DCeased: Zombies And Superheroes! What Could Go Wrong?

Comic book writers and creators love mixing things up. Everything is fictional, and there are no restraints. For years, these writers have created stories and characters far from logical or realistic, and we have lapped them up as quickly as they produce them.

From magical beings, highly advanced aliens, and super-powered monsters, we thought we saw it all. Then someone brought another unrealistic yet fun concept to the table – Zombies and Superheroes.

Many writers have put these two fictional genres together, but only a few have gotten it right. While Marvel used it as a more playful route, DC went the other way.

DCeased, a comic book that started as a one-off, limited series, garnered much attention and became one of the most read comic books in recent times. The series saw so much success that a bunch of spin-off comics spawned from its creation.

Spoilers Alert: DCeased

If you haven’t heard about this series, we highly recommend you check it out. We’ll give you a brief introduction so you know what you’re getting into. Just a heads-up, there is no shortage of gore and violence here.

DCeased Darkseid vs Superheroes
Source: DC Comics

Darkseid, who has been searching for the Anti-Life equation all his existence, figures out that the key to this is Cyborg. After conducting experiments with Cyborg and using the Black Racer as the final component, Darkseid finally has the Anti-life equation in his hands, taking the form of a techno-virus. However, he immediately loses control of it, and the Conqueror of Worlds becomes the first unliving.

He destroys everything in sight, and Desaad tries to portal Cyborg away to reduce the infection rate. However, when Cyborg arrives on earth, the Techno-virus infects everyone with a phone and washes over the planet like a plague.

Long story short, even the mightiest of heroes fall to the virus, and the planet is overrun, forcing many survivors to go out into space to flee.

The series was believed to have ended on more than one occasion, but DCeased appears to have more to offer. In the new run, DCeased: War of the Undead Gods (Written by Tom Taylor), we also see the New Gods getting infected.

If Darkseid can be affected, there is no reason that the New Gods can’t be either. In its newest issues, we see our favorite heroes team up with one of their greatest villains, Brainiac, to fight the onslaught of the unliving.

Zombie Darkseid is still on a rampage and keeps going from planet to planet, destroying everything in sight. From the earlier DCeased series, we see that the Anti-Life equation has a hivemind and aims to corrupt everyone. It will not stop until the entire universe is taken by it. We’re even shown a violent scene of Sinestro having his head snapped by an undead Darkseid.

What makes things even scarier is that Darkseid now has Sinestro’s yellow power ring. Everything may seem grim, but at this point, there is still hope.

Our heroes can develop a cure for the virus and have been able to save many fallen heroes using it. The new Justice League gears up to save the universe once more. Will they win or lose? Will death come for them all, or will they find a way to beat the inevitable?

We’ll have to wait and see in the upcoming issues of DCeased: War of the Undead Gods.

Don’t forget to check out the DCeased Universe! There isn’t a dull moment in there. The artwork is sublime, and the writing is on point. Tom Taylor (writer) and Trevor Hairsine (artist) have done a brilliant job with this one. The topic of zombies with superheroes has been done before, but never like this.

To answer the first question we asked in this article – Everything could go wrong, and we love it.

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