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15 ENFP Superheroes You Need To Know About

What we are and what we do is the nature of traits; humans and superheroes alike are a mix of personality traits. The Myers-Briggs Personality Type is an indicator that helps determine a person’s personality.

In real-time, these personality types are frequently connected to individuals through a questionnaire interview. However, when it comes to our loved superheroes and villains, these indicators must be discovered by simply getting to know the character and figuring out which kind they most closely resemble. 

ENFP personality is one of the types of Myers-Briggs Personality. People with this personality type are usually full of life, zealous, charismatic, outgoing, and passionate. They sometimes tend to be oversensitive or overemotional, affecting their livelihood.

There are several heroes we adore that fall under this personality type. 

Let’s get us into the list of “15 ENFP Superheroes You Need To Know About.”

#15 Beast

#15 Beast - ENFP Superheroes

Publisher: Marvel Comics 
ENFP Personality Breakdown:

Hank McCoy is not a resentful man, even though members of his race have been tormented over the years. He is, in actuality, the most upbeat X-Man in existence. He is, in fact, very warm and friendly towards the mutants despite his scary looks.

Beast does not snarl at those who dislike him or his appearance. He doesn’t run from the light either. Over the years, Hank has served as the spokesperson for several superhero teams.

He is also good-hearted, yet this trait might get him into problems, which is quite common with those with ENFP personalities. For instance, his plan to reunite his troop of mutants included bringing the original X-Men into the present, which led to even greater conflicts inside the group. The mutant community is still fragmented, but Hank keeps looking for new methods to bring it together.

#14 Yukio

#14 Yukio - ENFP Superheroes

Publisher: Marvel Comics 
ENFP Personality Breakdown:

The Japanese Ninja Mutant is the next one on our list. Yukio can see into the future, more specifically, the death of any living person. Due to this eerie ability, she is often left haunted as she can see the death-time of her loved ones and close ones. One of her hobbies is literally getting along with others. Yukio is a super genuine and charismatic person. Yukio is often careless and is a free spirit with zero disregards for personal safety, which fits right into the ENFP personality. 

Her personal life philosophy holds that facing danger is the ultimate adventure and that the peace of death is the ultimate reward for everyone who has fully lived. As portrayed in Logan, she is extremely kind and loyal when she self-appoints herself as bodyguard to Logan, who lost his healing abilities. 

#13 Spider-Ham

#13 Spider-Ham - ENFP Superheroes

Publisher: Marvel Comics 
ENFP Personality Breakdown:

You got a problem with cartoons? Take it up with Peter Porker. One of Peter Porker’s functions is his intuition or Introverted Thinking, which makes him an ENFP personality. Being the most outgoing of all the “Spider-Man” characters, “Spider-Ham” is the perfect match for an introvert like an ENFP. They both find it simple to relinquish the information they need to let the other handle everything.

When Miles loses his uncle, Porker’s trait of him being empathetic makes him break his character and say: “Miles, the hardest thing about this job is you can’t always save everybody.” He may be a cartoon nonetheless, but his empathy makes him more human-like. 

#12 Supergirl

#12 Supergirl - ENFP Superheroes

Publisher: DC Comics
ENFP Personality Breakdown:

Supergirl or Kara Zor-El is an “idealist” ENFP personality. Kara becomes incredibly invigorated while discussing possibilities and ideas, swiftly building connections, which shows her high intuitiveness. Kara is sweet, selfless, and caring when it comes to carrying out her duties as a superhero. She is systematic while carrying out her plans and frequently becomes stubborn when it comes to her or when it goes against her values and beliefs. 

Kara tries to motivate individuals to be their best selves the most often. She tends to be less judgmental; for instance, in her conversation with Clark after meeting Lena and how she simply wants to believe in Lena because of her intuition about her, whereas Clark graciously sees Kara as naive.

#11 Iron Man

#11 Iron Man - ENFP Superheroes

Publisher: Marvel Comics 
ENFP Personality Breakdown:

If Tony Stark is not a perfect example of an ENFP personality, then who is? Stark is a natural leader who spearheaded Stark Industries into one of the global leaders. Stark likes being in the spotlight, and being a superhero and an industrialist, the spotlight is never off him. He is a natural communicator; socializing for Stark is as simple as a breeze. 

Tony Stark is strongly opinionated; he stands by his words and the things he believes in. He is not a prisoner of routine or habit; if he were, Iron Man would not have been born. Iron Man was born out of sheer ingenuity when Stark was captured and imprisoned by a communist leader. Stark’s consciousness is commendable, a perfect embodiment of ENFP; he is an adverse advocate of injustice. So much so that Iron Man went against his close friend and a member of Avengers, Steve Rogers. Stark did so because of his belief that Roger was on a path of wrongdoing.

