15 ISFJ Superheroes You Need To Know About

“I like them for their personality!”

Sounds familiar, right? A good personality is all we humans are naturally inclined to, and that’s why here at AverageBeing, we decided to throw some light on some personality types in which our favorite superheroes fit in.

Switching to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), a personality assessment is taken to determine what 16 Myers-Briggs personality types/traits people fall under or possess.

This list contains 15 ISFJ Superheroes you need to know about.

ISFJ stands for Introverted, Sensing, Feeling, and Judging. These individuals tend to be aimed at protecting their community and are driven by the values they believe in. Loyal to their loved ones, these individuals take notice of the most intricate details around them and follow them accordingly.

This list explores various iterations of superheroes portrayed with these personality types by different writers, directors, and storytellers throughout their comics/manga and theatrical releases.

Our superheroes do evolve, eh?

#15 Hulking 

#15 Hulking - ISFJ Superheroes

Publisher: Marvel Comics
ISFJ Personality Breakdown:

Hulking is a member of Young Avengers with powers inspired by Hulk and shape-shifting abilities. Accounting for his numerous appearances in storylines such as the crossover arc, Civil War, Secret Invasion, and Original Sins, Hulking stands out as one of the prominent superheroes of the Young Avengers and coinciding story arcs by Marvel.

With his intellect and shape-shifting abilities, Hulking has managed to stand out by playing a vital role in many of his appearances, including the one in Civil War where he disguises himself as Yellowjacket to help the heroes flee from Prison 42.

Hulking as a character is a valuable asset to the Young Avengers as he always reunites the whole squad from time to time. As people with ISFJ traits are loving and loyal to those around them, Hulking, although raised by a single mother with a rather complicated childhood, values the relationships he builds with his allies and receives the same affection whenever he gets introduced to a story arc. As an observant and compassionate character, Hulking does check all the boxes to fall under the ISFJ personality type.

#14 Luke Cage

#14 Luke Cage - ISFJ Superheroes

Publisher: Marvel Comics
ISFJ Personality Breakdown:

Straight out of the Seagate prison, Luke Cage, a.k.a Power Man, appears on our list. His short-tempered but introverted personality gives him enough points to share the ISFJ personality umbrella. After being wrongly convicted for a crime he didn’t commit, Luke Cage voluntarily shows up as a test subject for an experiment that gives him superhuman abilities and bulletproof skin to cut down his jail time.

Luke breaks free from the prison with his newfound powers, becoming an anti-hero who makes his money by performing his heroic activities in exchange for currency. Thus, giving him the title, A Hero for Hire. 

Deep down, Luke is a peace-loving character at heart. He stands up for those in need without expecting much in return, often keeping a low profile to not gather attention, and seeks to provide a better, safe world for his daughter, Danielle. A character who knows what he wants and gets his job done without bothering the house next door. These traits certainly attribute to him being an ISFJ personality type, no questions asked, because we don’t want to mess with this hothead anytime in the future.

#13 He-Man

#13 He-Man - ISFJ Superheroes

Publisher: Masters of the Universe
ISFJ Personality Breakdown:

We bet you still remember this iconic hero who made our childhood a good one!

He-Man, the main protagonist of the MOTO franchise, falls perfectly under the ISFJ personality type. Claimed to be the most powerful man in the universe, He-Man outsmarts his enemies as he possesses rational thinking and resorts to logic in dire situations. He believes in the power of Grayskull and keeps his identity revealed to only the ones he trusts. People with ISFJ personality type take responsibility for those around them, and He-Man has done the same on numerous adventures throughout the series run. 

Although Teela often looks at Prince Adam as work-shy and faint-hearted, his alter ego He-Man has shown himself to be a doer first, asserting action rather than just plain words at his disposal. He-Man takes a practical approach and observes every move around his surroundings before taking any step further ahead. An ISFJ individual in a true sense to count on.

With He-Man at our side, we can proudly say, “I have the power!”

#12 Heimdall 

#12 Heimdall - ISFJ Superheroes

Publisher: Marvel Comics
ISFJ Personality Breakdown:

It has to be no secret that Heimdall has shown utmost loyalty towards Asgard since his introduction in Marvel’s 2011 theatrical release, Thor. 

The all-seeing, all-hearing protector of the Bifrost in Asgard, Heimdall portrays a superhero who acts as a guardian protecting the Asgardians against intruders for ages. His loyalty to Odin and belief in the core Asgardian principles make him a perfect fit in this category.

