10 Surprising Hawkeye Episode 3 Easter Eggs You Missed


If you observe keenly, We can see some small triangular tattoos on William Lopez's neck. These symbols aren't usual tattoos. These symbols aren't usual tattoos. The small triangles can be seen on Echo's costume in the comics.

#5 Maya Lopez's Symbol


When Kate hacks her way into a computer, She finds that Kazi was employed by "Sloan LTD." First appeared in The Spectacular Spider-Man #67 as Kingpin's minion.

#4 Sloan LTD's Connection


When Echo rides her motorcycle towards an auto repair shop. You can spot its name as "Fat Man." In Marvel Comics, Wilson Fisk aka Kingpin is also known as the Fat Man.

#3 The Fat Man Auto Repair


Kate and Clint looked for a car to escape from the Tracksuit Mafia and believe me, this car has a history to it. The Red Dodge Challenger from 1972 is taken from Matt Fraction and David Aja's popular Hawkeye comics.

#2 Clint's Original Car


The entire action sequence is ripped straight out of comics but the roles in the MCU have changed with Clint Barton driving the car and Kate Bishop firing arrows unlike the opposite in the comics.

#1 Chase Ripped Out Of Comics


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