#10 Mary Jane Watson

#10 Mary Jane Watson - ENFP Superheroes

Publisher: Marvel Comics 
ENFP Personality Breakdown:

Mary Jane Watson is high on Extraversion, Assertiveness, Gregariousness, Cheerfulness, and Friendliness. Although she is different from the other characters on the list and not actually a superhero, she fits the ENFP personality. And she is also one of the loved characters, so we cannot miss her, superhero or not; MJ is wonderful just the way she is. 

MJ is also very consistent and faithful to herself. She is incredibly loyal to her friends and has a terrific sense of humor. She stands up for them and refuses to be pushed around. Even when she doesn’t like someone, MJ defends them because she always does what is right and is always willing to help.

#9 Captain America

#9 Captain America - ENFP Superheroes

Publisher: Marvel Comics 
ENFP Personality Breakdown:

Steve Rogers is not extroverted but an extroverted introvert, meaning he is a bit of both. He is not an ENFP personality per se, but he has quite a few traits that tilt him towards the spectrum of ENFP personality. Let us see what those traits are.

Captain America is a caring person, and a perfect instance of this is how far he goes to save Bucky and how he always puts the mission and safety of the citizen as his first priority. He is the person who leads the Avengers in numerous battles and occasions, and he is gluing part that keeps the team intact and together. He is willing to go to the maximum extent to fight for what he believes, and his honesty and straightforwardness further add to his case of being an ENFP personality.

#8 Flash

#8 Flash - ENFP Superheroes

Publisher: DC Comics 
ENFP Personality Breakdown: 

Our very own speedster fits right into the ENFP personality; Barry Allen is a superhero driven by hope and his sense of goodwill towards his peers and villains alike. He is the perfect embodiment of hope and positivity, making him a positive hero with a big heart. 

Barry is a forensic scientist first and a superhero next, where intuitions play a crucial role, making him quick on his feet, figuratively and literally. Barry is filled with zeal, energy, and charisma, making him a good fit for this personality. He is warm towards the people of Central City. Whether it is to help them cross the road or save them from coming under a line of fire from a supervillain, he does his duty with a smile and warmth.

#7 Wonder Woman

#7 Wonder Woman - ENFP Superheroes

Publisher: DC Comics 
ENFP Personality Breakdown:

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Superman Wonder Woman! She is one of the iconic superheroes to come out of the DC Universe, and she is one of the pillars, along with Batman and Superman, around which the Justice League was founded. Her warm, empathetic, and undeniable stance to never weaver from her beliefs makes her a good fit for the ENFP personality.  

“It’s not about deserve; it’s about what you believe, and I believe in love. Only love will truly save the world.” – Wonder Woman.

Apart from being a strong and formidable hero and woman, she is known for high human compassion. For instance, during a battle, she was asked to avoid conflict and stay on course, but her morality and desire to aid others never waver. Against the advice of her comrades, she charged in to help those held hostages. 

#6 Star-Lord

#6 Star-Lord - ENFP Superheroes

Publisher: Marvel Comics
ENFP Personality Breakdown:

Now, this is a tricky one. Star-Lord aka Peter Quill is a man of many personalities, but he may best fit the ENFP personality. He is pleasant, optimistic, and a kindhearted being. However, Quill more or less tends to be hasty and irrational during certain situations making him and his teammates prone to danger and mistakes. Like when he ran head-on to fight Thanos alone after learning about the death of Gamora, this was rash and emotional.

Peter Quill is quick on his feet. He always comes up with well-executed plans to bring his team and himself to victory against jarring battles. Peter is fun to be with, winning, fighting, and hasty aside; he enjoys himself and never backs out from having fun.

#5 Nora West-Allen

#5 Nora West-Allen - ENFP Superheroes

Publisher: DC Comics
ENFP Personality Breakdown:

Nora West-Allen is another speedster to make it onto the list; she is the daughter of Barry Allen or The Flash. Like father, like daughter. She is very similar to her father, and that’s what makes her an ENFP. And also, like Barry, she messed with the speed force too. 

Nora West Allen is a very sociable, outgoing person who enjoys being around others. She has a keen interest in philosophy, the arts, psychology, science, and psychology and gets somewhat of the same “dorkiness” as Barry Allen. Nora’s decision-making choices are usually based on what she perceives to be the best course of action. And like most ENFPs, Nora occasionally tends to dwell on unimportant things.

#4 Harley Quinn

#4 Harley Quinn - ENFP Superheroes

Publisher: DC Comics
ENFP Personality Breakdown:

There are no cuts, no buts, no coconuts; Harley Quinn is the perfect embodiment of ENFP personality. She is as loyal as a villain can get, as humorous as they get, and as enthusiastic and warm as they can get. Although awkward and impulsive, Harley Quinn is nevertheless intelligent, witty, and clever.

