Twitch Recap 2022: Here’s How To Check Yours & Share

It is that time of the year – to recap. With 2022 weeks from wrapping itself up, tech giants have begun to create fun-filled recaps for their users; from Reddit recap to Spotify wrapped, everyone’s gearing up for the upcoming year. And our largest online streaming platform shows no sign of trailing behind; we’ll show you how you can get your Twitch Recap.

  • Twitch Recap is back! Get your recap now, and see who your favorite streamer is, how many hours you streamed, and more!
  • You can find your Twitch recap by clicking the link provided by Twitch or by visiting the Twitch homepage.

The primary differentiators of Twitch – live and interactive entertainment supported by communities formed around common interests – make it the ideal platform for practically all types of content, from gaming to music to sports to cooking.

2022 did not let the streamers or viewers down; this year is probably a memorable one for many. And there probably is no other feeling like gushing about your favorite games or the hours you have spent streaming/watched, all while discussing your newfound obsession with your friends.

Now, you may be eager to get your Twitch Recap for 2022; don’t worry, stick around, and we will guide you on how you can get yours!

How To Get Your Recap?

Getting your recap is as simple as watching a Minecraft speedrun on Twitch; click the link below in the tweet or here, and you will have your Twitch Recap! Community and viewer are the two tabs at the top of the website.

The summary for Twitch as a whole will be shown in the community option. Your own yearly recap will be available to you through the viewer option. For personal statistics for 2022 on Twitch, like favorite streamers, hours viewed, and so on, you need to click the viewer option.

If the link is broken, don’t fret! You can also go to the Twitch homepage, “The Twitch Recap is here! See and share everything we did together in 2022” should appear in a pop-up window at the bottom of the page. You’ll be directed to the recap page after clicking the “Show Me” button.

All Over The Social Media

Twitch released a short clip on social media announcing their recap feature and a recap of their own. The tweet that contained the clip showed the number of trends that dominated the streaming giant in 2022.

Including videos of streamer’s shenanigans, streaming of highly anticipated games like God of War, Elden Ring, Call of Duty Warzone, talking about mental health, hailing the Vtuber Queen, and finally, Kai Cenat reaching the 100,000 subscriber milestone; Twitch this year was truly memorable for many. And, like Twitch, everyone flocked to social media to post their recap. Have you posted yours yet? Let us know what your recap was like in the comments below.