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She-Hulk: Marvel Just Cut Breaking Bad From the MCU (Again)

Marvel has been going on in full swing to transcend its cinematic universe from Movies to TV Shows as the multiverse saga slowly unwinds itself. In the last two years, Marvel Studios has put so much content out there that it has almost gotten hard to keep up with, and still, the Disney-owned production giant is showing no signs of stopping. More than the movies, T.V. shows have now started to take over the MCU, with more projects looking forward to blessing our screens.

But, to produce so much content, one has to take inspiration from somewhere, and it looks like the executives at Marvel Studios are not only taking wisdom from comic books but also from one of the best TV Shows out there, Breaking Bad.

The 5-seasons long crime-drama series, directed by Vince Gilligan, follows an ordinary high school teacher, Walter White, played by Bryan Cranston, who turned into a drug kingpin after getting diagnosed with cancer. The show has received various accolades and is regarded as one of the best-written and directed T.V. shows of all time.

Marvel Studios just threw in a subtle reference to how a character got invested in Breaking Bad and almost made it to the finale before getting summoned to the main storyline of MCU. This took place in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, but unfortunately, it didn’t make it past the editing room. Had the choices in the script been a little different, fans would have gotten head over heels for She-Hulk. (In a parallel universe, of course!)

Talking about She-Hulk: Attorney at Law for a moment, amidst a wave of criticism, choppy CGI, Daredevil cameo, and an unexpected meta ending, Marvel Studios recently wrapped up its first season. While the 9-episode series introduced several new characters, one character, in particular, kept the plot moving for a significant portion of the series. And to no one’s surprise, we’re talking about Wong, the Sorcerer Supreme of the Masters of the Mystic Arts.

Wong: The Master of Mystic MCU Cameos

Wong has dominated phase 4 of the MCU from the start. At this point, it wouldn’t be an understatement to call it the Wong Cinematic Universe. A character once introduced as a secondary character in 2016’s Doctor Strange has made his way to other big releases and is now tying the entire MCU with his ancient spells.

He first appeared in Shang Chi fighting Abomination in an underground fighting ring, and then Wong is seen in Spider-Man: No Way Home, acting as a mentor to Doctor Strange before the plot gets going. And now, in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, Wong can be seen opening portals to various plot points to push the wagon forward.

Marvel Studios released a new episode of its ‘Assembled’ series, titled Marvel Studios’ Assembled: The Making of She-Hulk. In the episode, the cast and crew explore the intricacies that went on to shape and conjure this new female superhero and how things got aligned to let the finished piece of work come out to our screens. Watch the official trailer of Marvel Studios’ Assembled: The Making of She-Hulk here:

The hour-long episode features Tatiana Maslany, Mark Ruffalo, Tim Roth, and Benedict Wong in behind the scene moments captured during the filming, along with the head writer Jessica Gao revealing the journey behind getting She-Hulk out of comic books to screen.

But there’s one moment in particular that follows the Breaking Bad reference we discussed earlier, making its way into this episode. The featurette is a behind the scene snippet from episode 3 of She-Hulk where Wong comes to testify at abomination, aka Emil Blonsky’s parole hearing. The Sorcerer Supreme, however, loses track of time and arrives late at the scene but ultimately testifies in front of the parole board.

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The behind-the-scene snippet shows Wong appearing out of a portal set-up, apologizing to Jen and Emil with the dialogue that reads, “My apologies, Miss Walters, Emil. I lost track of time, I was watching the series finale of Breaking Bad.”

Breaking bad reference by Wong in Marvel's She-Hulk
Source: Disney+

We definitely had an idea that Wong was a big fan of The Sopranos, as it was mentioned several times as he was scared of getting spoilers from Madisynn but Breaking Bad too? We didn’t see that coming!

But, the script got altered, and the Breaking Bad reference was removed entirely from the dialogue, leaving it only to say, “My apologies, Miss Walters, Emil. I lost track of time” in the official footage of the episode.

Time When Nick Fury Was ‘The One Who Knocks’

This isn’t the first time that Breaking Bad universe failed to make its iconic appearance in the MCU. Back in 2011, when Breaking Bad was airing its fourth season while its series finale was undergoing filming, Marvel was, in fact, using the Albuquerque Studios for 2012s Avengers.

Both the projects were being filmed next to each other, and it was Samuel L. Jackson who got the idea to do a cameo in one of the Los Pollos Hermanos scenes, ordering food in his signature Nick Fury eye-patch costume.

Jackson recalled this incident in an old interview with IndieWire, claiming that he “just wanted to order a three-piece and really freak people out!” The actor would have appeared in the background, ordering chicken in the Mexican food chain Los Pollos Hermanos owned by druglord Gustavo Fring. MCU fans would have noticed their favorite spy and director of S.H.I.E.L.D., but the producers never allowed the idea to turn into a reality.

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We wonder how both the universes would have turned out to be with their respective fandoms going crazy catching the scene in action. This time too, Walter White didn’t get a chance to knock on Kevin Feige’s door. But who knows, someday we could get any of the actors or just a subtle reference to Breaking Bad or its prequel Better Call Saul in the MCU. (Nothing to reveal here, folks…)

Have you seen the latest episode, Assembled: The Making of She-Hulk, yet? The series is currently airing on Disney+.

What are your thoughts about a possible Breaking Bad reference in the MCU? Do tell us your thoughts in the comments, and visit averagebeing.com for more superhero updates.


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