Get Paid $500 To Tell Us How Marvel, DC, Anime Changed Your Life

“It’s never as bad as it seems. You’re much stronger than you think you are. Trust me.” – All-Star Superman.

When you are down and out, words like these can lift your soul. They become a beacon of light in a darkened abyss. Be it Superman, or Naruto, for me, they both taught me the beauty of a story about attempting to find your place in the world, coming up against obstacles, making an effort to be kind and do the right thing, and having friends that care about you and love you. 

At their core, comics and anime are simply a form of entertainment media, but they are much more than that. They are just not any place where you drift away into a fantasy world and spend your time; they are dreams for many; they are life motivators; they are a way of life!

One Piece showed us that family is not only by blood. Fullmetal Alchemist showed us to step into the world past our mistakes; “A lesson without pain is meaningless.” X-Men showed us the essence of social acceptance. Spider-Man showed us the agony of death. And more than anything else, they taught us that we do not have to be superhuman to be a hero! 

Something as simple as patting someone on the back and telling them, “Everything is going to be alright,” makes you more than a hero. And something as simple as a tale can create a massive impact on a person. After all, even manga and comics are mere words. 

So, tell us your story! A story that made you, who you are, and a tale that might become a ray of hope for someone. 

Loot For The Story Telling Contest

  • Be the first fan ever to win $500 for sharing your tale.
  • Reach your story to thousands of fans around the globe.

Who Can Participate?

  • Only fans of Marvel/DC/Anime can apply.
  • You need to tell an original, compelling story about how Marvel/DC/Anime changed your life or any significant change they made on your life.

Rules To Follow

  • Only write real, inspiring stories.
  • The word count shouldn’t exceed 400 words.
  • Answer all questions in the form.

Disregarding any of these rules is grounds for immediate disqualification.

Which Kind Of Story Gets Picked?

  • Original
  • Inspiring
  • Emotional
  • Surprising
  • Shocking

Any Add-ons For A Better Chance To Win?

  • Your photograph
  • Any proof related to the incident

Don’t Let Others Beat You, Submit Your Story Before The Deadline

The end date to submit your story will be on September 15th, 11:00 AM (PT) and 11:30 PM (IST).

Announcement Date

We will announce the winner on October 5th on this page, our Twitter, and Instagram handles.


Note: This is not a luck-based contest instead, The only criteria to select the winner would be the story and any supporting media.

I know what you must be thinking. Can I write an inspiring tale? Can I write it in the correct format? Is it tough? If it were, you would not have read through the article till here. So, you already took the first step, which is probably the hardest one to take. All you have to do now is gather your thoughts and pen us a tale on how superheroes or anime changed your life. 

Finding inspiration is only a part of the solution. To make things a little simple for you, we placed a few of the enticing stories sent to us below. You can use them as a reference to construct your tale.

Submit your tale through the Google form below. Most of us shy away from writing, but the story that better yourself can help better someone else too. So, put on a mask and cape; it is your time to be a hero! And in the process, you can make an easy $500! (Pssst… grab it before someone you know does)

The winner will be first announced on our Social Media accounts, including an exclusive interview, and insights on the story. It would be awesome to have more fans join our quest. Stay connected to stay up to date. Stay tuned for more tales, and follow us on Instagram and Twitter!  

If you are facing any issues regarding the process, then please go through the FAQ section below. 


How Do I Know If My Application Was Received?

You will get a message saying, “Congrats! Your story has been submitted” in the google form.

How Will I Know If I Got Selected?

[email protected] will contact you via email.

Help! The Submission Form Isn’t Working?

Kindly open the URL in another browser. Switching to a different device also fixes this issue.

Where Can I Fill the Form?

All participants can fill out the form at the following link:

When Is the Deadline?

The deadline to submit your story is on September 15th, 11:00 AM (PT) and 11:30 PM (IST).

What Are The Terms & Conditions For This Contest? 

Please go through the T&C mentioned below before submitting your story.

I Am a Member of the Media, and I Have a Question?

Kindly contact [email protected] for any further inquiries.

You agree to our Terms and Conditions by sending us your tale. Please go through them before submitting your work. 

Terms and Conditions

  • The storytelling contest for Marvel, DC, and Anime fans is conducted by and isn’t associated with any partners.
  • Anyone who is a fan of comics or anime can participate.
  • Only one candidate will win the $500 prize.
  • All questions need to be answered to be eligible.
  • We do not charge or ask for any amount for this prize.
  • All averagebeing employees, family, or friends cannot participate in this contest.
  • Anyone who spams or has multiple entries will be eliminated.
  • has the right to use the information collected in the future for sharing more stories under Averagebeing Tales.
  • We may or may not ask a few questions to know more about your incredible story in the future.
  • We do not sell this information to anyone.
  • Parties asking for any amount from any participant claiming to be us will not be tolerated and is not our responsibility.
  • holds the right to withdraw from the contest if any spam or external issues arise.
  • We also hold the right to choose another winner if the winning candidate doesn’t respond in 3 days.
  • We respect your privacy but participants can provide media related to the story, and thus, entering the contest will grant permission to share their story and photograph in any public medium.
  • Any party entering the contest will automatically be considered giving their consent to the T&C.