Harley is quite a visionary with a mind that wanders to various ideas that, while frequently boisterous and chaotic, are nevertheless imaginative and often successful. Despite her impulsiveness and carelessness, she is actually incredibly brilliant and an expert at analyzing people’s behavior to understand how they think and the motivations behind their acts. That said, when it comes to Joker, her unconditional love for him blinds her. Her often proficient skill of analyzing behavior goes awry with Joker; due to her emotions and unhealthy devotion to him.

#3 Ms. Marvel

#3 Ms. Marvel - ENFP Superheroes

Publisher: Marvel Comics 
ENFP Personality Breakdown:

Like many of us, Ms. Marvel aka Kamala Khan is an avid fan of the Avengers, especially Captain Marvel. She is a stereotypical ENFP personality. Overall, Kamala is one of the most friendly people if you know her well enough. She genuinely cares about her family, but she also has some bitterness toward them due to their strict upbringing and her nerdiness. 

Kamala’s strict upbringing made her lose herself through her love of video games and fan fiction. At her core, she is very dedicated to her “superhero profession” and wishes to go to any lengths to become one of the best heroes who save all. She will stand up to aid those who always need help. And also has Mr. Marvel, who finds it freeing and liberating; who is content, enthusiastic, and committed. 

#2 Spider-Man

#2 Spider-Man - ENFP Superheroes

Publisher: Marvel Comics 
ENFP Personality Breakdown:

One of the core traits of ENFP is intuition, and who better can fit this trait than Peter Parker? Thanks to his Spider-Sense, he is highly intuitive. Due to Spider-Sense, he can see a little bit into the future and sense impending danger. Peter is clever, reserved, and kind; once he puts on the mask, he is an extraverted superhero swinging through the high-scale buildings of the city. 

However, he is also a little bit prone to trouble and impulsiveness, due to which he lacks foresight in his actions. Like, For when he brought a bunch of supervillains back to his home in the movie Spider-Man: No Way Home. He can get overly emotional, a weakness of the ENFP personality. Like when Uncle Ben’s death devasted him for several and also his emotional breakdown once made him quit being Spider-Man. He, however, may be reserved, but he is a warm and enthusiastic being. Parker is spontaneous and caring; when Harry overdoses on drugs, Peter puts himself in a direct line of fire to stall the Green Goblin. 

Despite his issues, Spidey only wants to protect the people of Manhattan. He wants to make sure nobody dies while he is in charge. So he’s constantly trying to figure out how to make it happen. He looks for success in other directions. Nothing stops her friendly neighborhood hero from moving forward if something does not work out.

#1 Korg 

#1 Korg - ENFP Superheroes

Publisher: Marvel Comics 
ENFP Personality Breakdown:

“I tried to start a revolution but didn’t print enough pamphlets, so hardly anyone turned up,” Who does not like Korg? He is too special a hero to be ignored. Hidden deep behind his tough facade is a kindhearted and civilized person with a tinge of humor. 

We do not need to talk much about him and his ENFP personality. Korg is a stereotypical ENFP who ticks all the right boxes. He is highly extroverted; we all know that from his appearance in Thor movies. Seriously, his hobbies are Fornite, drinking beer, fighting, joking, and helping in saving the world. What else do we need for him to prove to be on this list?

It is no easy task to gauge the personality of a character whose true nature is fictional. Still, we tried our best to identify their personality concerning their comic, movie, and animated show appearances. 

Are you, like most of these characters, an ENFP too? Or is your personality different, like that of Batman, who is an INTJ? Until you figure that out, look at a few more mentions of the ENFP personality type.

Honorable Mentions

  • Makkari (Marvel comics)
  • The Thing (Marvel comics)
  • Beast Boy (Marvel comics)
  • Cisco Ramon (DC comics)
  • Krypto The Superdog (DC comics)


Which Avenger is ENFP?

Iron Man and Captain America fall under the ENFP personality due to their charismatic and extraverted nature.

Which Characters Are ENFP?

Many characters show the ENFP Personality. The Flash, Black Cat, Harley Quinn, The Thing, and SpiderMan, to name a few.

Which Villians Are ENFP?

Cletus Kasady, Dormammu, Molten Man, The Trickster, and Electro are a few of the villains with ENFP personality types.

Is Superman an ENFP?

No, Supernan is not an ENFP. His Myers-Briggs Personality Type is ISFJ.

Is SpiderMan an ENFP?

Yes, SpiderMan is a stereotypical ENFP personality.

Is Thor an ENFP?

No, Thor leans more towards the ESTP-type personality.

Which Disney Characters Are ENFPs?

Anna from Frozen, Rapunzel, Ariel, Olaf, Mirabel Madrigal from Encanto, and Faline from Bambi, among many other Disney characters, come under the ENFP type.

So, Who’s your favorite one on this list? We’d love to hear from you!

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