15 ESFP Anime Characters You Need To Know About

ESFPs tend to be “entertainers” or “performers.” Essentially, they operate as energizer bunnies, keeping hope alive in a group. Kind and endearing, they help their friends and family soar to new heights. Bold and exuberant, these men and women have Extraverted, Observant, Feeling, and Prospecting personality traits. 

Here is a list of 15 anime characters likely to be categorized as ESFPs.

#15 Nendou Riki

#15 Nendou Riki - ESFP Anime Characters

Anime: The Disastrous Life of Saiki K
ESFP Character Breakdown:

Saiki Kusuo’s closest friend, Riki, is a kind-hearted boy who deeply cares for his friends. During the final season of the anime, Nendou risked his life to save his pal after Saiki sacrificed his powers. 

His antics include craving for ramen, quarreling with Kaidou, and so on. Nendou is an air-headed fellow, as noted by Saiki, but his selfless nature is visible throughout the series. Outgoing and sensitive to the grievances of his pals, this pubescent boy with a bad haircut is spontaneous and prefers to focus on the present, undeterred by his past and future. Riki is an ESFP who would make a great friend. Oh and, “Let’s go out for ramen, eh?”

#14 Might Guy

#14 Might Guy - ESFP Anime Characters

Anime: Naruto Shippuden
ESFP Personality Breakdown:

One of the most popular side characters in Naruto Shippuden, Guy sensei, earns Madara’s praise while facing him in battle. Might Guy cannot master ninjutsu, so his father, a genin from the Konohagakure village, decides to train him rigorously. Might Dai taught him how to open the Eight Gates, a move that puts tremendous pressure on a ninja’s body and spirit. Dai defeated the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist single-handedly, sacrificing his life in the process. 

A man with a boisterous persona, Guy sensei achieves his goal of overcoming Kakashi when the latter accepts that he grew stronger. Guy never abandons his bold and bullish mindset; for the sake of his students and comrades, he is prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice. Determined yet impetuous, Might Guy is the ESFP with the most exciting fight in the later half of Naruto Shippuden. 

#13 Red Riot

#13 Red Riot - ESFP Anime Characters

Anime: My Hero Academia
ESFP Personality Breakdown:

Eijiro Kirishima is a side character in the celebrated anime series My Hero Academia. For Kirishima, manliness is an important trait, which explains his camaraderie with Bakugo. Heavily influenced by Crimson Riot, Kirishima aspires to be someone who is a protector of the innocent. 

A man with a chivalrous spirit, Kirishima is an uninhibited fellow who presents a friendly demeanor around others. Fiercely loyal, this boy with flaming red hair will go to any lengths to defend his loved ones from attacks. Eijiro hates being a burden and thus works diligently to increase his skill and efficiency as a fighter/shield. Just like his pal Bakugo, Kirishima is quite impulsive. 

When his resolve is absolute, Eijiro squares off against Kendo. With Fat Gum’s assistance, the villain succumbs to defeat. Embodied with a sense of responsibility, generosity, and a strong will Red Riot is an unbreakable ESFP. 

#12 Gon Freecss

#12 Gon Freecss - ESFP Anime Characters

Anime: Hunter X Hunter
ESFP Personality Breakdown:

Gon is a significant character in the critically-acclaimed anime series who has the soul of an adventurer. He is a straightforward and merry boy who, over time, becomes Killua’s trusted compatriot.

Gon is usually characterized by his cheerful nature, although there are times when his anger surfaces. After Kite died and Neferpitou failed to revive his beloved sensei, the black-haired hero transformed into a maniac.

Possessed by ungovernable rage, Freecss decides to use all his power to mature and transforms into a full-grown human being. Pitou noticed that Gon’s final form could have overcome the Ant King and willingly offered himself up as a sacrifice to quench Gon’s maniacal rage. This battle demonstrates how hard-headed and reckless Gon can be when he loses a dear compatriot. 

Boisterous and fully engrossed in his job as a Rookie Hunter, this boy’s lack of math skills proves he is incapable of hatching schemes. Gon would give up his life for the sake of his playmates. He is the ESFP you don’t want to mess around with.

#11 Hinata Shoyo

#11 Hinata Shoyo - ESFP Anime Characters

Anime: Haikyuu!!
ESFP Personality Breakdown:

Shoyo Hinata is a significant character in the Haikyuu!! Series. His synchronicity with Kageyama on the volleyball court is the key element that catapults Karasuno High to glory. 

Bursting with energy, Hinata is an extrovert whose resounding voice rivals that of Tanaka and Nishinoya. Simplicity is one of his defining traits, as the orange-haired boy often rushes in without thinking. Capable of sympathizing with the misery of others, Hinata has the power to motivate his team when they are feeling low. 

Hinata hopes to be an expert volleyball player. Tenacious and emotionally charged, Shoyo never disappoints once he reaches court. His rivalry with Kageyama propels them both forward. Aware of his environment, Hinata earns the respect of Ushijima and many others as the story progresses. He is a vital ESFP for the Karasuno club. 

