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Daredevil’s Stunt Double Reveals An Epic Undone Single Shot That Can Surpass The Iconic Hallway Fight

“Hopefully, we get the chance to put it on screen someday.” We’re still all ears as the man behind one of the best single-take action sequences gives a ray of hope about what’s coming next for Daredevil.

Marvel’s Daredevil has been a fan-favorite superhero for a long time now. And to make the fans believe that Matt Murdock, a blind lawyer by profession, can actually beat the living hell out of assassins, mobsters, and crimelords, Charlie Cox’s stunt double, Chris Brewster, pushes his martial arts skills to their maximum limits.

Daredevil, the superhero series by Netflix, gave fans some of the most epic action sequences that define the superhero genre to this day. The iconic single-shot hallway fight scene from the first season is still considered one of the best-choreographed and intense action sequences in a TV show.

We reached out to Chris Brewster, the man behind all those jabs and hooks as a stuntman in the scene for his inspiring story. You can find the tale here. For context, Chris has worked as a stunt performer and a coordinator for both DC and Marvel’s cinematic ventures, including, Daredevil, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Loki, and most recently, Black Adam.

Well, there was also an undone single shot that held the potential to surpass the iconic hallway fight, as Chris revealed with Averagebeing. Check out the full interview here. If you still need to be impressed, take a look at this Promo reel that’ll certainly get you hooked!

Now that we have your attention, We asked Chris the below question amongst a few others and why not hear from the man himself.

As a stunt double and a great action coordinator for superheroes, We love your work and dedication, but do you have any exciting ideas for an action sequence of Daredevil that can top the iconic Hallway fight? If given a chance to surpass it, What would you do?

“Before they canceled Daredevil, the stunt team and I created the most epic single-shot hallway fight in history. We were ready to absolutely blow the first three ‘oners’ away with this one. It was going to be an absolutely epic work of art. We designed the most creative texas switches, the most dynamic character-driven choreography, and the most innovative camera work any of us have ever imagined. I still have the blueprints, notes, and references. Hopefully, we get the chance to put it on screen someday.”

Brewster and his team did extensive research to execute the long-shot scene with utmost efficiency, and the performer hopes that all the hard work gets transitioned to the screen someday. Well, speaking for the fans, everyone wants that to happen!

On its own, the hallway fight scene from Netflix’s Daredevil stood the test of time and gave everyone in the crew a chance to make the fans keep coming for more.

Even Chris, who grew up wanting to be a Ninja Turtle or Jackie Chan, was knocked out while filming the fifth take of the action scene. He holds a lot of memories from the sets of Daredevil and admits that his team had to be “on top of their game” to carry out the fight sequence with perfection.

The legendary scene from Daredevil’s first season was designed, keeping in mind the origins of the character and how the action-choreography should fit, given the series’ narrative at that particular point. The crew took references from comics to add authenticity to Matt Murdock’s live-action portrayal, given that in the comics, Daredevil’s father was a boxer, and Matt did spend a lot of time in the gym with his father. In turn, he became well-versed in many combat styles.

Chris teamed up with Phil Silvera, the fight coordinator for Daredevil, to depict a story from the hallway scene, as no one on the crew wanted a pull off a cliché action set piece. The hard work did pay off, as the fans are still head over heels for this epic standoff between Daredevil and the mobs to rescue a kid.

Revisit the iconic action sequence below.

To the untrained eye too, this scene gets the average viewer’s attention throughout the three-minute runtime. Brewster’s skills do display Daredevil’s agility and the fact he’s a good lawyer with exceptional combat skills. He falls over, stands up again, and attacks while gasping for air.

The show did keep realism at its core, and while fans are gearing up for Daredevil: Born Again, Chris and the team would be eyeing to execute the undone one-take action scene that could ultimately surpass the iconic hallway fight scene.

Would you like to see the formulated fight sequence in Daredevil: Born Again? Let us know your thoughts in the comments, and visit averagebeing.com for more superhero updates.


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