Richest Superheroes Of All Time


Ever since the battle for the richest superhero started, they were too many sources to rely upon. With the Vanquis Bank of the United Kingdom involved, We now have the exact details of these riches.


Why Is This List Trustworthy?

Scott Lang A.K.A Ant-man is the least earning superhero and far away from being the richest on the list. Job : Ice Cream Server at Baskin Robbins.


#20 Ant-Man

Annual Salary : $18,543

Apart from tony stark’s internship in the MCU, Peter Parker does some part-time jobs around the city which leaves him with low returns. Job : Part-time Photographer.


#19 Spider-Man

Annual Salary : $18,605

Diana Prince of Themyscira has been on and off mankind for decades. At present, she’s into Antiques. Job : Curator of Antiquities.


#18 Wonder Woman

Annual Salary : $51,441

Steve Rogers has been a Captain for us, ever since he first appeared in Captain America Comics #1,1941. Job : Army Captain.


#17 Captain America

Annual Salary : $52,599

Clark Kent A.K.A Superman joined as a journalist to save more people on planet earth. Job : Journalist at Daily Planet.


#16 Superman

Annual Salary : $53,070

The World’s Fastest man Barry Allen A.K.A the Flash is quick on his feet, so he chooses crime-solving. Job : Crime Scene Investigator.


#15 The Flash

Annual Salary : $64,648

Bruce Banner is quite opposite of the Hulk as he is all brains with 7 PhDs under his belt. Job : Research Scientist.


#14 The Hulk

Annual Salary : $71,852

With the world’s greatest detective as his father, Dick Grayson is interested in solving puzzles and criminal cases. Job : Police Detective.


#13 Nightwing

Annual Salary : $84,000

Thanks to his vast family fortune to fund the Xavier school. Job : Founder of Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters.


#12 Professor X

Annual Salary : $131,012

Stephen Strange before becoming the master of mystique arts is a renowned surgeon. Job : Neurosurgeon.


#11 Doctor Strange

Annual Salary : $394,765

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