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25 Best INTJ Anime Characters Of All Time

The Myers-Briggs personality types are all the rage in popular culture and the internet, with people trying to figure out their traits. The anime community has also jumped in with debates and speculations online regarding the personality type of their favorite anime characters. This article will focus on the INTJ personality.

An INTJ, or the architect, is a highly intuitive, rational, and calculative person who values logic over emotions. INTJ stands for Intuitive, Introvert, Thinking, and Judgement. They prefer to be left alone probably because they are not skilled with standard social norms and above-average intelligence. They have no tolerance for small talk and prefer to make up their judgments rather than stick to a standardized practice. 

These attributes make INTJs one of the rarest personality types among people.

Anime shows are no stranger to brilliant character sketches with some incredible writing and vibrant personalities. INTJ personalities can also be found in anime characters, making them some of the most admired and complex personas on screen.

Here in this list, we will be looking at 25 Anime characters who are INTJs.

#25 Keiji Akaashi

#25 Keiji Akaashi - INTJ Anime Characters

Anime: Haikyuu!
INTJ Personality Breakdown:

Kicking off the list, we have Akaashi Keiji, the vice-captain of the Fukurodani Volleyball team. His INTJ personality makes him a dependable person on the volleyball court. Setters are usually required to have superior tactical intelligence as they literally set up the game for the spiker to score, making Akaashi a perfect candidate.

He also has impeccable leadership skills, which is why his teammates always rely upon him. Keiji comes off as emotionally detached and cold, but he also wants to bring out the best in his teammates.

#24 Re-L Mayer

#24 Re-L Mayer - INTJ Anime Characters

Anime: Ergo Proxy
INTJ Personality Breakdown:

Subjected to hard and rough training in childhood, Re-L Mayer had been stripped of her emotional prowess and made into the badass lady she is. She is generally disinterested and has a cold demeanor, which works to her advantage in the field.

Re-L Mayer is incredibly self-sufficient and freaks out if she loses control over any situation. Needless to say, Re-L is extremely intelligent, observant, and practical.

#23 Yuno Grinberryall

#23 Yuno Grinberryall - INTJ Anime Characters

Anime: Black Clover
INTJ Personality Breakdown:

Yuno, like any INTJ, functions on practicality and pragmatism. In a fight, Yuno is least likely to waver from his level-headedness and will keep his composure till the end. He can be passionate and tenacious according to the situation and his own needs and will do anything to hold his ground against his enemies who come between him and his goals. Not entirely unbothered a person, he can be trusted with protecting the ones he is close with.

#22 Kirari Momobami

#22 Kirari Momobami - INTJ Anime Characters

Anime: Kakegurui
INTJ Personality Breakdown:

Hiding behind the façade of an elegant and classy demeanor, Kirari Momobami is a calculative manipulative person who serves only herself. She uses her authority in her school to the fullest extent and views the other students as a means for her entertainment amusement. She founded the pet system in her school, which shows that she has no tolerance for inferiority and is pro-bullying.

#21 Demon Lord Clayman

#21 Demon Lord Clayman - INTJ Anime Characters

Anime: That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime
INTJ Personality Breakdown:

Another classic INTJ bad guy, Clayman’s sole motivation in his life, is crushing Rimetsu, a goal he will do anything to achieve. He is a cunning genius who regards his employees as mere pawns for him to use and get his way. Clayman is a deceitful and crafty man capable of building complex strategies to disable his opponents.

#20 Fyodor Dostoevsky

#20 Fyodor Dostoevsky - INTJ Anime Characters

Anime: Bungo Stray Dogs
INTJ Personality Breakdown:

Fyodor will keep you guessing what is going on inside his head. He is a crafty individual with an enigmatic persona. As an INTJ, he is an aloof man who always maintains a calm and collected outward appearance, efficiently hiding his intelligence and genius, making it nearly impossible to figure out his next move. Fyodor is easily able to outwit his opponents.

No one has yet been able to precisely define his special ability of “Crime and Punishment,” adding to his mystique.

#19 Kishou Arima

#19 Kishou Arima - INTJ Anime Characters

Anime: Tokyo Ghoul
INTJ Personality Breakdown:

Although he does not get enough screen presence in the show, he more than makes up for it with his calculative demeanor and the tremendous influence he ends up being on the lead, single-handedly propelling the story forward.

He might as well be the epitome of a gray character owing to the twists in his allegiance and personality throughout the show. Arima is portrayed as an unexpressive man who rarely lets anyone know his true intentions.

