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Crunchyroll’s Winter 2022 Line-Up Revealed (A Complete List)

With Christmas Eve upon us, Anime fans can get the best festive season with Crunchyroll’s newest winter 2022 line-up. Here’s every new anime coming up on Crunchyroll with the current one’s which we already enjoy.

The Official website of Crunchyroll has revealed the latest additions to their 2022 fall line-up. As of now, The final episodes of the 2021 anime series will be heading out soon and my dear otakus, You’re in for some great anime shows next year.

Apart from the returning ones, We have a number of new original anime projects lined up next year. With anime gaining a huge boost in popularity, Production companies are green liting everything, and what better to watch than another season of our favorite anime show.

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Without any further ado, Let’s dive into each and every anime release that Crunchyroll is bringing us.

Crunchyroll’s 2022 Winter Line-Up Along With Studio and Release Dates

Exclusive New Titles On Crunchyroll’s 2022 Winter Line-Up

AnimeStudioRelease Date
Akebi's Sailor UniformCloverWorksJanuary, 2022
Cue!Graphinica & Yumeta CompanyJanuary, 2022
FreakAngelsYapiko AnimationJanuary, 2022
In The Land of LeadaleMaho FilmJanuary 5th, 2022
The Irregular At Magic High School: Reminiscence Arc8 bitDecember 31st, 2021
Life With An Ordinary Guy Who Reincarnated Into A Total Fantasy KnockoutOLMNA
Lord EL-Melloi II's Case Files {Rail Zeppelin} Grace NoteTROYCADecember 31st, 2021
Love of KillPlatinum VisionJanuary 13th, 2022
OrientA.C.G.TJanuary 6th, 2022
Miss Kuroitsu From The Monster Development DepartmentQuadJanuary 9, 2022
My Dress-Up DarlingCloverWorksJanuary, 2022
Princess Connect! RE: Dive Season 2CygamesPicturesNA
Sabikui BiscoOZJanuary 10, 2022
The Strongest Sage With The Weakest CrestJ.C. StaffJanuary 8th, 2022
The Darkness: Yamishibai 10ILCAJanuary 2022
Tokyo 24th WardCloverWorksJanuary 6th, 2022
World's End HaremAXsiZJanuary 2022

These are all the new anime shows lined up for release in Crunchyroll’s winter slate.

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Returning Titles On Crunchyroll’s 2022 Winter Line-Up

AnimeStudioRelease Date
Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2MAPPAJanuary 9th
Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba Entertainment District ArcUfotableSunday 8:00 a.m PT
Boruto: Naruto Next GenerationsStudio PierrotSunday 1:00 a.m PT
Ranking of KingsWIT StudioTBD
Case ClosedTMS EntertainmentSaturday 4:30 p.m PDT
The Case Study of VanitasBONESJanuary 14th
Blade Runner: Black LotusSola Digital ArtsSaturday 8:00 p.m PT
Platinum EndSignal.MDThursday 1:00 p.m PT
Digmon Ghost GameToei AnimationSaturday 6:30 p.m PT
Dragon Quest The Adventure of DaiToei AnimationFriday 6:00 p.m PT
Kiyo In Kyoto: From The Maiko HouseJ.C.StaffWednesday 8:00 p.m PT
One PieceToei AnimationSaturday 6:00 p.m PT
Tropical-Rouge! PrecureToei AnimationSaturday 5:30 p.m PDT
Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon: The Second ActSunriseSaturday 2:00 p.m PT

That brings an end to all the new anime releases in Crunchyroll’s winter line-up. With these many new anime to air, The platform seems to get busy.

The already anime-heavy Crunchyroll has over 1000 titles and 30,000 episodes in its database ready to stream. Will the new Winter slate increase its viewership?

Which anime show are you looking forwards to in Crunchyroll’s 2022 Winter Line-up?

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