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Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Actor Shares How Wolverine Inspired Him In Real Life

“The greatest power on Earth is the magnificent power we all of us possess… the power of the human brain!”

Time and again, comics, anime, and movies have taught us something – we are superheroes. Our ability to learn and grow despite our flaws makes us a superhero; our ability to keep pushing in terms of trauma makes us a superhero; our ability to stay focused even when the world is against us makes us a superhero.

Sometimes, when we falter, and everything seems bleak, it may be hard to pick yourself up at such despairing times. But superheroes have shown us how to get up each time we fall; Bruce Wayne got up, Peter Parker got up, Wolverine got up, and so can we! And the same inspiration drove many, and Jarrell – this is the tale of a man who never gave up.

Jarrell Pyro Johnson - Averagebeing Tales

Name: Jarrell Pyro Johnson
Lives In: U.S

My name is Jarrell Pyro Johnson. I am an Actor/ Musician/Entrepreneur/ and Financial Coach. I can be seen in various projects such as Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, Obstacle Corpse, 5150, Fame City, and a few other films and youtube skits. Before I tell you about how comics and, more specifically, which comic book character has inspired me to reach my true superpower, I just want to say that this story has been one of the most exciting and complex ones I have ever been asked to be a part of.

This is because I have always been a fan of being superheroes and always knew that I was super, but I only found it as a young person through reading and watching others. So being asked about a topic that back when I was a child was not really the norm of society, it is AMAZING and MARVELOUS.

So the comic book character that I love and who I resonate with the most is Wolverine. Now on the ground level, Wolverine seems like a pretty easily described character. However, he is so much more complex. The crazy thing about that is that this is how I have been described most of my life—a unilateral character with no complexities. Also, on the ground level, I can understand why I have been thought not to be so complex.

I am a black man from Compton, California, who raps and grew up in the hood and complains about everything and never wants to strive for more and be happy, just being mediocre and so many more negative and hurtful things. I do apologize, but that's how I have been thought of my whole life growing up by various people.

But similar to Wolverine, I am so much more. One of Wolverine's biggest and most overlooked superpowers is his healing factor. The ability to heal is so powerful. The reason for that is most people suffer more with the lasting effects of trauma and hardships versus the actual trauma and hardship itself. The lasting effects hurt me so much because I wasn't able to heal. As a matter of fact, just to hear some of these sayings about me and to listen to people's false ideologies about me would've continued to hurt me to this day and would've most definitely stopped me from reaching the successes I have achieved and prevented me from being so close to greatness.

Furthermore, Wolverine's story as an entirety is my story as a whole which is a story of resiliency. Websters' dictionary describes resilience as the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties and toughness. To a tee, this is me, I have been shut down and turned down so much, and I don't know that many people, but I guarantee more than most; regardless of all of that, I roll with the punches. Wolverine has taught me never to give up and always, and I mean always, move through any hardships and all adversities.

Lastly, I must discuss Wolverine's animalistic ability. This is similar to the late great Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers, who would always believe that you have to be an animal and a beast to become successful, and you must outdo your opponent every time you push and move. So just like Kobe, Wolverine will continue to inspire and rejuvenate me and my continuous journey. I will always be a beast and be animalistic in all of my endeavors and of my efforts.

In Closing, I really hope that this tale can uplift those who need help with healing. I also hope that this article will not only help those find healing but know to look for it and know the only way to get through any travesty in their life or in life, in general, is through healing. No one can be without the healing factor. Learn to use it and use the best superpower we humans have. Lastly, once you're healed and made whole, it's time to tap into the second-best power we humans have, which is animalistic ability. Thank you, Wolverine, aka Logan, aka James Howlett.

Key Takeaways

#1 The Healing Ability

We all go through trauma, tragedy, and downfalls, and they can send us to the darkest places from which coming back seems impossible. The ability to heal and move forward with life is probably an ordeal too daunting, even for superheroes.

For most of his life, Wolverine remained immortal – a world with too much to bear: seeing everyone he loves come and pass by, and yet, the only thing that remains from the past is himself.

Despite such weight to carry, he kept going; though there were times of despair and loss of direction, he never lost himself to the darkness. We may be going through tough times, or times may get tough – but one thing we should all remember is to keep pushing forward, like Wolverine.

#2 The Mamba Mentality

Like Jarrell spoke about how Kobe and Wolverine’s animalistic ability aided them in their quest for life, we should all unleash the beast inside us.

For humans and superheroes alike, we should be at our best selves; if not, we will be surpassed. To keep up with the pace of the world, we should always strive for the best and aim high – no matter how unattainable it may sound. Being relentless and resilient, even in times of despair, will give you the boost needed to reach unimaginable heights. The thirst shall never be quenched until you reach your goal and beyond.

#3 The Real You

The X-Men comics have taught fans that what’s on the inside really matters. While many monstrous villains appear attractive on the exterior, some of the best X-Men are what society would consider ugly.

Our upbringing and our personality all come down to us. We control them; we shape them, and sometimes we may go astray, but no one is perfect, and X-Men have taught us that – we must first accept ourselves.

We’re glad you stuck with us to the end of this tale. We hope it inspires you to do better. Do let us know your thoughts in the below comments, and share this tale with your friends.

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