#18 Vicious

#18 Vicious - INTJ Anime Characters

Anime: Cowboy Bebop
INTJ Personality Breakdown:

Vicious is a quintessential INTJ villain who is an ambitious, ruthless, and cruel man. He has no regard for social interaction, mostly because he knows that no one is equal. He is a power-thirsty man who will not think twice before sinning to reach his goals.

Like any INTJ, Vicious doesn’t believe in norms going as far as to consider the rules made by his predecessors in the Red Dragon Crime Syndicate baseless and insignificant.

#17 Seijuro Akashi

#17 Seijuro Akashi - INTJ Anime Characters

Anime: Kuroko no Baske
INTJ Personality Breakdown:

Here we have another sports anime captain, a formidable antagonist, and one of the illustrated Generation of Miracles, consisting of six prodigies. Seijuro is stronger than most in the court, and he knows it.

Seijuro has a dual set of personalities that stemmed from his fear of abandonment as a child. He can be both respectful and amiable while at the same time capable of annihilating his opponents.

#16 Lust

#16 Lust - INTJ Anime Characters

Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist
INTJ Personality Breakdown:

As the representative of one of the deadly sins, Lust is always in total control of any situation, with no regard for anyone else. She is highly manipulative and cunning and knows precisely how to tackle any crisis. With a strong resilience, Lust will not let her opponents know her weakness and stand her ground even when cornered. She absolutely loathes humankind claiming they are weak and unsalvageable.

#15 Lelouch vi Britannia

#15 Lelouch vi Britannia - INTJ Anime Characters

Anime: Code Geass
INTJ Personality Breakdown:

Lelouch is a near-perfect INTJ with his sophisticated charm, insanely intelligent mind, and tactical brilliance. He is a shrewd strategist who is not afraid to go the extra mile to get what he wants. In the Battle of Narita, he brushes the death of civilians as casualties needed to achieve their goal, which hints at his stoicism and hardcore rationality.

#14 Giorno Giovanna

#14 Giorno Giovanna - INTJ Anime Characters

Anime: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures
INTJ Personality Breakdown:

As an INTJ Architect, Giorno is steadfast in morality and a sense of justice, which lie in his family members. He exudes charm and usually gets his way by using it, backed with a genius intelligence. He is passionate about his beliefs and is ready to do anything to see them upheld. Consequently, Giorno will not bat an eye to destroy his enemies if they pose a threat to other people.

#13 Ciel Phantomhive

#13 Ciel Phantomhive - INTJ Anime Characters

Anime: Black Butler
INTJ Personality Breakdown:

Ciel is a solitary individual, wary of all social interaction, who appreciates his personal space like any good INTJ. He is a calculative person with tremendous unpredictability and will not hesitate to manipulate someone to get his way with anything. He has a firm resolve when it comes to annihilating his enemies and giving them what he deserves, no matter what needs to be done or sacrificed.

#12 Yelena

#12 Yelena - INTJ Anime Characters

Anime: Attack on Titan
INTJ Personality Breakdown:

Yelena is ideally suited to be the leader of the Anti-Marleyan troop because of her INTJ persona. Her calm and collected disposition always help her to tackle tight situations, and she does what needs to be done in a heartbeat to see a plan through. Yelena does not blink an eye while getting rid of any comrades she suspects of foul play or betrayal, which makes her a tremendously shrewd person driven by pure rationality.  

#11 Yoshinob Gakuganji

#11 Yoshinob Gakuganji - INTJ Anime Characters

Anime: Jujutsu Kaisen
INTJ Personality Breakdown:

Principal Gakuganji of Kyoto Jujutsu High is one of the most menacingly evil characters in the show. All he cares about is his goals and what needs to be done to achieve them, and it’s a rare possibility for someone to change his mind about anything. He was the one who asked his students to get rid of Yuji Itadori, fearing that he might wreak havoc as the vessel of Ryomen Sukuna. Principal Gakuganji does not hesitate to get his hands dirty to get what he wants; needless to say, his interests will always be his priority over anything or anyone else.

#10 Kai Chisaki (Overhaul)

#10 Kai Chisaki (Overhaul) - INTJ Anime Characters

Anime: My Hero Academia
INTJ Personality Breakdown:

Overhaul plays the part of a scary Yakuza to near perfection. His cold and distant eyes are goal-driven and focused. He wants nothing more than to see a world without quirks, eradicating this false sense of heroism that he believes is obnoxious and the crimes promoted by these powers. His elegant demeanor conceals his calculative calmness, and his hardcore rationality renders him a true INTJ.