#10 Ash Ketchum (Satoshi)

#10 Ash Ketchum (Satoshi) - ESFP Anime Characters

Anime: Pokemon
ESFP Personality Breakdown:

Ash Ketchum is the main character in the original Pokemon series. Ketchum wishes to be the world’s most prominent pokemon trainer. Starting with Pikachu, Ash meets and befriends beasts like Charizard, Bulbasaur, and many more as the series advances. 

His impulsive side is most visible during the Kanto Battle Frontier. Misty and Brock accompany a zestful Ash during most of his adventures in the Kanto region. Ketchum’s skill level was negligible at the beginning of the series since he failed to tame Pikachu. However, after witnessing Ash trying to safeguard Pikachu selflessly, the latter decided to electrocute the whole flock of Spearows attacking him. The two remain the best of friends throughout this epic tale. 

Ash detests trainers who abuse their pokemon. Overzealous, observant, and blessed with a kind heart, Ash is an ESFP who never abandons his pokemon, and always supports his pals. 

#9 Kamina

#9 Kamina - ESFP Anime Characters

Anime: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
ESFP Character Breakdown:

Kamina is a crucial character in the celebrated mecha series Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. An underground dweller hailing from the Giha village, Kamina is an outgoing man who is a founder of the Dai Gurren Brigade. 

Kamina refers to Simon as his “blood brother,” signifying the everlasting bond between the two. Headstrong and immature, Kamina rushes into battle against a group of Gunmens without any second thought. His most prized possession is a samurai sword. 

Even though Kamina can be passionate in the heat of battle, he is a caring individual who always seeks to motivate his followers. The blue-haired boy never hesitates to fight against strong opponents, even before death. Adventurous and arrogant, Kamina is also sensitive to the needs of his friends and loved ones. 

Viral, a Beastman foe of the Dai Gurren Brigade, holds Kamina in high regard. Without this madman, Simon would have stayed timid all his life. Kamina is the entertainer who’ll make you laugh and cry, but he’ll never leave you behind. The epitome of masculinity, he is an ESFP character one cannot hate. 

#8 Robert E.O. Speedwagon 

#8 Robert E.O. Speedwagon - ESFP Anime Characters

Anime: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures Part 1- Phantom Blood and Part 2- Battle Tendency
ESFP Personality Breakdown:

The internet’s favorite waifu, Speedwagon, was a gangster from the streets of London. After meeting Jonathan Joestar, who defeated him in a fight, Speedwagon decided to accompany the gentleman. He later became a minor ally in Jonathan’s battle against the enigmatic Dio. 

A steadfast friend, Robert stood by Erina Pendleton following Jonathan’s untimely death. He is a father figure for Joseph Joestar, the protagonist of Battle Tendency. A loudmouth who constantly narrates the events transpiring during the story, Robert is an entertainer who never ceases to be hilarious. 

Imbued with a strong sense of righteousness, Speedwagon establishes a Foundation that assists the Joestars even after his demise. Sociable, Robert grew rich after he found oil in America, which shows he is conscious of his environment. He is blessed with an empathetic soul and is quite impetuous. There is no doubt that Speedwagon is a healthy ESFP.

#7 Rin Okumura

#7 Rin Okumura - ESFP Anime Characters

Anime: Blue Exorcist
ESFP Personality Breakdown:

Rin is a Nephilim, the son of Satan and Yukio’s brother. Okumura, is the protagonist of Ao no Exorcist. Since he is a half-demon, Okumura endured insults his entire life. However, Rin still wishes to become an exorcist to defeat his evil father. 

Rin is an altruistic fellow, always trying to motivate his friends. In contrast to his brother, who can be conniving and calculating, Rin tends to lash out without sparing a second thought. Foolhardy, the blue-haired boy, is more preoccupied with the circumstances he encounters than what transpired in the past, although Rin greatly regrets quarreling with his adopted father prior to his death. 

Rin also enjoys being around animals, which gives us more insight into his tender heart. Reckless, childish, sensitive, and wary of his surroundings, Rin fits the definition of an ESFP.  

#6 Son Goku

#6 Son Goku - ESFP Anime Characters

Anime: Dragon Ball series
ESFP Personality Breakdown:

A protagonist known for his battle against Frieza, Cell, and countless others, Goku is a Saiyan warrior living on planet Earth. Grandpa Gohan was his caretaker on the blue planet. Master Roshi trained the Saiyan, who later became an able fighter. 

A dynamic individual, Goku tries his best to challenge anyone he deems worthy of a fight. The black-haired gladiator is compassionate and respectful towards all, even his foes. However, Goku is susceptible to rage and irrational decisions. He is unreserved and is always looking for the next opponent. 

Although he revels in the thrill of single-combat, Goku wants peace to prevail. Thus, he often chooses forgiveness and mercy over death. Son Goku or Kakarot is one of the most formidable ESFPs in the history of fiction. 

#5 Iskandar

#5 Iskandar - ESFP Anime Characters

Anime: Fate/Zero
ESFP Personality Breakdown:

Quite possibly, one of the most prominent side characters in anime history, Iskandar, is revered as the King of Conquerors. A Rider Class servant summoned by Waver Velvet before the Fourth Grail War ensued, Iskandar is a noble man who leads by example.

