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15 INFJ Superheroes You Need To Know About

Have you ever wondered why some of your heroes are super idealistic and gentle? There is a good chance that it might just be their INFJ personality type.

A general idea of a hero is someone who is driven by their ideals and is super gentle. They are not wavered by fear and the dangers in front of them and have a strong moral compass to follow no matter what. Someone like that would be easy to like, and they would likely be the ones that everyone is drawn to as they seem to deeply care about everyone around them.

An INFJ personality in the Myers-Briggs test is someone who is very idealistic and also very caring and gentle. They are concerned about the people around them and are driven to help them in whatever way they can. That’s the best kind of superhero, anyone who just wants to help others.

Let us look at which of our best superheroes have the INFJ personality. 

#15 Shazam

#15 Shazam - INFJ Superheroes

Publisher: DC Comics
INFJ Personality Breakdown:

We kick this list off with Shazam. A kid who gets the powers of Greek Gods by yelling a simple word. Pretty neat, huh?

This character is special and probably an INFJ because he is still a child. He is not worn out by years of crime fighting and battle. The naivety is refreshing, and he is still wide-eyed. Shazam believes that he needs to use his powers to help whoever he can. 

The literal child in this hero will not let him walk away if someone is in danger, and he is drawn toward helping anyone in need.

#14 Swamp Thing

#14 Swamp Thing - INFJ Superheroes

Publisher: DC Comics
INFJ Personality Breakdown:

When you look at a massive monster made of leaves, it’s hard not to shiver with fear. For the most part, even the Swamp thing’s demeanor is rough. However, he is the protector of the green and cares deeply about the planet. Swamp Thing is incredibly gentle when it comes to his plants and nothing else. He is very protective of the environment and has strongly-rooted hatred for those who dare destroy it. Pun intended.

#13 Mister Miracle

#13 Mister Miracle - INFJ Superheroes

Publisher: DC Comics
INFJ Personality Breakdown:

Scott Free is the son of Highfather and was traded to Darkseid for Orion. While Orion was treated with respect and love, Scott got the short end of that bargain. Darkseid tortured him, and Scott Free was trapped or imprisoned for most of his life. This is where he got his abilities. He figured out how to get out of any prison or entrapment. 

Despite all this torture, Scott turned out to be extremely gentle. He saw the pain his adoptive father put him through and strived to ensure that no one else goes through the same. He uses his abilities to help other captive individuals escape their misery.

#12 Jean Grey

#12 Jean Grey - INFJ Superheroes

Publisher: Marvel Comics
INFJ Personality Breakdown:

Jean Grey is one of the most powerful members of the X-men and probably the most gentle. Technically, she has enough power to wipe out the entire population but would much instead use it to help those around her. Jean is a favored student of Professor X, and she has absorbed much of his teachings of being kind to everyone. 

She, too, is a highly skilled telepath and empath. This means that she can sense when someone is distressed. This, combined with her kind and generous personality, makes her always look out for everyone. 

#11 Dove

#11 Dove - INFJ Superheroes

Publisher: DC Comics
INFJ Personality Breakdown:

Dove is the other half of the duo – Dove and Hawk. The two are crime-fighting vigilantes and core members of the Teen Titans. The main reason that this name was given to her was because of her demeanor. Just as a Dove is depicted as a symbol of peace, this hero is all about peace. However, she is not afraid to get dirty if the need arises. 

Dove is one of the most empathetic members of the Titans and is usually the first to run to everyone’s aid. She quickly notices when someone is distressed and is not afraid to ask what is bothering them. 

#10 Doctor Fate (Khalid Nassour)

#10 Doctor Fate (Khalid Nassour) - INFJ Superheroes

Publisher: DC Comics
INFJ Personality Breakdown:

Khalid is one of the more recent wielders of the Helmet of Fate. This Egyptian American is part of the long bloodline of the Pharaohs of old and even possesses magical powers before receiving the Helmet of Fate. Khalid is a teenager, unlike the previous wearers of the Helmet. This means that he does not come with too much baggage and is more idealistic than his predecessors. 

At the story’s beginning, he leaps into action to save a small child from danger, which is when he discovers his powers. Khalid strongly desires to help people and uses his newfound powers to do just that. 

