20 Most Powerful Baki Characters With Abilities (Ranked)

Hey there! I hope you guys are doing well and if you are having a bad day then this blog is going to make your day quite better because today we are going to rank the 20 Most Powerful Characters of Baki.

If you don’t know then let me tell you Baki is one of the best action series out there. It has a whole load of action and amazing characters.

Each character is unique in its way not to mention they all are powerful and deadly. If you’ve watched Baki you already know how good it is and if you have not then you should watch it because it’s so entertaining.

I’m not going to lie but according to me, Baki has one of the best male casts in all of anime.

Baki series doesn’t focus on romance or anything it is made for a male audience, instead, it emphasizes action and powerful characters.

If you love watching high-octane fights then there is no way you’ll not like Baki.

So, without wasting any time let’s get into our blog of the 20 Strongest Baki Characters Of All Time.

#20 Hector Doyle

#20 Hector Doyle - Most Powerful Baki Characters

Height: 6’1 (180 cms)
Weight: 85 kgs (187 lbs)
Age: 25
Best Move: Seiken

Hector Doyle was on death row when he escaped from prison to find a worthy opponent. He is the kind of person who’ll use anything in a fight.

According to Hector, nothing is dirty in a fight. If anything can make you win, you should use it.

Hector is a muscular man who can endure anything and in a fight, he doesn’t show any mercy as he uses everything he has under his sleeves to win.

He is good at martial arts and can use many weapons. Hector was an assassin in the early days and he quite loved killing people. But sometimes Hector is kind of a good person as he can be kind and protective.

However, he’ll not hesitate to use a grande during hand-to-hand combat if that makes him win.

#19 Kureha Shinogi

#19 Kureha Shinogi - Most Powerful Baki Characters

Height: 6’0 (180 cms)
Weight: 131 kgs (289 lbs)
Age: 30
Best Move: Dashin

Here he is our SUPER DOCTOR. Kureha Shinogi is a surgeon and he can do many things that other doctors can’t.

Kureha can restart a heart without even cutting the skin. He is loved by people, and everyone respects his work but this guy is quite a self-centred person as he doesn’t accept the fact that there is someone stronger and better than him.

Add to that, His vast knowledge of the human body is one of the reasons why he thinks he is superior to all martial artists.

Another thing to note is that Kureha trains so much that he can beat any athlete in any sport. Even though he is a greedy man, Kureha is calm and collected when the time comes.

#18 Gaia

#18 Gaia - Most Powerful Baki Characters

Height: 5’3 (160 cms)
Weight: 60 kgs (132 lbs)
Age: 25
Best Move: Rear Naked Choke

Gaia is a person with two personalities. His alter ego is called Nomura and that alter ego knows nothing but killing.

Both Gaia and Nomura are personalities of the same person but are completely different from each other.

To make it clear, Gaia is the leader of a group that fought Baki Hanma. He is kind to others and is a good leader who can make people listen to him.

On the other hand, Nomura doesn’t care about anything but killing. For him, The best way to enjoy himself is by watching people in pain and suffering.

However, now Gaia is the only personality, So, Nomura doesn’t exist anymore.

The real Gaia is a guy who fights fairly and if he loses he loses with honour.

#17 Spec

#17 Spec - Most Powerful Baki Characters

Height: 7’3 (221 cms)
Weight: NA
Age: 97
Best Move: Apnea Rush

Spec is a wanted criminal who was on death row before he escaped from prison.

Thought you heard something similar

Well, he didn’t escape from any ordinary prison he escaped from the underwater one. So you can imagine how dangerous he is.

Spec is a serial killer who loves killing people for no reason and is ruthless in doing so.

He kills people in different and painful ways. This guy enjoys killing a lot and is not afraid of anyone. He has sarcastic humour and often says rude things with a straight face to people while keeping a smile.

Pretty deadly if you ask me.

According to Baki, he has the same personality as Yuujiro Hanma who won’t hesitate to kill, and all that is fun for these characters.

#16 Dorian Kaioh

#16 Dorian Kaioh - Most Powerful Baki Characters

Height: 6’8 (208 cms)
Weight: 130 kgs (268 lbs)
Age: 65
Best Move: Axe Kick

The first-ever non-Chinese person to obtain the title of Kaiou, The true master of Chinese Kenpo.

Most of the time, Dorian has a calm personality. In the past, He used to love Chinese Kenpo but after an incident, he lost faith in all martial arts.

Even though he is a master of Kenpo he often uses different gadgets and weapons in fights.