Iskandar’s introduction in the presence of Saber, Lancer, and Archer class servants is a testament to his impulsive behavior. Wilfully determined, Alexander is a man who always wanted to see the ocean during his life. An explorer with a dominating attitude and physique, Iskandar mentored Waver while the Grail War waged on. 

Iskandar is always the life and soul of the party. Even while socializing with Artoria and Gilgamesh, the King of Conquerors leaves a lasting impression on the viewers. A lively participant, Iskandar pays attention to his surroundings which shows when he locates Berserker in a short period. Iskandar’s benevolent spirit prompted thousands of warriors to follow him, even after their deaths. They continue to serve him inside the Reality Marble Ionioi Hetairoi. The red-haired beast is the quintessential ESFP you can’t help but admire. 

#4 Inuyasha

#4 Inuyasha - ESFP Anime Characters

Anime: Inuyasha
ESFP Personality Breakdown:

Inuyasha is a half-demon male who is the primary protagonist and the titular character in the hit anime series. An unpredictable and headstrong fighter, Inuyasha doesn’t think twice before heading into the battlefield, signifying his uncautious attitude. He is an observant individual who is highly capable as a warrior and is compassionate towards other humans. Immature at times, the snow-haired creature is protective of his friends. Inuyasha’s bond with Kikyo continues across the river of time. 

Uncouth and irrational, Inuyasha fits the textbook definition of an ESFP. The semi-demon rarely doubts his actions and displays a frank attitude towards his loved ones.  

#3 Yuzu Aihara 

#3 Yuzu Aihara - ESFP Anime Characters

Anime: Citrus
ESFP Personality Breakdown:

Yuzu Aihara is one of the protagonists in the shoujo-ai series Citrus. She gets romantically involved with Mei Aihara, who also happens to be her stepsister. Yuzu is a delightful girl who adds a bit of spice to Aihara’s mundane existence. Because of her efforts, the sour-faced brunette turns over a new leaf. 

Yuzu is fascinated by the world of fashion. Her extroverted mannerism coupled with her gyaru outlook is deemed unacceptable by Mei Aihara and her grandfather. This results in frequent conflicts with the Student Council, which showcases her spontaneity. An eccentric and slow-witted blonde at first, Yuzu slowly blossoms into a loving person who tries hard to soothe Mei’s heart. 

Aihara is an ESFP female who doesn’t care for rules and always tries to forge her path.

#2 Sasha Braus

#2 Sasha Braus - ESFP Anime Characters

Anime: Attack on Titan 
ESFP Personality Breakdown:

A key associate of the Survey Corps, Sasha is a cheerful girl who is affectionately referred to as the “Potato Girl” because of her fondness for food. Erwin Smith and Eren Yeager lit the fire in Sasha’s heart, and she became a fine warrior.

Exceedingly polite and widely regarded as a weirdo, this brown-haired girl was an invaluable member of the Corps. Sasha cannot restrain herself once surrounded by delicious dishes citing her impulsiveness. She is mindful of her surroundings, as she is the only one who noticed a disturbance in the retreating aircraft after Eren attacked Marley. Gabi Braun kills Sasha after sneaking onto the plane.   

Determined, outgoing, and a caring individual who was always ready to help her comrades, Sasha is a certified ESFP and one of the most beloved characters in the Attack on Titan series even after her demise. 

#1 Onizuka Eikichi

#1 Onizuka Eikichi - ESFP Anime Characters

Anime: Great Teacher Onizuka
ESFP Personality Breakdown:

The protagonist of GTO and its prequel Shonan Junai Gumi, Onizuka, is a 22-year-old delinquent biker. Eikichi hopes to be a renowned teacher as the profession helps him stay grounded. 

His hilarious antics earn the respect of Class 3-4, a group of students notorious for alienating professors. Onizuka is an extroverted individual who loves to entertain. He lives in the moment, visible by one of his key quotes, “You cannot go back to the past no matter how good it was.”

The blonde-haired buffoon is unconstrained and perceptive. Onizuka chose the teaching profession because he believes that students are rash, unpredictable, and live free. A true performer, Eikichi brings joy to the hearts of all those who are faithful to him. He is a remarkably reliable ESFP. 

Honorable Mentions

  • Kagura (Gintama)
  • Minoru Mineta aka Grape Juice (Boku no Hero Academia)
  • Natsu Dragneel (Fairy Tail) 
  • Thorkell (Vinland Saga)


Are ESFPs rare?

ESFPs are widespread. They comprise at least 9% of the total human population. 

Is Naruto an ESFP?

Naruto is an ENFP as he is future-oriented, i.e., he wants to become a Hokage. 

What is Eren’s MBTI?

Eren is an ISFP character and the protagonist of Shingeki No Kyojin.

Is Sasuke an Introvert?

Sasuke Uchiha is clearly an introvert. He prefers to keep his misery to himself and doesn’t like to share. 

Are INFJs and ESFPs compatible?

If they can accept their differences, INFJs and ESFPs can be great friends. As lovers, these two groups are compatible as well.

So, Who’s your favorite one on this list?

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