Although Idris Elba’s portrayal of Heimdall was very limited in terms of screentime, his character traits show Heimdall to be willing to safeguard the Asgardians after the destruction of Asgard in Thor: Ragnarok. His dedication to his duty is visible when in an attempt to save the wounded Hulk from Thanos, he gets brutally killed but manages to get the job done before surrendering to his fate.

Heimdall’s diligence to always stand up to his core values is what we classify under the Myers-Briggs ISFJ personality type.

#11 The Thing

#11 The Thing - ISFJ Superheroes

Publisher: Marvel Comics
ISFJ Personality Breakdown:

Benjamin Jacob ‘Ben’ Grimm, a.k.a The Thing, is one of the main characters of the superhero squad Fantastic Four. Aside from his temper, this 6-feet tall rock-skin superhero fits into the ISFJ personality type like the last piece of the puzzle. 

Ben, influenced by his best friend Reed Richard’s principles and dreams, is a well-liked character in the fandom. Ben has always ensured the well-being of his teammates and is an overly-protective individual of his potential love interests.

Not relying solely on his powers, the Thing, after losing his powers, still managed to save the future foundation from Annihulus. Thus, proving his dedication to the ones who need him. His love for humanity, an aim to protect his teammates at all costs, and his loyalty toward his best friend Reed Richards, make him a suitable contender in the ISFJ personality type. 

#10 Storm

#10 Storm - ISFJ Superheroes

Publisher: Marvel Comics
ISFJ Personality Breakdown:

Ororo Munroe, aka Storm, is a born defender as she leads the X-Men as one of the strongest mutants on Earth. With her powers to manipulate the weather, she comes out as an assertive leader to her teammates, protecting them against all odds when she takes matters into her hands.

Influencing the younger members of the X-Men, Storm always comes up with something to save the day and come out victorious. Her support for Kitty Pryde as she gets recruited to the X-Men helps Kitty discover the newly found mutant powers making her reliable enough to save the trapped X-Men fighting against the White Queen in Chicago. As a mentor and hero, Storm goes the extra mile for the ones she forms a connection with. Be it her teammates, the nation of Wakanda while she was the Queen or the young guns of the X-Men squad.

Storm and her ISFJ personality traits do go hand in hand.

#9 Mon-El 

#9 Mon-El - ISFJ Superheroes

Publisher: DC Comics
ISFJ Personality Breakdown:

The most powerful superhero in the Legion of Super-Heroes squad is Mon-El. His character is inspired by Superboy and carries the attributes of an ISFJ personality. Though Mon-El has always been in an ambiguous continuity in DC’s storylines, his somewhat relentless expertise from his time in the Legion gets him the responsibility of a savior as he jumps through timelines.

A thousand years in the Phantom Zone gave him a look into how several civilizations have risen and fallen to their doom. This makes him naturally attracted to becoming a savior aiding the virtuous side of his personality. 

The character of Mon-El got rebooted, which led him to identify as Valor to inspire the Legion as he explores his heroic side. This shows Valor’s sheer intellect as he developed and carried forward an undercover identity of Mon-El before Ra’s Al Ghul got to know who Valor was. Mon-El/Valor isn’t constantly patrolling like his Kryptonian counterparts but shows up to the scene whenever the Legion needs him. He holds himself accountable for the mantle he carries. Thus, making his emergence as an ISFJ makes sense.

#8 Okoye 

#8 Okoye - ISFJ Superheroes

Publisher: Marvel Comics
ISFJ Personality Breakdown:

One of the deadliest and strongest combatants in the MCU, Okoye leads Dora Milaje along with the Wakandan armed forces and has cemented herself as a promising contender on this list. Okoye has been loyal to T’Challa, the king of Wakanda, for the longest time. Her dedication and pride in leading the army of Wakanda while protecting T’Challa prove that she has an ISFJ personality.

During the events of 2018’s Black Panther, Okoye assisted T’Chala in defeating Erik Killmonger after he had taken over the throne of Wakanda. Dwelling between her duties to serve the current King Killmonger and not giving up her support for T’Challa, Okoye stood to protect what’s always been more important to her, the land of Wakanda. 

Okoye shows true companionship with other warriors in the final battle in Avengers: End Game and outshines various superheroes despite being a human herself. She is a real warrior driven by her love for the nation and one who never backs out when push comes to shove.

Her Wakandan ethnicity truly speaks, ISFJ forever! (Pun intended.)

