10 Doctor Fate Comics To Read Before Watching Black Adam

The comic is a direct one-shot read and requires no other knowledge to be ready. It is simultaneously bizarre and interesting, with little thought required to keep you interested. You can expect some quirky artwork and comedic dialogues.



 Helmet of Fate: Detective Chimp #1

We get a rare look at Nabu in action against a foe. He looks spectacular, and the retro artwork just makes it kick-ass.



Doctor Fate Vol. 3 #5

This comic issue gives a good understanding of the Lord of Chaos and further explores Kent’s relationship with his wife. Another thing that makes it eye-catching is the artwork, as Dr. Fate is taken through a multitude of dimensions.



 The Immortal Doctor Fate #3

The artwork and storyline are combined well to give a new look to Dr. Fate, keeping the style of the New 52 in place. New readers would love this one.



Doctor Fate Vol. 4 #7

It gives us a glimpse of Dr. Fate working with the rest of the JSA, which is always a treat. The Justice Society have their last hoorah, and they pull all the bells and whistles for this one.



 The Last Days of the Justice Society of America

Dr. Fate is a member of the JSA and has not had many appearances over time. It is refreshing to see such an old character mingling with the new heroes and fighting alongside them. It is also a very unusual team-up that worked well.



Blue Beetle #10

The Earth 2 series has given a different perspective to our heroes, and in these refreshing takes lies many new worlds to work with. Dr. Fate’s art and the new costume he wears are more than enough to make you look twice.



 Earth 2 Vol. 2 Tower of Fate

Khalid cannot rely on Nabu as he is dead. The helmet still holds power, and we see Khalid learn of it without any guidance from anyone. A teenager is forced to learn something without any guidance. That is also a fun thing to see.



Doctor Fate Vol. 4 #14

The artwork in this comic alone makes it worth reading. We see our favorite heroes don costumes slightly different from Earth 1, and the entire volume gives us a peak at their variations. It makes you think, ‘What if.’



 Earth 2 #12

It serves as a booklet for all things Dr. Fate and provides precise information on the character. The fact that it is written from the perspective of Inza makes it all the more interesting. The retro art style is the icing on the cake.



The Immortal Doctor Fate #1

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