Naruto: 10 Smartest Villains Ranked


#10 Sasori

Sasori is a strong member of the Akatsuki, but his biggest strength isn't his powerful jutsu. He excels in the development of his own poisons and his knowledge of human anatomy.


#9 Kakuzu

With age comes experience and wisdom, and that shows directly through Kakuzu. For Kakuzu to survive almost 100 years through many missions, wars, and fighting in general, is impressive.


#8 Pain

The amount of work and planning Nagato puts into the Akatsuki's objectives shows what he is capable of. Nagato's ability to utilize the Six Paths of Pain as effectively as he does requires extreme concentration and a strategic mind.


#7 Danzo

Danzo is as evil as he is cunning. Danzo is a driving force behind the massacre of the Uchiha Clan. He stays away from the battlefield most of the time, but he uses his influence in the political scene to progress his own goals and acquire power for himself.


#6 Itachi Uchiha

Although Itachi is not a true villain, he certainly performs some villainous acts. Itachi is a prodigy that excelled at almost everything from a very young age.


#5 Obito

Obito, the shadow leader of the Akatsuki, spends many years planning the Fourth Great Ninja War. All of the preparation that it takes to make the war happen requires and immense amount of patience and intelligence.


#4 Kabuto

As a very successful spy well versed in the art of deception, Kabuto is able to manipulate people in order to acquire crucial information. He always seems to have a way to benefit his goals despite whatever the outcomes of his endeavors are.


#3 Madara Uchiha

Madara is a one-man army, and he proves that in the Fourth Great Ninja War. However, not all his power came from his genes. His work ethic and ability to develop and study jutsu further progressed his legacy as a shinobi.


#2 Zetsu

Zetsu, particularly Black Zetsu, is the most manipulative individual throughout the entirety of Naruto and Naruto Shippuden. His manipulation of the Akatsuki, Kabuto, Nagato, Obito, and Madara, is what leads to the Fourth Great Ninja War and the eventual resurrection of Kaguya.


#1 Orochimaru

He may not be the strongest shinobi, but there is no one who thrives on information and research more than Orochimaru. His life goal is to discover all of the world's secrets. Information and research drive his existence.


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