great anime with a lot of fun elements. The name itself is enough to make it recognizable, but when we talk about a symbol that has influenced people, the first thing that comes to mind is Hunter’s License. This license is earned by those who complete all the tasks and prove themselves worthy as hunters. It proves that you’ve done hard work and survived till the end.

#8 Goku’s Kai

#8 Goku's Kai - Popular Anime Symbols With The Most Influence

Anime: Dragon Ball
Influence Meter: 88/100

Everyone loves Goku. We’ve been watching him ever since we were kids, right? But have you ever wondered what was always written on his back?
“悟” This symbol that is on his back means wisdom. We all know that Goku always made the right decisions and always believed in wisdom. Even when he fought any opponent, he always fought fairly and never played dirty. Wisdom is something that should be inside everyone.

#7 Ken Kaneki’s Mask

#7 Ken Mask - Popular Anime Symbols With The Most Influence

Anime: Tokyo Ghoul
Influence Meter: 90/100

Tokyo Ghoul is one of the most popular anime out there, and from this anime, what people liked and recognized the most was the mask Ken wore in the series. The mask is the central element in the Ken cosplay, and it is also an aesthetic-looking mask that makes it popular among youngsters. Ken only wore this mask because he wanted to hide his identity as a ghoul. But this mask ended up becoming an important part of his overall appearance.

#6 Brand of Sacrifice

#6 Brand of Sacrifice - Popular Anime Symbols With The Most Influence

Anime: Berserk
Influence Meter: 91/100

Even though this symbol looks amazing, those who have watched Berserk know how much suffering, pain, and anger this one symbol holds. The brand of sacrifice was placed on Guts and Casca. Both of them suffered a lot because of this symbol, and Guts always held a grudge against Griffith and wanted to take revenge. This symbol represents that the person was used as a human sacrifice.

#5 Ichigo Hollow Face

#5 Ichigo Hollow Face - Popular Anime Symbols With The Most Influence

Anime: Bleach
Influence Meter: 93/100

Ichigo Hollow Face is one of the most beloved symbols of all time. This symbol represents destruction, power, and rage. The first Ichigo Hollow gave chills to everyone, and it didn’t take people much time to adopt it as an influencing symbol. All the Bleach fans have at least used this symbol once, whether as their pfp or anything else. It is also a powerful symbol.

#4 Wings Of Freedom

#4 Wings Of Freedom - Popular Anime Symbols With The Most Influence

Anime: Attack on Titan
Influence Meter: 95/100

I don’t think we have to explain why this symbol is so popular and influential. This is the logo of Survey Corps, and it represents freedom. We all know how much suffering people inside the wall have been through, but the Survey Corps was always there for them, and they always tried to protect them from the Titans.

Another reason the survey corps was formed was to protect people and free them from the terror of the Titans. These two wings in the symbol have a very deep meaning because they also show sacrifices made to achieve stable peace. People love this symbol, and it is definitely in their hearts.

#3 Sin of Wrath

#3 Sin of Wrath - Popular Anime Symbols With The Most Influence

Anime: Seven Deadly Sins
Influence Meter: 97/100

Meliodas, the commander of the Seven Deadly Sins, is himself the sin of wrath. His symbol represents anger and power. Wrath is the worst sin that comes after pride, and that’s because, in anger, a person can take any action that can be dangerous. Meliodas was the dragon sin of wrath, and his symbol also resembled a dragon.

The symbol itself looked so cool that people often get this as a tattoo. Even though it’s a popular and easily recognizable symbol, this one shows destruction, which is not a good influence.

#2 Straw Hat Pirates Jolly

#2 Straw Hat Pirates Jolly - Popular Anime Symbols With The Most Influence

Anime: One Piece
Influence Meter: 98/100

This might be a funny-looking logo for a pirate, but this is the logo of the Future Pirate King Crew. The symbol shows power, and the Straw Hat logo was designed by Ussop. The logo has a skull with crossbones and Luffy’s straw hat.

All one-piece fans can recognize this symbol anywhere; this is also a trendy tattoo design. Not just this, A lot of merchandise is made with this symbol included, making it a globally recognized and popular symbol.

#1 The Hidden Leaf Village

#1 The Hidden Leaf Village - Popular Anime Symbols With The Most Influence

Anime: Naruto
Influence Meter: 100/100

Many mistakes the Hidden Leaf symbol for a bird, but it is a leaf, which represents peace. Hashirama and Madara both found the hidden leaf village, and as the village was hidden from trees and leaves, they named it Hidden Leaf.

Also, this is one of the most influential logos in all of anime, which anyone can recognize just by looking at it. The Konoha symbol has never changed, and people are emotionally attached to it, even in the Boruto Series, where it has not changed.

These are the most influential anime symbols, but there are more that might not have been as popular or influential but still deserve some spotlight. So here are some honorable mentions.

Honorable Mentions

  • The Laughing Man from “Ghost in the Shell”
  • Future Gadget Lab Badge from Stein’s Gate
  • Dango from Clannad
  • SOS Brigade Logo from Haruhi

This was our list of 25 popular anime symbols with the most influence. What are your thoughts on this list? Also, what symbol do you find most influential? Let us know in the comment section, and keep visiting averagebeing.com for more anime-related content.