Insane Spider-Man No Way Home Theory Reveals Doctor Strange as the Main Villian

Marvel Studios and Sony finally released Spider-Man No Way Home Trailer featuring Doctor Strange. The trailer was edited so well that it hides a ton than it reveals.

If you haven’t already seen the trailer, take a look at it is join us again.

Spider-Man No Way Home Trailer

Now that you have seen the new trailer, We need to talk about some odds things that give away some surprising details about the film.

Though it may seem Doctor Strange’s role in Spider-Man No Way Home is to mentor Peter Parker, This isn’t what it is.

Now we are about the get into the details of an insane theory that suggests that Doctor Strange is the big boss of the upcoming comic book fixture.

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Here are the top 5 reasons why Doctor Strange is the villain of Spider-Man No Way Home

The Variant

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Source : Sony, Marvel Studios

If you know Doctor Strange then it is obvious you might have felt something in Strange’s behavior.

Doctor Strange is someone who always weighs the consequences and acts accordingly. The trailer features the Sorcerer Supreme out of his natural tone.

Strange would never cast a spell that would lead to future problems. Remember the time when he viewed all the 14,000,000 possibilities of beating Thanos in Infinity War?

His being ready to cast a dangerous spell regardless of Wong’s denial is completely odd.

This in fact suggests that the Doctor Strange we saw in the Spider-Man No Way Home trailer is a variant that replaced his position without Wong’s concise.

Usually, Strange is self-restraint and egoistic. The original Doctor Strange film proves this point as he even learned magic without the help of more experienced teachers in the sanctum.

If there’s anything Doctor Strange learned then it’s being more cautious with using magic as he’s experienced the Time Stone and what it does to timelines.

Even with all these in mind, Doctor Strange casts the dangerous spell and it goes horribly wrong due to Peter Parker’s interference.

It is possible that the real Doctor Strange is being held captive in Multiversal Anarchy and the variant replaced him in an unveiled adventure which we’ll get to see in Doctor Strange in Multiverse of Madness.

Eye Of Agamotto’s Reappearance

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Source : Marvel Studios

The one thing that every fan can see is the Eye of Agamotto’s reappearance.

Strange gave this container to Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War and the Mad Titan destroyed it immediately.

The magical container can only be opened by a specific spell and is impossible to obtain without Doctor Strange.

Even after the events of Avengers: Infinity War, The Eye of Agamotto is seen with the Sorcerer Supreme in the trailer.

Now, let me be clear and reveal the catch.

If the Eye of Agamotto is from another dimension this will not work with the real Strange.

Infinity Stones are powerful but they only work inside their own universe.

This also supports the above reason that the Doctor Strange we see is a variant from another timeline.

Spider-Man Fights Doctor Strange

Screenshot 20210829 121711 01 1
Source : Sony, Marvel Studios

We have seen Peter Parker fight Doctor Strange in the trailer but why is the hell does he fight someone he asked for help?

There are several of these shots such as a cast to manipulate reality and trap Spider-man when they confront on top of a movie train.

All these shots from Spider-Man No Way Home trailer prove a face-off between Spider-man and Doctor Strange is inevitable but let’s get to the obvious one.

In this one particular shot, Doctor Strange knocks Peter Parker out of Spider-man with his popular magic move.

This alone confirms that Doctor Strange is neither going to help Peter Parker nor be his mentor.

This also supports the variant theory but also leaves a question why do the other spidermen and their villains appear in the film?

If you want to know it all keep reading and I’m sure you’ll be surprised by the answer.

The Villians Aid

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Source : Sony, Marvel Studios

It’s been long known and expected that all the Spider-Man from old movies will be appearing in Spider-Man No Way Home.

With the recent set leaks it’s confirmed that Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield will be appearing alongside their counterparts in the upcoming film but why do they even appear in the first place?

Could it be the spell going wrong? A hole in the Multiverse made by Wanda and Sylvie?

The answer is Doctor Strange.

Yes, What you’ve read is true. Here’s how we support this statement.

Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 2 confirms that Doctor Strange exists in that timeline.

From the above points, It is clear that the Doctor Strange we see is a variant and has traveled through the other dimensions including all the Spider-Man stories.

If this Strange has learned about the past Spider-Man villains then he is using the bad guys from other timelines to aid him.

The new Doctor Strange may have summoned past villains he knows to help him when the Spider-Man of this dimension gets in the way.

The Reunion all spider man in no way home digital fanart 2800x1575 1
Source : Sony, Marvel Studios

This is the most interesting and insane reason we’ve got to support this theory.

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With all the things going south, Peter Parker now has to face an evil Doctor Strange variant and villains like Doctor Octopus, Electro, Green Goblin, and even Rhino.

How can he possibly get on top of this situation alone and save his loved ones?

This is where the other Spidermen comes into play.

It is possible that the multiversal events may lead Tom Holland’s Spider-man to Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield.

Given the friendly nature of Spider-man across all dimensions, It isn’t hard for them to get along. I believe in the third act, All the Spider-Man joins forces and saves the day.

(Even imagining this gives me goosebumps)

This theory suggests that Sony and Marvel are hiding more than they think.

The Doctor Strange of Spider-Man is not an ally. Instead, he is an enemy.

All Multiversal enemies are distractions and obstacles that the sorcerer has put in Spider-Man’s path.

Tom Holland teased that the trailer was “just the tip” and that there will be many more surprises.

If this is Marvel’s approach to the movie, Holland would definitely be correct.

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Having read all the five reasons which support each other what do you think of this theory?

Do you agree that Doctor Strange is the main villain of Spider-Man No Way Home?

Let us know in the comments.

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