Chainsaw Man Anime: Despite the Lack of Trailer, Fans Have an Exciting Update

Fans were left with mixed feelings after the Anime Expo 2022 panel on Chainsaw ManThey answered some questions about the upcoming MAPPA production and still left the fans unsettled.

Since the first look at the trailer and the key visual that MAPPA released back in June 2021, fans have been anticipating an update on the animation and were left disappointed when it was announced that no new material would be released yet.

Manabu Otsuka, the CEO of MAPPA, strives for perfection and apologizes to the fans for not being able to present a new trailer they had been expecting. He says that although the staff had planned on it, they had not completed it to their satisfaction. It looks like the wait is not over yet, and we have much to look forward to before the opening episode hits the screen. 

The good news, however, is that Manabu Otsuka has assured the fans that the animation will leave out none of the gore and edginess that the original manga boasts of.

In fact, it is confirmed that Tatsuki Fujimoto, the mangaka of Chainsaw Man, has been active in the planning and the voice casting for the anime. It further solidifies that MAPPA is leaving no stones unturned in ensuring the anime will be true to the original content and that the manga fans will not be disappointed. The fans are safe to expect the bloody scenes in graphic detail, which the anime will be at liberty to showcase now that we know it will be uncensored.

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Serialized in the shonen manga magazine Weekly Shonen Jump from December 2018 onwards, the original manga is about a young man named Denji from a deprived background. He gains the ability to morph his arms into chainsaws after fusing with a dog-like devil called Pochita upon getting into a contract with it. Denji then finds himself working for a government agency called Public Safety Devil Hunters, which fends off devils when they pose a threat to the world. 

Part of the appeal of the original manga is the unapologetic depiction of blood and violence that mangaka Tatsuki Fujimoto injects into the panels. Veteran anime fans will understand that the decision taken by MAPPA to not censor the anime adaptation is a wise one.

Sometimes the plot demands gore, as it not only enhances the viewing experience but also complements the aesthetic that the storyline is trying to depict, without which the narrative just wouldn’t have the same vibe. Chainsaw Man is one such anime, along with countless other canon favorites like Attack on Titan, Berserk, and Parasyte.

Upon watching these animes, it becomes clear that all the blood and gore is a necessity that contributes to the emotional and visual impact that the scenes and the characters have on the viewers, which many would argue, is a core facet of watching anime itself. 

Although we have not yet received an official release date, it is speculated that Chainsaw Man can be expected to premiere this very year. The episode count also hasn’t been announced.

Still, according to some sources, the pacing of the storyline might slightly differ from that of the manga to adjust to the unpredictability of the upcoming chapters. Fans are holding their breath, and they may be appeased very soon when MAPPA finally decides to drop the new trailer, whenever that may be. We hope the anime keeps its promise of being as indulging as the manga.