In simple terms, he likes to play dirty and doesn’t believe in fair fights.

To make you understand, Dorian once started crying in the middle of a fight so naturally, His opponent’s intentions waver, and as soon as he gets distracted Dorian will attack.

If you thought that was bizarre then let me tell you that he has a childish side who loves things that normal children enjoy like amusement parks or pranking people.

#15 Chiharu Shiba

#15 Chiharu Shiba - Most Powerful Baki Characters

Height: 6’1 (185 cms)
Weight: 72 kgs (158 lbs)
Age: 25
Best Move: Forehead Blow

Chiharu Shiba aka the king of the street fights is also the leader of a racing gang called Tokkoutai.

He is a reckless individual who’ll put his life in danger just to get that one advantage that can make him win.

Once in a fight, One of his arms got broken but he got an advantage and because of that, he won the fight.

Many people say he doesn’t feel pain but the truth is Chiharu enjoys pain. However, after a time skip, He thinks before taking any action and now believes in a fair fight.

He even met Baki and taught him a few moves of his own. He now respects those who are stronger than him and doesn’t look down on anyone.

#14 Ryuu Kaioh

#14 Ryuu Kaioh - Most Powerful Baki Characters

Height: 6’7 (200 cms)
Weight: 100 kgs (220 lbs)
Age: 100
Best Move: He is best in Kung-Fu

Ryuu Kaioh, head of Heilong-Jiang, the real master of Chinese Kenpo. He lives in China and is a highly respected individual.

He is the head of a temple that teaches people Chinese Kenpo, one of the reasons why he has a harsh and strict personality.

Ryuu is the mentor of Retsu Kaioh, At first, he doubted Retsu but later acknowledged him.

In the Raita tournament, Yuujiro Hanma fought Ryuu Kaioh. That fight didn’t last long because Ruujiro lipped Ryuu’s face off.

According to Ryuu, losing to someone stronger than you is not a shame and there is no point in winning against someone weaker than you.

So, Ryuu acknowledged Yuujiro and accepted his defeat.

#13 Izou Motobe

#13 Izou Motobe - Most Powerful Baki Characters

Height: 5’7 (170 cms)
Weight: 80 kgs (176 lbs)
Age: 51
Best Move: Finger-Grab

A jujutsu master who once lost to Yuujiro Hanma. Izou Motobe is the kind of person who doesn’t show any emotions.

He never gets excited and has a huge obsession with defeating Yuujiro Hanma, The Ogre.

With his past experiences, Izou can perform almost all kinds of martial arts and he even knows the weaknesses of several techniques.

Izou even started training Baki for a while and Baki learned a lot from him. When Yuujiro defeated Izou he started making his new techniques and moves so in their next fight he can defeat him.

However later in the series, he is nowhere near the power level of the legendary Ogre and can’t win no matter how hard he tries. So, He gives up.

#12 Muhammad Ali Jr.

#12 Muhammad Ali Jr. - Most Powerful Baki Characters

Height: 6’2 (187 cms)
Weight: NA
Age: 25
Best Move: Earth Theory

As the son of the greatest boxer of all time Mohammad Ali, Ali Jr. has similar traits to his father.

Most of all, He is kind and takes a fight very seriously. As expected, Ali Jr. is a professional boxer and his technique is mixed with others forms of martial arts.

According to Jr, His fighting style is just perfect. He fell in love with Baki Hanma’s girlfriend, Kozue Matsumoto but got rejected when he asked her to marry him.

But still, he kept trying until that day when he lost to Baki in a fight and lost all of his confidence.

This was not the first time when Ali Jr. lost to a member of the Hanma. Earlier, He lost to Jack Hanma and when he was a kid he tried punching Yuujiro Hanma for making fun of his father.

#11 Ron Shobun

#11 Ron Shobun - Most Powerful Baki Characters

Height: 5’10 (177 cms)
Weight: NA
Age: 45
Best Move: Hand Pocket

Unlike the others on this list, Ron Shobun is a side character who was shown only once in the series when he fought Biscuit Oliva.

He is silent most of the time, doesn’t show any emotion or excitement, and is quite calm and collected during a fight.

In his fight with Biscuit Oliva he put both of his hands in his pocket but what he didn’t know was that Biscuit was far stronger than him.

Biscuit started playing with him while putting his hand in his pocket as well. Ron lost his temper and started attacking recklessly and later got defeated quickly.

