Here’s How The New Disney CEO, Bob Iger Can Fix Disney

After stepping down in early 2020, Bob is back at Disney, and here’s how he can revive the fallen kingdom.

One of the major challenges Bob Iger has to address is with Disney+.

According to recent reports, The streaming service has a massive subscriber growth in record time but at a huge cost.

Yes, Disney+ is no longer profitable as the streaming business lost the company a massive $1.5 billion in this quarter alone.

Not only this will dishearten the creators, but the stocks of Disney have also been down for a while with this news.

Disney’s stocks are down to a huge 40% due to streaming failures.

Another major problem with Disney is the struggling outlets like ESPN.

ESPN is known for many things but the outlet is losing viewership which is bad for the parent company.

While Bob might not fix everything bad happening but higher executives at Disney believe that he is the one to revive the company.


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