#9 Spider-Man

#9 Spider-Man - INFJ Superheroes

Publisher: Marvel Comics
INFJ Personality Breakdown:

The quote “With great power comes great responsibility” comes rushing to your mind when you think of Spiderman. The friendly neighborhood hero is one of the most iconic comic book characters. He rose to fame primarily because of his idealistic nature and firm belief in good. 

One of the main reasons that Spiderman became who he is is because of his Uncle Ben. Peter Parker strongly believes that his uncle died because of him and strives to ensure that he will always use his powers to help someone who needs the help. Like the quote, he believes it to be his responsibility. Spidey cannot turn his head away from someone who needs to be saved, and this strong desire to help people makes him an ideal INFJ. 

#8 Superman

#8 Superman - INFJ Superheroes

Publisher: DC Comics
INFJ Personality Breakdown:

Every character’s personality changes depending on who is writing them. The same is the case for Superman. However, certain things remain consistent with the Man of Steel. Of course, he is incredibly powerful, and pretty much no one can mess with him, but there is something else that makes him the hero he is. His kindness.

The man has the power to bench press the world for days and does not need to abide by any mortal rules or laws, and yet, he does. Superman has a strong desire to help people who are in danger and goes out of his way to do so. Much of this is due to his upbringing by DC’s best parents. Regardless of his God-like powers, he is extremely gentle and cautious not to hurt the people around him. Superman believes his powers give him great responsibility, just like our previous hero.

#7 The Flash (Wally West)

#7 The Flash (Wally West) - INFJ Superheroes

Publisher: DC Comics
INFJ Personality Breakdown:

Wally West is the third person to hold the title of the Flash. He did so after Barry Allen was thought to be dead, and Wally wanted to carry on the Flash’s legacy. Wally gained his powers the same way Barry Allen did and quickly followed in his mentor’s footsteps. Not only did he follow the legacy, he might also have made it even more incredible. 

One of the main driving forces of Wally’s battle with crime is his strong desire to help people. Central City is his home, and he tries to do everything to keep the people there safe. 

Because of Barry Allen’s teaching, Wally has a strong sense of justice and a very idealist approach. He believes that because he has his power, it is his responsibility to use it for good. 

#6 Batgirl (Barbara Gordon)

#6 Batgirl (Barbara Gordon) - INFJ Superheroes

Publisher: DC Comics
INFJ Personality Breakdown:

Barbara Gordon has taken on different roles, Batgirl being her most iconic. All the other members of the Bat-family started their journey because something tragic happened in their lives, and they wanted vengeance. Bruce found a way to weaponize their anger and steer it towards achieving justice. That isn’t the case with Barbara. As Jim Gordon’s daughter, Barbara grew up with everything she needed, a safe house, food, and high education. However, she is her father’s daughter. 

Barbara made her own suit one fine day and just decided to go out fighting crime as Batgirl. Even Batman didn’t know who this person was. She put on the uniform so she could help people as her father did. Barbara believed that joining the police would have too many limitations and took on this alter-ego to better look out for others.

#5 Invisible Woman

#5 Invisible Woman - INFJ Superheroes

Publisher: Marvel Comics
INFJ Personality Breakdown:

The Invisible Woman, or Sue Storm, is a member of the Fantastic 4 and the wife of Mr. Fantastic. While her husband is highly technical and a little too intelligent for his good, Sue balances out by being the more emotionally astute. Even before she got her powers, Sue was a brilliant scientist and used her mind to help the people around her. Sue has a knack for understanding other people better than they do and goes out of her way to ensure they are okay. 

She is one of the first people to contact the Silver Surfer and knew in her heart that he wasn’t just another bad guy. Instead, she helped him reconsider his ways, leading the earth’s heroes to win against Galactus.

#4 Professor X

#4 Professor X - INFJ Superheroes

Publisher: Marvel Comics
INFJ Personality Breakdown:

Charles Xavier is the head of the X-men’s school and the strongest telepath in the Marvel world. With his power, Charles has looked into the minds of millions of people and understands the suffering that most of them endured. This has enabled Charles to become more empathetic and has a strong desire to help people. 

Professor X put this into action, primarily through his school for mutants. Here he takes in children born with mutant genes and does everything he can to help them understand their abilities. Charles shows much concern for the people who are on his team and is constantly reaching out to new mutants so that they can be saved from any troubles they may have. 

