Berserk: The Brand of Sacrifice Tattoo Meaning Explained

Berserk is a highly acclaimed anime series based on manga of the same name. It follows the story of Guts, a lone mercenary whose life changes dramatically when he encounters and joins a group of mercenaries known as the Band of Hawks.

The series delves deep into themes such as fate, morality, and grit, making it an engaging and emotional experience for viewers. The animation is extremely dynamic, with bold visual designs bringing its unique setting to life.

It’s an anime with many elements, and one such aspect, or concept, is The Brand of Sacrifice. It’s a symbol that can be recognized by people worldwide, but do you know everything about it?

Today we’ll discuss essential details related to this symbol and see what role it plays in the anime.

What Is Berserk’s Brand of Sacrifice Based On?

Many ancient symbols inspire the brand of sacrifice, but this is an original symbol created by the manga’s creator, Kentarou Miura. Even though it’s just a symbol in the anime, it has a profound yet dark and traumatizing meaning.

Those who are marked with symbols are going to suffer their whole lives. They are the ones who have lost their right to be normal humans and are involved in conflicts in the underworld. If you’ve watched the anime or read the manga, I’m sure you know what this symbol brings upon those who bear it.

What Does The Brand Of Sacrifice Mean In Berserk?

The concept of “The Brand of Sacrifice” is fascinating yet horrific. This symbol is placed on those sacrificed by a mortal being to gain power and become members of The Gods’ Hand.

People who sacrificed their souls, flesh, and whole life will be in debt to the members of God’s Hand. Many die right after being offered as the sacrifice, and very few come alive even after being sacrificed, but their lives become a living hell. Guts and Casca were both saved by the Skeleton Knight, but they were both haunted due to this mark.

The willingness to part with something valuable or dear—physical or emotional attachments—is an integral trait for those seeking redemption or greatness. But the sacrifice brand represents the characters’ suffering and the faith they have to bear.

Who Has The Brand of Sacrifice In Berserk?

Who Has The Brand of Sacrifice In Berserk

Sacrifice is one of the core themes of Berserk, a dark fantasy manga and anime series. Various characters have been shown to possess the Brand of Sacrifice across the series, foremost among them being Guts, the protagonist, and mercenary swordsmen.

This is due to a powerful “demonic” destiny he is cursed with as punishment for accepting a supernatural power known as the Behelit, which acts as both a curse and a boon. The brand also appears on characters such as Casca, Guts lover, and other members of the Band of Falcon, whom Griffith led before he sacrificed them.

Here are the characters marked with Berserk’s iconic Brand of Sacrifice, as featured in the manga series:

  • Guts: Tattoo on the right side of his neck
  • Casca: Tattoo on the upper-middle part of her breast
  • Judeau: Tattoo on the palm of his left hand
  • Corkus: Tattoo on his forehead
  • Pippin: Tattoo on his right arm
  • The Egg of the Perfect World: Tattoo on his tongue
  • Gaston: Brand on the left shoulder
  • The Lady Priestess of the Cherry Blossoms: Brand on her right shoulder
  • The Count’s wife: Tattoo on her upper chest, between breasts
  • Corpses under the Tower of Rebirth: Tattoos on their foreheads

Even though the member of God’s Hand accepted Griffith, later known as Femto, he didn’t just leave Guts and Casca alone. Griffith raped Casca in front of his comrade, who did so many things for him, and left both traumatized for life.

Griffith takes several more traumatizing actions, and an overall conclusion, he’s been one of the biggest and worst antagonists of all anime. Genocide and mass murder are some of the very few crimes that he has committed.

How Did Guts Get The Brand Of Sacrifice?

Guts, the primary protagonist of Berserk, has earned his reputation as a character willing to make sacrifices for those around him. His willingness to do whatever it takes to protect his friends and loved ones, no matter the cost, has become a hallmark of his journey through the series.

This is demonstrated in stark contrast to Griffith’s ambition-filled method of sacrificing others for one’s own gain, which Guts actively rejects from the beginning. The reason why Guts has the brand of sacrifice is because Griffith used him as the offering to become the new member of God’s hand.

Griffith’s ruthless act in Volume 12, Episode 78 of the popular manga series Berserk, known as the Eclipse Ceremony, results in the branding of several characters with the cursed mark. Viewers witness the shocking moment as Void inflicts the brand upon nine unknown members, followed by the main characters Casca, Corkus, Pippin, Judeau, and Guts. This pivotal scene sets the stage for the show’s dark and violent storyline.

The offering was basically Gut’s soul being sold and leaving him with the mark; this act was performed under the eclipse. People with this mark will always attract things that don’t belong to our world, and those demonic things will try to capture Gut’s body to do different tasks. This mark is like a magnet attracting all the problems like an iron.

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Is Berserk’s Brand of Sacrifice Real?

The creator of the manga series, Kentarou Miura, has claimed that many historic symbols inspire the Brand of Sacrifice, but this symbol doesn’t exist in the real world. Signs similar to the Brand of Sacrifice can be found in many mythologies, including the Viking history and some old Norse runes.

Even though this symbol doesn’t exist in the real world, people liked it so much that they got it tattooed on their bodies. This symbol represents sacrifice, revenge, suffering, and a will to live no matter how hard your life gets.

Many people are inspired, and numerous find it cool, but this symbol does have a lot of impact on the people of the real world.

The show’s art style is highly detailed and nuanced, offering dynamic fight scenes and visually stunning backgrounds. Additionally, Berserk has an epic soundtrack that perfectly complements the tone of the show.

Furthermore, this series boasts compelling characters and a complex storyline involving themes of revenge, love, betrayal, and moral dilemmas, which keep viewers on their toes while watching the protagonist’s journey unfold in captivating detail. If you ask me, It’s a must-watch and read series.

We gave you several details related to “The Brand of Sacrifice,” but we also want to know your thoughts and opinions on this symbol. Also, make sure to check for more anime content.