#7 Colossus 

#7 Colossus - ISFJ Superheroes

Publisher: Marvel Comics
ISFJ Personality Breakdown:

A superhero like Colossus who tries to keep all the X-Men in order, his honest and lovable traits have landed him a spot on our list. The muscle of the team, Colossus, abides by his desire to use his immense strength only in fierce combat, thus carrying the entire team on his back and taking the responsibility to school Deadpool whenever he screws the pooch.

Colossus has often chosen to put himself in danger to protect others. He cares for humanity and his teammates and showcases that he belongs right in the correct personality spectrum.

Hard from the outside, ISFJ from the inside!

#6 Hawkeye

#6 Hawkeye - ISFJ Superheroes

Publisher: Marvel Comics
ISFJ Personality Breakdown:

Clint Barton seems to fit into the ISFJ personality type quite nicely as we get introduced to Clint’s family in the 2015 Avengers: Age of Ultron, finding out that this former S.H.I.E.L.D agent has always maintained a low profile thanks to his introverted personality. He protects the identities of his family members outside his field of work, thus proving the point.

From bringing the Avengers into his home to protect them from Ultron to persuading Wanda Maximoff and Pietro to switch sides, Barton stands out as a character who always has everyone’s back.

Proving his loyalty to a good cause from time to time, Barton has ditched his retirement numerously when asked to join the Avengers in any situation.

We believe Hawkeye hit the bull’s eye in terms of having the perfect ISFJ personality.

#5 Groot  

#5 Groot - ISFJ Superheroes

Publisher: Marvel Comics
ISFJ Personality Breakdown:

Say those three magical words, will you?

Groot speaks very little but has shown big gestures that get him to this spot on our list. Exploring how Groot handles his relationship with Rocket Raccoon and the Guardians of the Galaxy gives us an idea of how much he values the well-being of those around him. Not to forget, him sacrificing his own life as a defender for the Guardians and cherishing the moments he spent with them get his roots deep in the ISFJ personality trait.

Incarnating as Baby Groot, the old traits of his personality don’t vanish as he again stands up when he’s needed the most, wielding the Stormbreaker. At the same time, Thor was knocked unconscious after taking the weight and almost dying to forge his weapon. His heroic sentiments are felt again in the events of Avengers: Infinity War as he teams up with the heroes to fight against The Mad Titan Thanos. Groot is what we’d consider a worthy ISFJ personality bearer while he pulls up the Stormbreaker again someday.

#4 Winter Soldier 

#4 Winter Soldier - ISFJ Superheroes

Publisher: Marvel Comics
ISFJ Personality Breakdown:

Bucky Barnes, a World War II veteran of the 107th Infantry Regiment and a super soldier, gets his traits in the ISFJ personality spectrum perfectly. Bucky acts as a backbone to his best friend, Steve Rogers, regarded as one of the most reliable characters in the MCU before his brainwashing episode by Hydra. The Winter Soldier brings determination to the table, as he has to fight for the right cause owning to his time in the War as a true patriot and alongside Avengers to save the universe. These traits lead us to put Bucky Barnes under the ISFJ category.

His introverted appearance and excellent fighting skills as a mercenary and an Avenger validate his emergence as a defender. Bucky carries his responsibilities with great strength, giving away a subliminal message that his dignity as a soldier is not for sale, just like his metallic arm.

#3 Shazam

#3 Shazam - ISFJ Superheroes

Publisher: DC Comics
ISFJ Personality Breakdown:

Not entirely focusing on his superhuman alter ego Shazam, this entry on the list is more inclined toward Billy Batson. He is a teenager who gets his power from an old wizard upon saying his name, Shazam. Exploring his personality traits as an ISFJ, we can consider that because he was so pure at heart, the wizard chose him to carry Shazam’s mantle.

Growing up in a foster home, Billy knows why it is crucial to have each other’s back and uplift the weak when they’re down. Billy influences other kids around him by his selflessness to a greater extent. It comes naturally to him. Being a shy character, he isn’t someone who just wants to be praised for his deeds but would also appreciate the feeling it gives him. As much as the cinematic storylines have adopted a different approach to his and Shazam’s personalities that they appear to be two separate individuals, Billy’s virtues are the cause, so Shazam never backs down from a fight.

#2 Captain America 

#2 Captain America - ISFJ Superheroes

Publisher: Marvel Comics
ISFJ Personality Breakdown:

Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, is undoubtedly the physical embodiment of the ISFJ personality type. A burning desire to do what’s right and stand up to injustice brings this supersoldier under the specific Myers-Briggs personality type.

