Unhinged Fans Panic As Bleach: TYBW Overtakes Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood On MAL

The Bankai has been unleashed, and FMAB fans are surely restless!

The Bleach Thousand Year Blood Arc anime has begun! The final part of the hit shonen manga series will be centered around the battle involving the Shinigami of Soul Society and the Wandenreich led by the Quincy King Yhwach. The hype has grown tremendously over the past year since the return of Bleach was announced.

The first episode was officially released yesterday on Disney Plus, Hulu, and Ani-One Asia Premium. It was leaked a day prior to the release, which led to many criticizing VIZ for lack of security. However, it seems that the fans of Substitute Shinigami are having their first day out in the sun after years in prison (much like Aizen Sosuke in the final arc).

Overjoyed, the fans quickly took to MyAnimeList to express their pleasure. As you all know, MAL is a website that keeps track of scores from audiences voting around the world. It helps anime enthusiasts and otaku, in general, to decide what to watch based on the ranking system implemented, genres, etc.

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Currently, on the Now Airing list, Bleach reigns at the top. This will probably remind you of Ichigo’s theme song (by Hazel Fernandes) and the famous chorus,

“Now you feel like Number 1, shining bright for everyone. Living out your fantasy, the Brightest Star for all to see.”

Even in the Top Anime Series list, where Fullmetal Alchemist has stood supreme for a significant amount of time (years, in fact), Bleach Sennen Kessen-hen has scaled the summit. So far, it has garnered over 2 lac members in a matter of days. When Attack on Titan soared to the top a few years ago, Fullmetal Alchemist fans (the largest group of chimps on MAL) purposefully downvoted the series, which should be considered spam. Still, it resulted in AOT sinking all the way down to #6, where it currently lies.

The score of Bleach TYBW rests at 9.23 at present. With passing time, it is likely to decrease, but if the animation quality and story impress the viewers, a battle will likely occur on the Internet. Toxic fans are an abomination. They make life hard for everybody who disagrees with them. Take a look at one of the top Twitter trends yesterday.

At the time of writing, This number later passed 440k tweets. The first episode had a great but slightly longer ending that recapped major events in the original series that ended almost an entire decade ago. Studio Pierrot took over the reins and delivered fabulously, but the best is yet to come.

What do you think about Bleach rising beyond expectations? How long do we fans have till FMAB maniacs start downvoting Bleach, trying to push it toward oblivion? Let us know your earnest opinion, and visit us again for quick updates!

Source: MAL