Top 10 Shocking Revelations From Netflix's Harry & Meghan  


#10 Prince Harry feared he would lose Meghan.

#9 Harry says Meghan reminds him of Princess Diana.

#8 Prince Harry takes some responsibility for Meghan's strained relationship with her father.

#7 Meghan was shocked by the formality of her early meetings with the royal family.

#6 Prince Harry attributes Meghan's miscarriage to stress from a lawsuit with Mail on Sunday.

#5 Beyoncé reached out to Meghan after Oprah's interview.

#4 Palace leaked a story about Meghan being a "bully" to staff.

#3 Harry is proud to raise mixed-race children.

#2 Harry regrets handling Meghan's suicidal thoughts.

#1 Harry and Meghan recount how they met.



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