Batman’s Hellbat Armor Explained


Many fans know that the Hellbat armor is one of Batman’s strongest suits but do you know its history, Why it was created in the first place and the depths of its powers?


Hellbat Armor made its first appearance in Batman and Robin #33. In this story, Bruce Wayne’s son, Damian Wayne was killed off and taken to Apokolips by Darkseid’s agent, Godfrey.


Hellbat Armor History

Forged by Superman in the sun, Green Lantern worked on its wings, Wonder Woman used a secret spell that makes the suit last longer, Flash tested it against the Speed force, Cyborg implemented all the A.I and commands needed, and finally, Aquaman made it durable even in water.


What Is Batman’s Hellbat Suit Made Of?

Enhanced Strength Flight Energy Blasts Invisibility Super Vision SuperSpeed Instant Healing Multiversal Teleportation Shape-Shifting Ejecting Any Part Advanced A.I Voice Commands Powerful Chest Insignia Port


Batman Hellbat Suit Powers

The Hellbat suit utilizes users’ metabolism to work and when a mere mortal initiates it, This could be fatal if used under extreme conditions or even using it for a prolonged duration.


Drawback Of Hellbat Suit

• Knocking out Darkseid Temporarily • Defeating an army of Parademons • Going toe to toe with the Eradicator • Defeating Kalibak • Trashing Godfrey


Batman’s Hellbat Armor Feats

Fans got to see Hellbat in DC’s Rebirth on a Batcave located on the moon and was placed in a secondary Batcave as Batman didn’t use it much in his future battles.


Does Batman Still Have The Hellbat Armor?

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