Marvel’s RDJ Is Now Unrecognisable With His New Haircut

The MCU owes RDJ big time, as he single-handedly carried it for years but his new hairstyle put fans in dilemma.

Yes, Robert Downey Jr. just shocked everyone with his bald haircut at Governor’s Awards in Los Angeles.

Due to a new project, RDJ shaved off his hair. As the result, Both fans and celebrities had trouble even recognizing the legend.

One fan said, “Just saw a very bald Robert Downey Jr and i’m never recovering from it.”

What actually happened is RDJ asked help from his kids for The Sympathiser.

Robert Downey Jr. said, “I need your help, you know how I'm starting this project soon? The Sympathiser. I don't want to wear a bald cap so we need to shave my head."

Well, We are lucky to not see RDJ as a bald Iron Man in the MCU.

The Sympathiser is a new series that RDJ is producing where he acts as a spy during the Vietnam War.


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