Animator Recreates Minato Vs. Obito Fight With Tom & Jerry

Anime as an art form has grown a lot in the past few decades. As more folks across the globe are being introduced to Japanese anime, a large number of enthusiastic creators get to work to bring about their dream of transforming into full-fledged artists.

Last year, close to the end of September, T&J Anime (which has garnered over 50k subscribers) put out a video showcasing a battle between Tom and Jerry. Jerry was playing the role of the 4th Hokage Minato Namikaze, whereas Tom was filling the shoes of the enigmatic Obito.

The battle includes the scene shot during Obito’s invasion of Konoha when Naruto was chosen as the vessel for the Kyuubi by his parents. The joy of creating fan animation and how it differs from anime. You can take a look at the clip here.

Tom runs up to Jerry and tries to hit him by using Kamui to his benefit. However, the lightning-fast Jerry hits him with a Rasengan, resulting in Tom’s trademark tongue being extended out of severe pain sustained by the injury.

The creator of this video was a 2nd-year art student who worked hard on the animation clip before he opened a YouTube channel. He frequently uses Adobe Fresco, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Clip Studio Paint for the purpose of his work.

Helped by a small team of anime enthusiasts, this creator has put up quite a few videos. One even has Tom (playing the role of Pain aka Nagato Uzumaki) landing devastating blows on Nibbles (who fills in for the courageous Hinata) and grievously wounding it, which results in Jerry flying into a rage, much like Naruto went crazy before his primary fight against Pain commenced.

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This video has since had more than 11 lakh views, a landmark achievement for animators working tirelessly for their hobbies.

The fan animation based on Episode 248 of the Naruto program has been compared in a video that is set to rack up 100 lakh views and has over 2 lakh likes. It shows the subtle difference in the background and the actions of the characters involved in both clips and is a testament to how hard animators in both situations worked to unveil the finished product, watched by scores of people across the globe.

Sometimes, viewers tend to criticize animators for the lackluster scenes included in shows. If expectations aren’t met, even threats are sent their way.

However, we must understand that these people are putting their blood, toil, tears, and sweat to significant effect simply for the pleasure of audiences. While it may bring job satisfaction for a select few, the vast majority still struggle because of large bills and low pay.

Our duty as an otaku is to ensure we move towards a brighter tomorrow. Do these clips motivate you as a budding animator and AMV creator? Let us know what you think about the videos, and don’t hesitate to subscribe for more commentary!