Is The SnyderVerse Dead?

(Truth Revealed)


With multiple rumors surfing the web, The Flash movie may actually erase the SnyderVerse but what does that mean to the hardcore DC fans?


MyTimeToShineHello states that The Flash film will completely erase the SnyderVerse and form a new Justice League between Flash, Shazam, and Batgirl.


#1 MyTimeToShineHello Rumor

Another popular scooper, Grace Randolph says that The Flash movie will wipe out Henry Cavill’s Superman and Ben Affleck’s Batman from the new DCEU. She also supports the new formation of league.


#2 Grace Randolph Rumors

As you all now, Henry Cavill is already busy with several other projects and if WB ley him slide, We may never see him again as Superman.


Future Of Henry Cavill's Superman

After the miserable Justice League reshoots drama, Ben was fed up with the DCEU. He even stated it as the worst experience. With The Flash film, Ben Affleck will be officially out as the Cape Crusader.


What Happens To Ben Affleck's Batman ?

Anyone who knows the whole situation of Zack Snyder’s Justice League knows that Warner Bros. is completely opposing the SnyderVerse and the only reason we got the SnyderCut is that it served as a wild card in HBO Max’s debut.


Is Warner Bros. Ready For SnyderVerse?

There is no denying that The Flash movie changes DCEU but for better or worse Warner Bros. is doing something to catch up with Marvel’s massive success. We think that the film doesn’t actually erase the SnyderVerse but lets it slide and continue with a different story.


Future Of The SnyderVerse Post The Flash Movie

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