Namor vs. Aquaman, Which Sea King Wins?

With Namor out in the MCU, It’s about time we settle who wins a fight between the two kings, and today, You’ll know exactly which superhero triumphs over the other.

To take any fight, We need to put some thought into it, and what better than who wins in the sea and on the surface world?

Well, When it comes to Namor, He is ruthless and strong, toyed with the Avengers, and made Hercules bleed, but Aquaman has his ups too.

Aquaman’s trident is much more potent than Namor’s, which outs Arthur Curry ahead in a fight.

When it comes to a battle underwater, which we think will be for someone who is the king of the seas, Aquaman will be the winner.

Simply due to his ability to command unlimited sea creatures and no upper cap of his speed in the ocean, Aquaman takes this fight.

On the contrary, When it comes to fighting on the surface world, Namor has the edge over Aquaman due to his ability to fly.

Yes, Arthur Curry’s trident can pierce the skin of Superman, Darkseid but Namor got the advantage on land.

Well, What do you think about our analysis? Who do you think will win?


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