Spy X Family: Gen Hoshino Reveals the Secret Behind 90-Second Ending Theme

The anime community has been gaga over the recent sensation in the industry, Spy X Family. The anime adaptation of the 2019 manga series follows the story of a spy, code-named Twilight, who is tasked to form a family that will be a stepping stone in ensuring world peace. 

The escapades and the shenanigans of the clandestine family consisting of a spy father, an assassin mother, and a telepathic daughter, none of who knows about each other’s true identity, have captured the hearts of millions worldwide. 

Famous Japanese singer and composer Gen Hoshino’s latest release, “Comedy,” is used as the anime’s closing song. In an interview on All Night Nippon radio show on 5th July, Hoshino revealed a trick up his sleeve. A true innovation, the first verse of the Spy X Family ending theme has an immediate beginning and runs for exactly 90 seconds.

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Every anime episode is given a 90-second slot for opening and ending themes, which demands the complete original song to be cut accordingly. Sometimes, the composed verses are cut short or extended to adjust to the allotted time. 

It results in the themes sounding different or distorted from the formally released records of the respective songs. Gen Hoshino has recently given us an insight into how he has found a loophole around this problem. 

Hoshino said that he didn’t want his verses to be cut short, so he wrote the first verse so that it takes up the entire 90 seconds without having to go through edits. In that way, the theme that we end up hearing at the end of each episode feels like a complete song rather than just a part of one. 

The man admits that it also irks him when the cut themes of the anime intros and outros seem jumbled up in his mind when he compares them with the actual songs, which is why he wanted to overcome this problem. 

Hoshino’s artistic caliber shines through as he successfully captures the story’s aesthetic and the dynamics between the main protagonists in the song. 

He wanted to ensure the song screams “family” and the true connotations of the word. The song, with its soothing melody, definitely inspires a warm feeling upon listening to it, perfectly fitting the idea of family that Hoshino wanted to depict.

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The fan reaction to both “Comedy” and the opening theme by Official Hige Dandism has been tremendous, as evident from social media. The instrumental contrast between the two songs, one being funky and fast-paced and the other being softer and more profound, perfectly suits the vibe of the anime, which can be both action-packed and heartwarming, all at the same time.

The first part of the anime completed its run of 12 episodes on 25th June, and needless to say, we are all screaming “Waku waku!” for the second part, which is set to premiere in October 2022 kicking off with the much-awaited episode 13.

Well, What do you think of the ending theme in Spy x Family?