Moon Knight: 15 Crazy Powers and Abilities

Every Fan Should Know


With a net worth of 2.3 Billion Dollars, Moon Knight developed several weapons and troop carriers that can actually compete with the Dark Knight's toys.


#15 Can Rival Batman’s Tech

Jeff Wilde aka Midnight Man is Moon Knight’s sidekick. In Amazing Spider-Man #353-358, Midnight Man defeated Spider-Man, The Punisher, and Nova all by himself.


#14 Has A Reliable Sidekick

First appeared in Werewolf by Night #32 as a bad guy, Marc Spector was hired by an organization called the Committee to hunt down a Werewolf named Jack Russell.


#13 An Original Werewolf Hunter

Thanks to his, Multiple personality disorder, Moon Knight’s soul cannot be taken over and is resistant to psychic attacks.


#12 Cannot Be Taken Over

The presence of moon affects Moon Knight's strength and enhances his senses. The fuller the moon, The stronger he gets.


#11 Has Real Moon Powers

Marc Spector became a strong believer in the Egyptian gods when his life was saved by the Moon God. He became the first high priest who protects people at night.


#10 Serves The God Of Vengeance

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