New Change For Instagram & Facebook By Meta

While Twitter is going downhill with Elon Musk’s recent decisions, Meta recently announced a big change that might possibly change privacy and spam on Instagram and Facebook.

Meta is making a huge comeback by restricting suspicious adults from interacting with teens.

While Facebook is taking care of privacy issues, The spam messaging on Instagram seems to finally have a stop.

Meta is teaming up with National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) to end the spread of intimate images of teens.

What this messaging restriction does is not give the ability to contact users by spammers to exploit you.

New users will automatically be inside the safe zone but old ones need to change their privacy settings on Facebook for this to work.

This might still be limited to certain countries but, Meta is finally doing something good for its users.

Well, We’ve asked our followers on Instagram if they’ve ever been scammed, and the results are surprisingly high.

So, Please avoid taking to suspicious accounts and protect yourselves.


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