Chainsaw Man’s Author Tatsuki Fujimoto Gives A Spicy Reply To Harvey Awards 2022

Chainsaw Man manga receives a prestigious award, and its author responds with a different take on it.

Chainsaw Man focuses on Denji and his many misadventures. After encountering Makima, he becomes a Devil Hunter because the red-haired female hopes to use his abilities to accomplish her goals. Makima wants to turn Denji into her pet dog, but the Chainsaw Devil is unruly and submits to no one!

Studio MAPPA dedicated a whole lot of time, energy, and resources to ensure that the anime adaptation (scheduled for release on October 11th this year) became a smash hit.

Even though it’ll compete against major releases like Bleach Thousand Year Blood War, Urusei Yatsura, and dozens of others, there is no doubt that Chainsaw Man shall be a resounding success in the anime industry. The team behind the promotions has also stepped up its game.

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Even a brand-new Pochita emoji has taken over Twitter. Here is how many at the Comic-Con reacted at the premiere. Literally, hundreds had shown up to celebrate this event.

The shonen manga series Chainsaw Man bagged the Best Manga Award during the Harvey Awards 2022 held at the New York Comic Con Event. In #NYCC2022, scores of fans had lined up for the American premiere of Chainsaw Man. The same series also won the Best Manga Award in 2021, and maybe there’s a hatrick that’ll happen in the near future.

The other nominees in the same category were as follows.

  • Blood on the tracks (written and illustrated by Shuzo Oshimi, translated by Daniel Komen – Vertical Comics)
  • Blue Lock (written and illustrated by Muneyuki Kaneshiro and Yusuke Nomura respectively, translated by Nate Derr – Kodansha Comics)
  • Cat + Gamer (written and illustrated by Wataru Nadatani, translated by Zack Davisson – Dark Horse Comics)
  • Chainsaw Man (written and sketched by Tatsuki Fujimoto, translated by Amanda Haley – VIZ Media)
  • Red Flowers (written and sketched by Yoshiharu Tsuge, translated by Ryan Holmberg – Drawn & Quarterly)
  • Spy x Family (written and sketched by Tatsuya Endo, translated by Casey Loe – VIZ Media)

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Tatsuki Fujimoto said in response to the award being conferred on Chainsaw Man.

“If Chainsaw Man receives this award too often, I’m afraid it’ll lower the prestige of the Harveys. But really I’m so happy. And now I want it to win a third time.”

Harvey Awards (named after cartoonist Harvey Kurtzman) succeeded Kirby Awards after the latter was discontinued prior to 1988. It is considered a profound honor if one is chosen as the recipient of any award at the Harveys.

Will you be watching Chainsaw Man on Crunchyroll, or do you have an Ani-One Asia premium subscription on YouTube? Let us know your thoughts on the Harvey Awards held this year and how you feel about CSM winning the Best Manga trophy two times in a row!