Disney's Go Away Green and Blending Blue Paint Explained

When your fantasy becomes a reality, something magical happens, and what better place to witness the magic than Disney World?

It’s every kid’s dream to visit Disney World, and it’s sometimes a nightmare for adults to control their children in a widely spread amusement park. But no matter what, Disney World casts a magical spell over its visitors, so much so that you want to keep coming back to the place.

When you step into a Disney theme park, you stop thinking about the world outside the surrounding walls. Whether you visit for the first time or the tenth, it seems like you step into a different realm every time.

The amount of detail that Disney puts into everything from the menus to the food to the rides to every attraction to every little detail is beyond our wildest dreams-there is always something fresh and gripping to see. But who would think Disney could devise an ingenious idea with just two colors?

Disney uses these two colors, Blending Blue and Go Away Green, to create a forced perspective among the visitors. These two distinctive colors were really created by Disney Imagineers to conceal enormous buildings and attractions in plain sight by blending in with the sky or surrounding vegetation.

These shades are not used on any signs or attractions. Their purpose is simple: to blend into the background. Keep reading to learn more about Disney’s sly way of concealment, and let’s see if you missed or spotted them on your last visit to Disney World.

Go Away Green – The Disappearing Disney Color

Disney's Go Away Green

Disney Imagineers created Go Away Green to virtually erase buildings from the background and hide the building walls from your perspective.

Creating a magical experience is a challenging task. Disney uses the Go Away Green paint to accomplish this and redirect visitors’ attention to the main attraction. Garbage cans, fences, office buildings, and other unpleasant constructions are all painted in such a way that they practically vanish before your eyes so that you don’t have to see them and don’t miss your focus on the main buildings and attractions.

Go Away Green has been made to blend in with the surrounding vegetation, the sky, and the pavement; it is a mix of grey, green, and blue shades.

Unlike other bright colors, the Go Away Green blends into the environment so that you ignore the shade naturally rather than being attracted to it.

Now, if you want this color for yourself to paint your fence or a lamp post, it’s not that simple, as it is more than one shade of green.

You can’t go to your paint store and ask for “Go Away Green” paint unless you want to get weird looks. However, you can try cracking the color code yourself; the goal is to stand out.

Go Away Green Disney Examples At Disney

The next time you visit your favorite Disney World, take a little time off and observe these elements in the park; these objects are painted in Go Away Green:

  • Trash Cans
  • Lamp Posts
  • Fences
  • Cameras
  • Construction Walls/Facades
  • Secret Doors To Club 33
  • Utility Boxes
  • Sides & Tops of Show Buildings
  • Table Umbrellas
  • Gates

Before you continue with the article, try spotting the Go Away Green objects in the sample pictures below.

Disney's Go Away Green

What do we see in the picture above? We see the cute, cuddly, our very own canine, Dug, enjoying himself with his favorite companions, Carl Fredricksen and Russell!

But what we miss seeing in the picture is the Go Away Green object hidden in plain sight, and I am sure you have spotted it by now. The table patio umbrella in the background is in the shade of Go Away Green to blend in with the lush green surrounding. Let’s check out a few more pics, shall we?

Disney's Go Away Green Example 2

The following picture shows how Disney uses Go Away Green during the construction phases of their latest attractions. During the construction phase of the Remy Ratatouille attraction in the Epcot France Pavillion, the building was painted in their Go Away Green shade.

Disney's Go Away Green Example 3

The infamous Club 33 at Disney is exclusive to a select few, and the doorway to the clubs is also elusive in many parts of Disney World. And the key reason that many visitors pass by the door without even releasing it is-you guessed it right-because of the Go Away Green shade.

Blending Blue – The Masking Disney Color

Disney's Blending Blue

So, we have learned all there is to Disnye’s Go Away Green, now onto the second Imagineered color by Disney – The Bleeding Blue. The lesser-known cousin of Go Away Green came into play when Walt Disney World was constructed close to Jacksonville, Florida, and Four Corners, Florida.

There’s an amusement park thousands of feet across and a sky that stretches for miles; nothing but only sky to disguise the Disney buildings. Unlike Disneyland California, which has facilities and constructions surrounding it to blend, Florida had a beautiful blue sky.

The sky of Florida is so bright and blue that Disney had to do a deep trial and error before finally coming up with Bleeding Blue. They first tried to come up with a mix of blue pigment to match Florida’s sky but failed due to its bright blue horizon.

The Floridian shade of Blending Blue was eventually created for the Walt Disney World Resort after the engineers kept experimenting with the new color combination. When Disney wants to construct or restore more open portions of its parks, the Bleeding Blue tone is used as a camouflage tactic.

Blending Blue Disney Examples At Disney

One thing that is hard to deny is how tall some of the buildings are in Disney World. Because of this, Disney World Imagineers anticipated that its higher structures would require more than a simple shade to blend against the stunningly blue Florida sky. And for the same reason, we spot many tall buildings covered in the tone of Bleeding Blue. A few places where you can spot the Bleeding Blue are:

  • Tall Buildings
  • Few Roller Coaster Rides
  • Top Part of Cinderella Castle
Disney's Blending Blue Example 1

To blend the Guardians of the Galaxy Gravity building into the environment, Disney used two of their proprietary colors during construction: Go Away Green on the bottom half and Bleeding Blue on the top.

This is done as the upper half of the building fades away into the sky, and the bottom half roughly remains at the same height as the surrounding trees.

Go Away Green and Bleeding Blue is one of the many tricks Disney plays on its visitors. Yes, Disney has many tricks hidden under their sleeves. Let us know if you know some of these tricks! Also, The next time you visit Disney World, watch out for these two elusive shades of color.