In a quest to bring peace to the people he cares about, Steve Rogers never hesitates to pull off the greatest of efforts. An authoritarian at his core, Steve resorts to working within the boundaries of regulations if his moral compass aligns well and good. His combat skills, strategic capabilities, and the ability to lead the charge up front are enough to validate his stubborn righteousness.

Lost in time, Steve manages to survive even when the chips are down. The last man standing, Captain America, takes pride in his ISFJ vision of life.

Thus, shielding his valor as he can do this all day!

#1 Superman 

#1 Superman - ISFJ Superheroes

Publisher: DC Comics
ISFJ Personality Breakdown:

No list can see the light of dawn without mentioning the Man of Steel, Superman! A symbol of hope, Clark Kent was always destined to protect the innocent.

Being an introvert, Superman develops and cherishes his ethics. All while giving nothing but empathy for every being around him.

Though DCEU decided to show a dark and brooding portrayal of Superman, he doesn’t feel alienated from reality when addressing his feelings for his loved ones. His relationship with the members of the Justice League also gets validated in this aspect when no fight runs short of his emergence at the most crucial hours. DC, however, failed to construct a commendable storyline with him joining hands with the League as they did with Batman. Despite this, Superman’s character tends to work with whatever he has on his plate. He never left the squad in vain.

As a character going through so many iterations and reboots, Superman’s authenticity just never runs out undone. He was and will always be the flag barrier of the ISFJ personality.

Honorable Mentions 

The following characters didn’t make it to the list, but they display ISFJ traits that are just as perfect as the list contenders above.

  • Y’Mera Xebella Challa, aka Mera (DC comics)
  • Warlock (Marvel comics
  • Hawkman/Carter Hall (DC comics)
  • Steven Grant (Marvel comics)


Are ISFJs Rare?

A large portion of the population doesn’t comprise ISFJs in general. But to say ISFJs are rare might not be a correct remark. As people with ISFJ personalities do not like to draw much attention and focus on putting the best of their capabilities without having to seek validation from others, they tend to respect outside opinions and cherish what they stand by. That’s why most ISFJs don’t come out into the spotlight.

Which Famous Person Is an ISFJ?

Several celebrities carry the ISFJ personality type. These individuals come from different walks of life. To mention a few, we have Tiger Woods (Golfer), Beyoncé (Singer), Mother Teresa (Nun/ Activist), and Mark Ruffalo (Actor).

Which Disney Princess Is ISFJ?

Accounting for their responsibility-oriented traits, ISFJs prioritize caring for their loved ones over other actions. In this regard, Cinderella is the Disney Princess with the ISFJ personality type. She genuinely carries out her duties with discipline and doesn’t put up an act to garner praise. She knows what she wants and believes in her actions rather than waiting to get fortunate.

Are ISFJs Intelligent?

The short answer is Yes. ISFJs are excellent at reading the room as they notice the tiniest details in no time. As they are introverts, they know how to have themselves get heard with limited interaction. Their actions steal all the attention without them having to brag about it in the first place. If that’s not intelligent, then what is?

Why Is ISFJ the Best Personality Type?

Honestly, there is not one personality type that can be called the best one. Every personality type is best in its own sense. It depends on the person how well they utilize these traits to benefit themselves as well as others around them.

How Are ISFJs So Shy?

ISFJs generally get awkward around people due to several reasons. The first is their introverted nature which limits them in sustaining long conversations with people, although ISFJs have fair social skills. The second reason is that they don’t want their opinions to appear rude or judgemental to others. There’s no point in ending up on bad terms with anyone, so why bother talking in the first place?


What Do ISFJs Hate?

Being addicted to keeping things organized, ISFJs hate it when someone does a sloppy job. They seek perfection in everything they do, even if that means perfectly ditching the chance to be in the spotlight. Who has got time for that? They would prefer to take this time to resolve the conflicts they might have with others inside their head. Priorities sorted out!

Who Should an ISFJ Marry?

People with the ISFJ personality type should look for partners who share the same intensity when showing love and compassion for their partner. But, at times, ISFJ personality type individuals need their space to sit back and process everything that happens at that moment, so someone who respects their boundaries would be an ideal match.

Is ISFJ a Good Personality?

Yes. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being an ISFJ, as people with this personality trait are liked by others because of how well they treat them. They often stand out as a reliable source for others. People tend to depend on these individuals as they are natural givers.

How has the list turned out for you? We hope your favorite superheroes share the same traits as you.

So, Who’s your favorite one on this list? We’d love to hear from you!

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