MHA Chapter 371: Shigaraki & Spinner Play League Of Legends, Shoji Reveals His Dark Past

My Hero Academia is a popular shonen manga that many fans speculate is nearing its conclusion. In most of the previous issues, we see the battle between Izuku Midoriya and the brand-new All For One using Shigaraki Tomura’s body which gives his power a boost.

Spoiler Alert: MHA Chapter 371

The name of the latest chapter is together with Shoji-Kun. The hero questions Spinner about the matter concerning the hospital, and the two appear confused. Koda keenly listens to his friend’s voice as the mutants continue the fight. The general’s answer seems to strengthen their resolve as the Paranormal Liberation Front leader makes it seem like he’s referring to the massacres.

Shoji tries to explain to Spinner how their attack is destroying everything that was built for the last three decades. Spinner gets enraged, and a flashback shows the enigmatic villain gifting him with the quirks of Rigidity and Scale Armour. Spinner also remembers how he and Shigaraki would play the popular game “League of Legends” and how Tomura tended to play solo.

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Spinner gains the upper hand by launching a move against Shoji as massive scales emanate from his body. This sends the latter flying, with Koda letting out a scream. The hero, who has a peculiar connection with creatures, then reminisces about the day Shoji spoke openly about his past and displayed his face.

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Shoji was routinely looked down upon as “tainted blood” since his arms differed from his parents. As someone raised in a small village, he tries to explain how discrimination runs rampant in rural areas, which Tokoyami and Koda are unfamiliar with.

Mineta repents as he thinks of the time he likened Shoji to an “Octopus” and proceeds with an apology. Shoji doesn’t seem irritated by it as his hero’s name is “Tentacole,” and he looks out for rankings of heroes who resembles villains.

Tentacole is a realist, accepting the circumstances he was born into. As a scarred mutant, he wears a mask so that people don’t get the wrong impression that he is gearing up for “vengeance”— Tokoyami comments on how strong his character is for bearing so much backlash his entire life. While Shoji can never forget about the obstacles he has had to overcome, he thanks the body he was blessed with while we see another flashback of him saving a young girl from drowning.

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Kirishima, Kaminari, and Mina begin sobbing as they understand how treacherous life is to him. The three, alongside Mineta, Koda, and Tsuyu, all hug him as Shoji holds them close.

Shoji knows fully well that the divide between mutants and humans won’t disappear anytime soon. Nevertheless, he will keep working toward creating a united society and shall be the “coolest hero” till he can pass on the mantle to someone else from the next generation.

In the present, Shoji tells the enemy that he is aware of how mutants were at the receiving end of the stick for too long, but that does not justify causing atrocious acts of violence that hurt innocent people. A frenzied Spinner lashes out as Shoji tries to explain to him about channeling his rage in a better manner. Koda prevents the PLF general from intervening by using birds.

The die-hard fan of Hero Killer Stain says Shoji’s new look is gross. As the new eyes get ready for a more lethal showdown, we see more spikes pop out of Shoji’s head. Acclimated by his evolution, Shoji welcomes Spinner’s insult readily. The chapter ends here.

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