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1000 Days Of Solitude: How Long Satoru Gojo Has Been Sealed For & Why?

Satoru Gojo is a crucial character in the Jujutsu Kaisen manga and anime series. He is the first person who, in over four centuries, managed to inherit Six Eyes and Limitless simultaneously. Satoru believes himself to be the strongest sorcerer of his time, and most of the bureaucrats associated with the world of sorcery steer clear of him and try their best not to anger the white-haired gentleman.

Gojo was a significant obstacle for Kenjaku and his plan to unleash the Culling Games. During the Shibuya Incident Arc (which will be covered in the next season of the anime produced by Studio MAPPA), Gojo fought with multiple enemies and even exorcised a pretty dangerous Special-Grade curse who did put up a fight before its demise. He then targets the other one, hell-bent on vanquishing him.

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After dealing with several cursed humans (a trap laid by Mahito), he comes across a tiny box: a Prison Realm capable of sealing someone as able as the Six Eyes user. When he meets his beloved best friend, who was seemingly killed, Gojo is taken aback and waits too long, pondering over nostalgia which leads to the cursed barrier ensnaring him.

The man posing as Geto tells him that Satoru will be unsealed after ten centuries once his plan has come to fruition. Inside the Prison Realm, Gojo cannot use his cursed energy, so no matter how much strength he exerts, there is no doubt that he would remain sealed.

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1000 Days Since Gojo Was Sealed

If you’ve counted it, Then it has been 1000 days in the real world since Satoru Gojo was sealed. In the latest chapters of the manga, the character Angel explained that she would consider freeing the sorcerer if the “Fallen” is dealt with.

The Fallen is none other than Ryomen Sukuna, the beast who lives and thrives inside of the goofy MC Itadori Yuji. The protagonist doesn’t hesitate to suggest sacrificing his life to ensure his teacher can leave the prison. However, Megumi doesn’t want to kill his buddy, and we have no idea how things move on from this point.

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Do you think we’ll see Gojo anytime soon? Several Twitter users have speculated that Gege Akutami has a special hatred for Gojo. This is probably untrue, as the re-entry of Satoru could end the Culling Game in minutes and destroy what would otherwise be an exciting battle. According to Chapter 201, around 800 soldiers linked with the U.S. Army have joined, and it is up to the new-age sorcerers to deal with them.

Let us know your opinion about Gojo remaining sealed in the comments below. A prediction wouldn’t be too bad. Revisit averagebeing.com for updates that arrive in a FLASH!


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