Eternals Post-Credit Scene Voice Explained

With Marvel’s Eternals out in theatres, Fans are left with unexpected and surprising post-credit/mid-credit scenes but what many people wonder is “Who is the voice in Eternals post-credit scene?”

Here we answer everything you need to know about Kit Harington’s credit scene, mid-credit scene, and the voice that awed everyone in the theatres.

Spoiler Alert: This article contains major spoilers from Eternals film. So, Consider yourself warned.

Like all Marvel movies, Fans can expect two credit scenes from the Eternals film.

The mid-credit scene reveals new characters into the universe whereas the post-credit scene stomps the future of Kit Harington and the introduction of a mysterious new superhero.

Firstly, Kit Harington’s Dane Whitman was given the least screen time in all of Eternals characters. So, If you expect more from him this isn’t the right film. Throughout the film, Dane Whitman has been a supportive role. When the Eternals was finally formed, Dane Whitman had few questions like we all had.

When it comes to the end, As said above, Eternals had two credit scenes to set up the future. Let’s get to the most interesting post-credit scene in recent times.

Eternals Post-Credit Scene Explained

Eternals ending explained
Source : Marvel

It turns out the Dane Whitman isn’t just a mere boyfriend. Come on, No one casts Kit Harington to play just a boyfriend role in a major superhero team-up film.

In the end, Kit Harington’s Dane Witman is revealed to be the descendant of the iconic Marvel villain, Black Knight. The supervillain is powered by their cursed sword and is known to be bad but Dane’s incarnation is different from all the others.

Passed on from the original Knight to his evil uncle, Dane Whitman is the third one to wield the sword, Who now wants to fight for justice, unlike the previous ones.

In the post-credit scene, Dane Witman pulls out a large box off the shelf in what looks like his family manor.

A black sword with particles swirling around it is present in the box. This is the “Ebony Blade” which powers the Black Knight and it appears to be vibrating with some sort of mysterious power.

Even before Dane Whitman could pick up the sword, We can hear a voice in the background saying, “Are you sure you want to do that?”

This left all of us in an array of fan theories imagining who the voice could be and why he’s here.

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Who Is The Voice In Eternals Post-Credit Scene?

Eternals ending explained
Source : Marvel

Though the voice actor’s name isn’t revealed in the credits, The director of the film, Chloe Zhao confirmed that the voice in Eternals post-credit scene was indeed Maharshala Ali’s Blade.

Eternals director Chloé Zhao told Fandom, “That was the voice of one of my favorite superheroes, Mr. Blade himself.”

The vampire hunting superhero is soon to make his long awaiting appearance into the MCU and this scene paves the way.

It would be interesting to see how Black Knight and Blade interact on-screen as both adversaries have never crossed paths in the comics.

Eternals Mid-Credit Scene Explained

Eternals ending explained
Source : Marvel

Eternals mid-credit scene introduces two new major characters into the MCU.

When the film is over and all, The remaining Eternals leave planet earth and was interrupted by Pip the Troll.

Pip the Troll played by Patton Oswald introduced another major character to the Eternals and is none other than Eros.

For those who don’t know him, Eros is the brother of the Mad Titan, Thanos. Played by Harry Styles, Eros could possibly seek vengeance for his brother’s life in the future events of the MCU.

It is also confirmed that Eros and Thanos are indeed Eternals. Though breeding between Eternals is not possible, Eros has a different origin that connects him to Thanos and Eternals.

It will be a long time before fans could know more about Thanos brother, Eros in the future Eternal movies but those have to be green-lit considering the ending.

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Kit Harington Didn’t Know Ali

Yes, Kit Harington aka Black Knight has no idea who his partner was when filming the post-credit scene.

Kit told Fandom, “He was left in the dark about who his credit scene partner was while filming the Eternals.”

The actor also went on to express his excitement when he first heard the scene from director Chloé Zhao. Kit Harington said, “It’s really cool. Chloe texted me about that a couple of weeks ago and it sort f blew my mind. I didn’t know that this would be the case, So, It’s pretty exciting for me.”

What is the song in the Eternals mid-credits scene?

The song we hear in Eternals mid-credit scene is Foreigner’s- “Feels Like the First Time.”

So, Which credit scene got you on your feet? Do you want to see more of Dane Whitman and Blade’s interaction or the Evil Titan’s brother Eros?

Directed by Chole Zhao, Eternals is now playing in theatres and is the newest superhero team-up film from Marvel Studios.

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