#9 William James Moriarty

#9 William James Moriarty - INTJ Anime Characters

Anime: Moriarty the Patriot
INTJ Personality Breakdown:

Intelligence and cunning become more than just bare necessities if you deem yourself worthy of being called a “crime consultant.” Moriarty embodies the traits of an INTJ persona, symbolic of an iconic antagonist in literary history. He has a raw talent for absorbing and applying extensive information as required.

Moriarty’s motivations remain in the shadow, which makes him unpredictable and menacing. Like all INTJs, he is aloof and distanced from the world he is trying to stir up. His Machiavellian ways of creating strategies and plans to demolish his targets are assisted by his goal of freeing Britain from the timeless cage of class distinction.

#8 Kisaki Tetta

#8 Kisaki Tetta - INTJ Anime Characters

Anime: Tokyo Revengers
INTJ Personality Breakdown:

Kisaki is a formidable antagonist worthy of being counted among the best. His genius is pure evil, motivated by his thirst for power, and he is willing to go the distance to achieve it. He does not mind getting his hands dirty and making others do so on his behalf. Kisaki and his precise manipulation are subtle yet deadly, pushing him beyond scary.

Toman was tainted with the darkness once he got involved with Mikey, taking advantage of his personal losses and playing his cards against that. Unlike Mikey and Draken, he does not give a damn about the gang members, who are no more than stepping stones to reach his goal of being in absolute power.  

#7 Tsukishima Kei

#7 Tsukishima Kei - INTJ Anime Characters

Anime: Haikyuu!
INTJ Personality Breakdown:

Any sports anime needs a character who can play the distant and cold presence contrasting the zealous and exciting lead. Tsukki is more than the arrogant person he initially comes off as in the show.

His skill in volleyball is beyond average, and he can play more efficiently because of his ability to stay calm and logical under pressure, making him an asset on the court. He is the player you would want to have on your team because of his intimidating presence backed with sharp strategic intelligence.

#6 Shoto Todoroki

#6 Shoto Todoroki - INTJ Anime Characters

Anime: My Hero Academia
INTJ Personality Breakdown:

Todoroki is proof that one needs intelligence to make the best of one’s potential. He has been blessed with an insanely powerful quirk surpassing most of his classmates, but he knows how to correctly manipulate it to his advantage. He is a quick thinker and skilled strategist who helps him win his fights.

Todoroki does not say much beyond the absolute necessities, allowing him to be acutely observant and analytical. He was quick to figure out that there was a connection between All Might and Deku. Despite not being too expressive, Todoroki has passionate emotions, which can sometimes get the best of him. An example would be his strained relationship with his father, a deep-seated grudge he has yet to let go of.

#5 Near

#5 Near - INTJ Anime Characters

Anime: Death Note
INTJ Personality Breakdown:

You’ve got to have some serious tricks up your sleeve if you’re deemed to become L’s true successor. He was responsible for pushing the evil genius Light Yagami to his ultimate fate, albeit with help from Mello. Nate Rivers is an INTJ in its purest form with his hardcore logic and tight mathematic planning skills. He has no emotional attachment to anyone, which lets him perceive any new knowledge with exceptional clarity. Near has a knack for solving intricate puzzles, showcasing his superior intelligence.  

#4 Loid Forger

#4 Loid Forger - INTJ Anime Characters

Anime: Spy X Family
INTJ Personality Breakdown:

As a quintessential spy, Loid’s personality is synonymous with the values and attributes that the profession demands. He perceives everything with hard logic and plans his next move accordingly, creating his game plan with meticulous precision.

As an INTJ, he is driven by his firm goal of making the world a better place, fueled by his patriotic notions. When he successfully builds his fake family with Yor and Anya, he hardly lets emotion get in the way of his goal. 

However, that being said, he is a man with strong principles and never holds back when he needs to protect them. When Anya is insulted by a teacher during her entrance interview for Eden academy, Loid barely resists hitting him, showing his firm resolve as a good human being.

#3 Uchiha Sasuke

#3 Uchiha Sasuke - INTJ Anime Characters

Anime: Naruto
INTJ Personality Breakdown:

Sasuke is a quintessential INTJ in that he is a calculative person. Although he may seem chaotic on the outside, his detached personality showcases his social awkwardness. He focuses on his self-growth, unbothered by his surroundings and what the world has to say. He acknowledges people solely based on their skills as a shinobi and how they might contribute to him strategically and as a companion. 

Sasuke’s logical perception triumphs over his emotional capacity, which does not make him a typically fun person to be around. Even though Kakashi is always warm and dedicated to him, Sasuke never sees him as anything more than a means to hone his skills. This strong persona makes him a force to be reckoned with.

