World's Biggest Telescope To Search For Aliens In Construction

After nearly a decade of planning and 20 years of development, The world's biggest radio telescope is all set to be built.

Names as SKA, The Square Kilometre Array, This project will finish in the year 2028.

This very piece of the scientific object will make sure to dive deep into the hardest of theories, test Einstein's laws, and even search for other beings around the universe.

Regarding the budget of this masterpiece, A massive 2 billion euros are being dropped in from various governments.

Right now, Countries like the UK, China, Australia, South Africa, and the Netherlands are in support.

Other superpowers like Canada, India, South Korea, and Japan are also expected to join this treaty for their own benefit.

The way this telescope is being designed is to catch up with even the faintest of cosmic beings light years away from Earth.

SKA will be the most important construction of astronomy and other space-related research.


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