Shin Ultraman Is Coming To Amazon Prime Video On November 18th

Ultraman is a television series originally conceptualized and developed by the “father of tokusatsu,” Mr. Eiji Tsuburaya, as well as Tetsuo Kinjo. The first show ran for 39 episodes and heavily relied on special effects. It ran from July 1996 to April 1997.

For decades, Ultraman became a massive franchise in Japan, and now that craze has infected the entire world.

Live-action movie fans and anime enthusiasts are two different groups of people. Their confluence is difficult since otaku may not enjoy the usage of 3D and CGI in movies.

While the critique of Japanese bureaucracy remains a theme in this production, the director stated that it wasn’t the movie’s main point as they wanted it to be unique and different from its predecessor. In an interview with Nerdist, he said, “if we just did the same thing, it’s kind of pointless.”

It has been revealed that “Shin Ultraman,” which is part of the super-hit series Ultraman, will be distributed via Amazon Prime Video from November 18th this year.

The scriptwriter of this movie is none other than the esteemed Hideaki Anno (known for his magnum opus Neon Genesis Evangelion). Popular storyboard artist and director Shinji Higuchi ensured that the film became a resounding success at the Japanese Box Office. Shiro Sagisu (known for Bleach Thousand Year Blood War and the original series) composed music for the film. Toru ‘Tohl’ Narita was posthumously honored for the extraterrestrial kaiju and monster designs. Anno-sensei and Higuchi-sensei also teamed up for the film Shin Godzilla in 2016. Toho Studios and Cine Bazar took care of production.

The movie was initially released on May 13th this year on home soil.

Main Cast

  • Takumi Saitoh as Shinji Kaminaga
  • Masami Nagasawa as Hiroko Asami
  • Hidetoshi Nishijima as Kimio Tamura
  • Daiki Arioka as Akihisa Taki
  • Bin Furuya and Hideaki Anno (motion capture) as Ultraman; Issey Takahashi as the voice
  • Visual Effects: Shirogumi
  • Spacium Beam: Sadao Iizuka (worked on the first series for the same purpose as an optical artist)

What is your opinion on this announcement? Shin Ultraman received a positive reception from critics and fans across the globe and has earned over 31 million dollars till now. Have you laid eyes on it yet? Be frank and light up the comments section; do subscribe for quick updates on everything tied to the world of comics and manga. See you on the other side, aibou!

Source: Mantan Web