#10 Retsu Kaioh

#10 Retsu Kaioh - Most Powerful Baki Characters

Height: 5’9 (176 cms)
Weight: 106 kgs (233 lbs)
Age: 30
Best Move: Spinning Lotus

Retsu Kaioh aka the heir of True Chinese Kenpo. He was born in the temple called Heilong-Jiang and was trained by Ryuu Kaioh.

Retsu is a gifted being as he learned Chinese Kenpo at a young age and mastered it quickly.

Even though he is the best there is in Kenpo he still doesn’t admit or say that his technique is superior to other martial arts.

At first, he didn’t want to learn any other forms of martial arts but after meeting Katsumi Orochi he changed his mind.

One of his special abilities is that Retsu can copy any martial art style quickly or he can find the weakness of any martial art in an instant.

After mastering Kenpo, Retsu left the temple to see the outside world and fought many people.

#9 Doppo Orochi

#9 Doppo Orochi - Most Powerful Baki Characters

Height: 5’10 (178 cms)
Weight: 110 kgs (242 lbs)
Age: 56
Best Move: Nukite

Doppo Orochi is a man with many titles namely, God of War, Tiger Slayer, and Man-Eater Orochi. He is the 10th dan karate grandmaster who has devoted his entire life to martial arts.

Doppo has been a martial artist for more than 50 years. He has fought many people and even fought tigers to see how strong he is.

He has the strongest fists but after facing Yuujiro, He realized that there are people who are far stronger than him.

He never thought of himself as a superior being and is always a down-to-earth person.

Doppo is the director of Shinshinkai Karate School. So, Naturally, He is well disciplined and a man of his words.

Even after being so powerful and respected by many people, He is not full of himself. Doppo really cares for people and tries to protect the ones he loves.

#8 Jack Hanma

#8 Jack Hanma - Most Powerful Baki Characters

Height: 7’11 (243 cms)
Weight: 201 kgs (443 lbs)
Age: 21
Best Move: Chop-Blow

An animal in a human flash, a person who just wants revenge from his father, Yuujiro Hanma. Yes, that’s right we are talking about Jack Hanma.

If you are wondering why Jack wants revenge then let me tell you that’s because Yuujiro raped his mother Diane Neil. He is one of the tallest and most muscular characters in the Baki series and this is not in a natural way.

He takes steroids and different medical treatments to get a monstrous body.

Jack is an animal he doesn’t know any martial art or techniques he just likes to fight like a wild beast.

When I say he is an animal, I mean it because Jack often bites his opponent in a fight.

Overall, This guy just wants revenge and besides that, he has no other motive.

#7 Katsumi Orochi

#7 Katsumi Orochi - Most Powerful Baki Characters

Height: 6’1 (186 cms)
Weight: 116 kgs (255 lbs)
Age: 21
Best Move: Ippon Ken

What’s the definition of being a true martial artist who cares for his family? It’s Katsumi Orochi.

He is an adopted son of the grandmaster Doppo Orochi. Right now, He is the 3rd dan karate genius and the future of Shinshinkai Karate School.

Katsumi is kind and cares for all the students who learn karate at Shinshinkai. Besides that, He has an admiring relationship with his father which we see very rarely in the series.

Katsumi and Doppo often fight each other to see who is the strongest but they don’t hold any grudge against each other at all.

He loves his biological mother even though she left him after his birth. Even after all these qualities, Katsumi can be bloodthirsty or desperate for revenge sometimes.

We’ve seen this side of Katsumi when he fought Dorian Kaioh.

#6 Kaoru Hanayama

#6 Kaoru Hanayama - Most Powerful Baki Characters

Height: 6’3 (191 cms)
Weight: 166 kgs (366 lbs)
Age: 19
Best Move: Tameshi Wari

He might not look like a 19-year-old but is known as one of the strongest characters in the Baki series.

He is the kind of person who won’t fall into a fight until he dies that’s the one and only Kaoru Hanayama for you.

Apart from that, He is the boss of the Hanayama Group and looks like a complete gangster because of the scars that are present all over his body.

Kaoru is like a big brother to Baki. They get along and help each other in need. We’ve seen Hanayama protecting Baki from Spec when he was on a date with Kozue Matsumoto.

He is a true man and in his fight with Spec, he even faced a grande head-on.

As you can expect, He isn’t phased and won the fight fair and square.

Even though he looks like a dangerous person and doesn’t talk until it’s necessary, Kaoru is still a kind person who cares for his mother and respects others.

