15 Crazy Riddler Stories To Read

Before The Batman


Every bad guy has a start and for Riddler this is the one that moves the needle. This is a must-read if you want to know about Riddler from his first appearance.


#15 The Riddler

Appearance: Detective Comics #140

This is a story where the entire GCPD, Batman, and every villain in Gotham tries to uncover the mystery of a new foe. What happens when Riddler is brought into the scene?


#14 The Long Halloween

Appearance: Batman: The Long Halloween #7

Along with every villain from Batman’s rogue gallery, The prince of puzzles is also given a fresh look but the most interesting part of all these happens from the perspective of the Joker.


#13 The House The Cards Built

Appearance: Joker’s Asylum II - The Riddler #1

Legends of the Dark Knight features a young Riddler and his story of how he saved civilians of Gotham City and kept Batman on his toes while doing all that.


#12 Riddle Me That

Appearance: Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #185-189

Want to know how Riddler trapped Bruce Wayne in a dangerous TV show and forced him to solve puzzles then you must read this story.


#11 The Riddle Factory

Appearance: Batman: Riddler and the Riddle Factory #1

Over the years, Riddler’s acts put many people’s lives at stake and this is no different to the girl superhero team. Can they put an end to the Riddler?


#10 Pieces Of The Puzzle

Appearance: Gotham City Sirens #9

This story reinvents Riddler with a new set of mind bending puzzles that even  the iconic duo Batman and Robin together struggle to solve.


#9 The Riddle-Less Robberies Of The Riddler

Appearance: Batman #179

All these Riddler stories see a face-off between Batman and Riddler but this particular tale pits Dick Grayson against the Prince of Puzzles.


#8 Riddle Me This

Appearance: Batman #698 & 699

Just when Riddler got hold of Batman, He let him live. Amazed by this move, Batman had to find out Riddler’s end game which turns out to be a handful.


#7 Dark Knight, Dark City

Appearance: Batman - Dark City, Dark Knight #1

Imagine not one but two Riddlers. Didn't quite get it? Riddled features Riddler and Cluemaster teaming up to send Batman in a pointless chase.


#6 Riddled

Appearance: Detective Comics #705-707

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