The Devil Is a Part-Timer! Season 3 Is Official Now

A sequel of Hataraku Maou Sama’s (Devil Is a Part-Timer!) third season is officially confirmed.

After airing the 12th episode of season 2 of the final episode, the sequel of the second season of Hataraku Maou Sama was announced on their official website.

There are not many details given, but on the news section, it shows: “After the 12th episode broadcast on Thursday, September 27th, The third season of the TV anime has been decided to broadcast in 2023! A new visual with a new character added has been released! Stay tuned for future updates!”

You do not need to worry about anything as we will explain everything.

Key Visual

The Devil Is a Part-Timer! Season 3 Key Visual

The new visual shows all the series’ main characters, with the cute baby, Alas Ramus, from the second season. But a new character is also introduced in this new visual, who is a girl with a similar color hair to Alas Ramus.

This new girl is none other than Alas Ramus’ younger sister. Her name is Ara Acies, and she is also another fragment of “Yesod.”

Voice Cast

The voice actors will possibly be the same. As of now, the cast follows the following.

  • Ryouta Oosaka as Sadao Maou
  • Youko Hikasa as Emi Yusa
  • Yuuki Ono as Shirou Ashiya
  • Nao Touyama as Chiho Sasaki
  • Kanae Itou as Suzuno Kamazuki
  • Hiro Shimono as Hanzou Urushihara aka Lucifer
  • Hina Kino as Alas Ramus

The voice actor of the new character for the sequel, Ara Acies, has not been announced yet.

Main Staff

The sequel may be directed by the same director as the current season, Daisuke Tsukushi, and may stay under the same studio 3Hz. But the good news is the sound director will remain the same. Jin Aketagawa directed the sound of this Mythology-based anime’s first and second seasons.

Possible Story For The Devil Is a Part-Timer! Sequel

Some interesting points have been revealed in the second season’s finale. In the final moment, Emi’s mother, Lailah, takes over Chiho’s body and gives some information regarding another piece of “Yesod.”

As she tells Maou that her daughter keeps one part, and another belongs to her father. This new teased character for the sequel is staying with Emi’s father. Gabriel also confirmed to Emi that her father is still alive. Angel Lailah also talked about restoring Ente Isla to its original state.

New Season/Sequel Announcement

There is no specific date for the release of the sequel given by the official site. But they confirmed that it will air in 2023, except the new sequel to have a bit more episodes than usual due to a broad plot.

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Fans Also Read

Why Did The Second Season Fail To Impress The Fans?

The episode ended with the classic “to be continued” after steering the credits. Honestly, Numerous things will happen in the sequel, but we cannot spoil it. But one thing is sure; it will be more awesome than this dull second season.

Fans criticized the second season because of rushing things. The Light Novel has not been completed yet, and the manga is still incomplete. The first season was a huge hit and is considered one of the best slice-of-life-themed anime in recent times.

From animation to characters, everything was perfect. But the sequel of the first one returns after nine years. Fans were expecting more but were disappointed after the rushed plot and lousy animation.

The plot lacked action and focused more on Alas Ramus’s cuteness. Honestly, the story did not have any volume to attract fans. But the creators did not disappoint its hardcore fans by announcing its return for a sequel in 2023. Whether it will be a weekly episode of anime or a movie has not been confirmed yet.

This series is the anime adaptation of Satoshi Wagahara’s light novel of the same name, which has 21 volumes. Talking about the anime’s plot, it is quite unusual for a stereotypical Isekai anime. To put it simply, this anime is a kind of reverse-Isekai.

The story focuses on Maou, Ashiya, and Urushihara, three upper-class demons who escaped from their home world, Ente Isla, and started living in modern Japan as mere humans. The anime shows how difficult staying in Japan is. They were doing pretty well until Maou’s fateful meeting with his arch-enemy, Emi Yusa, in this new busy world.

This romantic comedy show blends magic and supernaturalism with our daily life. The show is full of fun, and the introduction of Alas Ramus this season has tried to bring the Kawai factor to the plot. Though it has not impressed the general fans, it does not affect its downfall much. The critical negative aspect is that the new animation style does not provide visual pleasure to the general audience.

Source: Official Website