#5 Biscuit Oliva

#5 Biscuit Oliva - Most Powerful Baki Characters

Height: 5’11 (180 cms)
Weight: 150 kgs (330 lbs)
Age: 45
Best Move: Ball

Biscuit Oliva is known as Mr. Unchained, A person no one can capture, and is the second most dangerous man in the world after the great Ogre.

To be honest, I don’t know what else to say about him.

This man is crazy. He does whatever he likes and no one tries to stop him. He works as an assassin and believe me, No one questions him about his actions.

Thanks to his ruthlessness, Biscuit Oliva is free to do anything.

Oliva and Yuujiro are quite alike but Oliva is far easier for the government to work with. The government pays for all of his expenses like luxury meals, a great domain in prison, and the rest of the things. Why do all this

This is because they want him to be in this prison.

Pretty hilarious right?

#4 Goki Shibukawa

#4 Goki Shibukawa - Most Powerful Baki Characters

Height: 5’1 (155 cms)
Weight: 47 kgs (103 lbs)
Age: 75
Best Move: Aiki

He is old and doesn’t look so muscular but believe me this man even scared Biscuit Oliva.

Goki Shibukawa also known as The Master is a big name in the underground. Most people in the series are afraid of him because of his background.

Shibukawa has a calm and collective personality. He often jokes around but what people don’t know is that he is a crazy bloodthirsty fighter who’ll eat his prey alive in a fight.

Shibukawa is a master of Jujutsu and Judo which makes him one of the most respected individuals in the series.

But when it comes to martial arts he becomes strict and wants everyone to be disciplined and focused.

When Oliva first met him, He tried to crush Shibukawa’s hand but the old man made Oliva come to his knees by using his secret technique called “Aiki.”

#3 Kaku Kaioh

#3 Kaku Kaioh - Most Powerful Baki Characters

Height: 5’1 (155 cms)
Weight: 40 kgs (80 lbs)
Age: 146
Best Move: Offensive and Defensive Shaorii

Here’s another old geezer you don’t want to mess with.

With the titles of the world’s best martial artist and the great grandmaster of Chinese Kenpo, This 146-year-old guy is not someone you look down on.

However, even though he is so powerful and respected, he’ll do anything to make sure that Chinese Kenpo and Chinese Warrior stand as the superior individual among every other style of art.

Kaku Kaioh killed many people including the elders of the Martial Art Association.

In his prime time, he had a monstrous body but later he gave up on that body as he wanted to become a real Kenpo master.

However, when he fought the Ogre he nearly escaped death. Ogre was far stronger than Kaku and he was glad that he fought Yuujiro as dying at the hands of the strongest creature on earth was like an honour and a blessing to him.

#2 Baki Hanma

#2 Baki Hanma - Most Powerful Baki Characters

Height: 5’6 (168 cms)
Weight: 76 kgs (168 lbs)
Age: 18
Best Move: New Cobra

So, here he is our protagonist, an 18-year-old boy who is known as Champion and the Strongest Boy in The World.

He is the son of the World’s Strongest Creature, Yuujiro Hanma, So I’m not surprised at all.

Baki is still a high school student and has a calm personality but he already has a set goal in his life which is to defeat his father who killed his mother, Emi Akezawa.

With every fight, Baki learns something new and tries to improve himself.

Even though he is just 18, Baki is strong enough to win against a world-class boxer and other powerful beings.

In the new season called Son of Ogre, we’ve seen Baki defeating Biscuit Oliva. There is no doubt one day he will surpass his father and that’s what his father wants as well.

Unlike many others, Baki still cares about people. He is kind with every step he takes towards his goal, Baki makes new friends and foes.

#1 Yuujirou Hanma

#1 Yuujirou Hanma - Most Powerful Baki Characters

Height: 6’3 (190 cms)
Weight: 120 kgs (265 lbs)
Age: 37
Best Move: Dress

How strong can someone be?

Can someone be so strong that they can barehandedly solo an entire army or strong enough to defeat a freaking elephant in an instant?

I don’t think you can name anyone but there is this guy who is feared by the whole world. He is known as World’s Strongest Creature and The Ogre who is none other than Yuujirou Hanma.

This man is the real definition of terror and destruction. The whole world is afraid of him and no one can catch him.

Yuujirou killed his wife so his son can become stronger and one day they can have a battle that he can enjoy to the fullest. He is ruthless and doesn’t show mercy because according to him only the weak show mercy, The strong ounces are born to rule over insects.

Just to put things in perspective, Yuujirou Hanma to this date is undefeated.

That wraps up our list of the strongest characters in Baki. What do you think, Do you agree with our picks?

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