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Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 111: Messing With The Wrong Guy!

Mercenary Enrollment is a manhwa by Rakhyun and YC, which started in 2020. The story has an overpowered teenage mercenary named Yu Ijin.

The novel is fun with a Shounen character in a school setting. Just like other teenage-based stories, it has Drama and Romance as well.

According to the official synopsis, “At the age of eight, Ijin Yu lost his parents in a plane crash and became stranded in a foreign land, forced to become a child mercenary in order to stay alive. He returns home ten years later to be reunited with his family in Korea, where food and shelter are plenty and everything seems peaceful. But Ijin will soon learn that life as a teenager is a whole other feat of survival. With only one year of high school left, Ijin must master new tactics to maneuver his way around the schoolhouse battleground. Can he survive a year of high school? Or rather, will the school be able to survive him?”

Development Of Ijin’s Mega One-Man Fight In Chapter 110

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 111 aka Messing With The Wrong Guy!

In the opening scene of Mercenary Enrollment of Chapter 110, the manhwa starts with Ijin’s entrance to the meeting room in search of the congressman. But then Ijin faces a fat man, Gu Kwangsuk, a notorious crime boss.

Ijin starts beating him brutally and easily overpowers him. Kwangsuk orders his goons to kill the highschooler Ijin. But no one stood a single chance against him. It was just a one-man-army scene. As this chapter progresses, the readers learn that the congressman’s family, not the man himself, sent the goons to attack Ijin’s family. But the chapter ends with the men recognizing: “The Congressman’s Children messed with the Wrong Person.”

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 111: Messing With The Wrong Guy!

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 111

Chapter 111 is right now available to read. So, spoiler alerts for this part. This chapter begins with the same fight going on. But the congressman’s family members are quite astonished by watching Dayun’s brother beating the crap out of all the gang members.

After watching Ijin’s knife fighting skills, Gu Kwangsuk assumes that Ijin is no ordinary high schooler but rather a trained fighter. He delivers a major blow to Gu Kwangsuk with his knife, and the fight continues.

In the end, the congressman falls to the ground, and Ijin squeezes Congress Man’s hand with his boots. While doing so, Ijin asks, “Shouldn’t you take responsibility for your action?”

But suddenly, Cha Dusik makes a grand entry and says, “What is this?” The chapter ends with Congress asking the congressman, “Have you been well?”

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What Can We Expect In Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 112?

Cha Dusik is one of the major mafia bosses in Seoul and works for senator Kim Inbae to eliminate Ijin. After getting defeated by the story’s protagonist, he acknowledges him as a worthy opponent. But Cha Dusik and his subordinates become friends with Ijin after he saves Dusik from a rival gang.

This crime boss’s entry at the last minute of the story makes the plot more interesting. It will be fun to watch which side Cha Dusik will take.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 112 Release Date

Mercenary Enrollment manhwa showcases the adventurous journey of Ijin. The new chapter, 112, will publish this Sunday, 27th November 2022. Every new chapter releases weekly. We have also given the link to check out daily. The official translated version comes out every Tuesday on Webtoon.

Where To Read Mercenary Enrollment?

Mercenary Enrollment is easily available on the Line Webtoon app and website.

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