Does Batman Ever Smile?


(The Real Truth)

One of the few superheroes who needs no introduction at all is Batman and many of the fans around the globe wonder does he smile, does he ever laugh? 


People often think he never laughs. The reason for this judgment is his gritty character and devastating back story. This is also due to him taking a lot of strain and never allowing himself to relax.


His origin is one of the saddest moments in comics and maybe he never smiles because he watched his parents get murdered. The Cape Crusader has a dark soul with pain, anger, and grief. Even the world’s greatest detective misses his parents and needs some family time.


The Origin Effect

The signature Batsmirk can be considered as a smile but it only happens when someone is about to get his ass kicked by Batman. A Smirk is a half-smile with smugness.


The Batsmirk


Times when Batman genuinely laughed 

It is one of The New 52 ongoing series published after Flashpoint. In comics, Batman is seen laughing when he stops a gang of thieves.


#1 The Batman Volume 2

This is batman actually allowing someone to take a picture. Alfred took the photo in the cave shortly after Jason became Robin.


#2 Redhood and the Outlaws Rebirth

This is the one incarnation of the cape crusader which comes to our senses when we imagine him smiling. The Batman Who Laughs popularity has been on the rise ever since he first debuted in the Dark Nights: Metal series.


#3 The Batman Who Laughs

Remember the line “All it takes is one bad day” said by the Joker. It was in this movie. This animated film took the legendary rivals, Batman and Joker, to fight off against each other. At the end of the flick, Joker tells Batman a joke where they cackle and laugh louder.


#4 Batman: The Killing Joker

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