#3 Martian Manhunter

#3 Martian Manhunter - INFJ Superheroes

Publisher: DC Comics
INFJ Personality Breakdown:

The Martian Manhunter is one of the most powerful members of the Justice League, with the strength to match Superman. He watched his family and planet be destroyed and arrived on earth as a refugee. When the martian came to earth, he saw that his powers could be used for good. Due to the sordid past, Manhunter vowed to stop any evil he saw and help anyone in need. 

Among his many abilities, Martian Manhunter can read minds. However, he does not use this power unless necessary. Another power tied to this is enhanced empathy. He can understand whenever someone is distressed and is usually the first to see how they can be helped. Even as part of the Justice League, where most of the members are highly logical, Martian Manhunter tries to see things from a more emotional point of few. 

#2 Silver Surfer

#2 Silver Surfer - INFJ Superheroes

Publisher: Marvel Comics
INFJ Personality Breakdown:

The Silver Surfer has played many roles over the years, both on the good and bad sides. He started as the Herald of Galactus, but even that, he did not do of his volition. The Surfer took the job to save his home planet. He cared about his family so much that he chose to help Galactus. It’s a pretty tough position to be in.

The Silver Surfer eventually changes his mind when he arrives on earth and joins the earth’s heroes in stopping the cosmic giant. We see from many interactions between the Silver Surfer and the Fantastic 4, especially with Sue, that he is a very gentle soul trying to save his family. He wields much cosmic power and only uses it if he can help someone.

#1 Vision

#1 Vision - INFJ Superheroes

Publisher: Marvel Comics
INFJ Personality Breakdown: 

Vision is an android, so talking about his personality might be slightly off. However, In a world of flying hammers, alien warlords, and space magic, why not? 

This super-sentient robot is one of the most powerful members of the Avengers and also its most gentle. Vision has the strength and power to take Thor head-on and win, yet he doesn’t even care. He is not there because he has the power. He just wants to help people and save his team from trouble. Vision avoids trouble whenever he can and only interferes if necessary.

You would think that a robot with the power to destroy the world might be the worst thing (Ultron), but what if it’s just the opposite? Vis is a loving android who cares about everyone around him and has a deep desire to help through anything they might be going through. 

Honorable Mentions

  • The Signal aka, Duke Thomas (DC comics)
  • Stargirl (DC comics)
  • Phantom Stranger (DC comics)
  • Saint Walker (DC comics)
  • Starfire (DC comics)

With this, we end our list of superheroes under the INFJ personality type.


Which Superhero Is an INFJ?

Vision is an excellent example of an INFJ personality type. Vision is extremely caring of the people around him. And because of his programming, he is driven by his ideals.

What Marvel Characters Are INFJ?

Silver Surfer and Vision are INFJs. They are both powerful individuals but do not misuse their power. Instead, they try to be very helpful to others and are incredibly gentle with everyone. 

Is Batman an INFJ?

Batman is not an INFJ but an INTJ. There are many versions of the Bat, but for the most part, he likes to keep to himself and is a highly analytical individual. This makes him an INTJ.

Is Spiderman an INFJ?

Yes, Spiderman leans towards the INFJ personality type. He is driven by his ideals and the need to help people. He understands the extent of his power and pulls himself back from hurting anyone. 

Is Loki an INFJ?

Yes, Loki is an INFJ. Loki strongly believes in his ideals and stops at nothing to achieve them. He is highly focused and is not afraid to take what is his. 

Is Doctor Strange an INFJ?

No, Dr. Strange is an ENTJ. He is highly decisive. When faced with a problem, the good doctor is quick to find a solution for it. 

What Disney Character Is INFJ?

Jane Porter the love interest of Tarzan, is an INFJ. She is driven by her desire to help the animals in the jungle, and that’s how she meets Tarzan for the first time. 

Do INFJs Have Power?

No, INFJ does not mean added powers, as it is just a personality type. However, many heroes and villains show traits of this particular personality type.

How Smart Are INFJs?

INFJs are highly intelligent when it comes to the feelings of others and have a great capacity to decipher how people feel. They are quick to run to help others and do what is necessary to get them out of their rut. 

What Is the INFJ Dark Side?

Most INFJs have trouble with their emotions and how to understand them. They believe no one would understand their problems and would rather keep things to themselves. This builds and worsens things for them.

What Personality Type Is Joker?

Joker is of the ENTP personality type. He is highly narcissistic and needs to be credited for his work, no matter how sadistic.

So, Who’s your favorite one on this list? We’d love to hear from you!

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