The Batman Does Have a Post-Credits Scene

(If You Solve an Online Puzzle)

Dedicated fans may be disappointed by the lack of a post-credits scene in The Batman, but that doesn't mean there's not a teaser for a potential sequel.


Audiences that sit through The Batman's credits will eventually be greeted by a screen that simply reads, "Good Bye?" written in neon green.


A barrage of cryptic images follows the words just before a URL is quickly displayed. When plugged into a search engine, fans are taken to what appears to be the Riddler's website, where the maniacal serial killer provides three puzzles.


If answered correctly, a password must be typed in before a strange video plays that seemingly teases the plot of the next Batman film.


While Warner Bros. has yet to formally announce a sequel to The Batman, director Matt Reeves has previously noted that he's already had discussions about a second movie.


The Batman has been met by an overwhelmingly positive reception from both fans and critics.


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