#2 Sosuke Aizen

#2 Sosuke Aizen - INTJ Anime Characters

Anime: Bleach
INTJ Personality Breakdown:

Aizen is the stereotypical villain associated with the INTJ personality. It’s not a matter of joke to fool many intelligent Shinigami captains and fake your death to conceal your grand scheme. He is the epitome of someone who acknowledges facts over anything else and will stop at nothing to get what he wants. 

His genius and cunning allow him to devise an ambitious plan and provide the ease to execute it flawlessly. He never wavered once when he killed his subordinate Hinamori, the person who trusted him with his life. Aizen is a skilled strategist, calculating every possible countermove his enemies might make, which makes him a truly terrifying opponent.

#1 Light Yagami

#1 Light Yagami - INTJ Anime Characters

Anime: Death Note
INTJ Personality Breakdown:

The most menacingly intelligent character to ever be written in anime history, Light deserves the crown in this list. Death note would not have caused even half of the havoc that it did if it wasn’t for this evil genius. He is the ideal example of an INTJ character with his stone-cold emotionless disposition and every move he makes fueled by complex logic and his firm beliefs, however unethical they may be.

Light Yagami managed to evade the most intelligent detective of the government L with his sheer genius, and his highly manipulative personality makes him the last person you would ever want to mess with.

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Is INTJ the Rarest Personality Type?

It is one of the rarest personality types, but the crown goes to INFJ. INTJ occupies the third position. However, among women only, INTJ is considered to be the rarest. Only 2.1% of the overall population is found to be INTJs.

Do INTJ Like Anime?

Because of its rarity and specificities, INTJ is very particular regarding taste in arts. INTJs are susceptible to regard anime as over-exaggerations, making it unappealing to them because of their factual minds and logical reasoning. They might enjoy particular anime solely based on very specific reasons, like getting to know the culture or appreciating a well-written character.

Are INTJs Good Villains? 

INTJs make good villains because they are not blinded by emotions and devise a solution to problems using logic and precision. Their goal-driven individualism paired with intelligence and wit make for a deadly combination if their morality is converted to the dark side.

Can INTJ Be Dramatic?

Theoretically, no. As mentioned above, INTJ are tactical beings with no tolerance for the unnecessary overflowing of emotions. This is one of the reasons why social aloofness is a noticeable trait in INTJs. They will do most to avoid other people’s emotional troubles that might hinder their mental stability.  

Who Is an INTJ in Haikyuu?

As mentioned in the list, two very prominent characters in the show are INTJs. They are Tsukki and Akaashi.

What MBTI Is Levi Ackerman? 

People often consider him an INTJ, but he’s a staunch ISTP or “the virtuoso.” During a critical time, he’s the one you’d want to side with because ISTPs have a very keen perception of their environment. Their stark comprehension of the same allows them to be skilled at navigating any escape route during trying times. He is good at everything they take on and has an eagle eye for their objectives.

Why Are INTJs Always Villains? 

INTJs make for good villains, but their morality is always in questionable condition, making them unpredictable and ambiguous. That said, INTJs are not always villains and can put their passionate resolve to good use despite the urge to question the traditional notion of good and evil. They make up their own mind about things that can sometimes be virtuous or anarchic.  

What Personality Type Is Bakugou? 

Katsuki Bakugo is an ENTJ. My Hero Academia fans will know this young man has more to offer than his apparent mindless hot-headedness. He has a strong sense of his goal and a firm resolve to hone his skills to achieve them. His extreme self-confidence is justified as he is aware of his strengths. ENTJs enjoy good competition that would pry out the best in them, something Bakugo is known for among his peers.

What Are INTJ Females Like?

It has been shown in surveys that INTJ is the rarest type of personality among females. Women who are INTJs are fiercely independent and ruthless regarding personal freedom and should not be messed with. They are decisive and convicted personas who will efficiently get themselves out of any adversity.

Honorable Mentions

Although they weren’t included in the ranks, here are some INTJ anime personas who deserve no less attention

  • Kurapika from Hunter x Hunter
  • Kiyotaka Ayanokoji from Classroom of the Elite
  • Makima from Chainsaw Man
  • Toshiro Hitsugaya from Bleach
  • Suguru Geto from Jujutsu Kaisen

There you have it, guys. 25 anime people with INTJ personalities share their unique complexities and are all badass, despite their ranks. 

So, Who’s your favorite one on this list? We’d love to hear from you!

Send your thoughts about the listicle or request other fan-favorite topics at our Instagram handle. You can browse more personality-type articles from superheroes to anime characters here.

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