DC Fans Blame The Rock For Henry Cavill's Exit

While it took several years to finally make Black Adam, The film is not a huge success.

Recently, Henry Cavill officially left the DC Universe, and now fans are angry with The Rock.

Dwayne Johnson's futile attempt to bring in Superman has misfired, which just gave a quick death to the old DCEU.

Though it may be due to James Gunn's 10-year plan, Here's what fans are saying.

"In the end, it feels like Dwayne Johnson brought Henry Cavill back as a marketing stunt for Black Adam and used him to create hype."

"Imagine being The Rock. Cast as Black Adam in 2008, Movie finally comes out in 2022. You beg Henry Cavill to cameo as Superman. Then, your movie flops, and James Gunn gets rid of Cavill & shelves Black Adam 2."

"Blame The Rock for how he hyped up Henry Cavill's Superman. He made it seems like the dude was back for good when he NEVER was."

While we may understand why fans are angry with The Rock, Gunn was brought into the picture after Black Adam, and we really can't put all blame on Dwayne Johnson.

The Rock just did what he thought would be the best for DCU, and if Cavill continued as Superman, it would've been much different.


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