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Watch This Fun Collaboration Between Lupin The Third & McDonald’s

Lupin the Third introduces collaboration involving McDonald’s in Japanese!

It seems that McDs in Japan is bringing in the infamous gang to help the fast food chain progress better in the market. McDonald’s may be popular in the USA and other parts of the world, but it still has many peaks left to climb in other countries.

Take a close look at the three silhouettes of men featured in this image below.

Shadowy figures dominate the screen. They depict Goemon, Jigen, and the slippery Lupin. Also, A commercial was also released a few hours later.

We see Lupin reaching a drive-through with the two others riding with him in a yellow car. At the mechanical counter, he orders the Big Mac, and then Goemon chimes in and shoves a mobile bearing a code in front of his face. It’s a code titled DT3 related to the order they’re placing. The three drive away happily as Lupin munches on those glistening fries.

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One of the biggest restaurant chains originated in California, United States. Started by Richard and Maurice McDonald, this joint served great hamburgers; the duo even helped develop the logo that includes the two golden arches first seen in 1953.

Later, a businessman named Ray Kroc purchased the brothers’ rights to the store (franchise). He then took the company to new heights and operated as the organization’s CEO from 1967 to 1973. Today, McDonald’s serves almost 90 million customers in more than eight dozen countries. The restaurant chain brings in large amounts of revenue. Ray Kroc’s life was dramatized in the 2016 movie The Founder, directed by John Lee Hancock. The film criticizes his policies as a cut-throat profiteer but recognizes that these capitalistic values are what turned McDs into a household name.

Lupin The Third

Kazuhiko Kato (Monkey Punch) created and sketched the Lupin III manga ran from 1967 to 1969 and then again continued in 1977 after a long hiatus. The final manga series ended in 1981. The sequel by Yosuke Saeki and Keyaki Uchi-Uchi is ongoing. Published initially by Futabasha and Tokyo Pop, this seinen series was serialized in Weekly Manga Action and had 35 tankobon volumes. It was recently announced that Lupin the 3rd vs Cat’s Eye ONA (original net animation) would be released, showcasing a battle between Arsene’s grandson and Rui’s gang. The movie shall be unleashed on Amazon Prime Video next year.

So folks, what else do you think McDonald’s Japan and Lupin III may have planned together? The game is afoot, and we shall know more soon. Let us know your thoughts regarding this latest advertisement, including the classic McDs tune. Goodbye for now!


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