Christopher Nolan Really Created A Nuclear Explosion Without CGI

The popular filmmaker Christopher Nolan is known for many things, but his love to use less CGI has just gone out of hand.

Directing the new biopic of Robert Oppenheimer- A renowned nuclear weapons expert in the World War, Nolan once again surprised everyone.

While the internet used to mock and appreciate the director for not using CGI, He really strike back this time.

Speaking with Total Film, Nolan said, "Recreating the Trinity Test without the use of computer graphics was a huge challenge to take on."

He added, "My visual effects supervisor was on board early and was looking at how we could do a lot of visual elements of the film practically. From representing quantum dynamics and quantum physics to the Trinity Test itself."

If you aren't aware, Christopher Nolan actually blow up a real Boeing 747 for Tenet, grew crops for Interstellar, and destroyed a huge hospital in the Dark Knight.

This nuclear test in Oppenheimer will be his latest and greatest feat, yet again without any use of CGI in filmmaking.


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